Aviation Scholarships for International students

Becoming a pilot is a thrilling and vastly popular profession. With a wide range of job opportunities in the aviation field ranging from flying a helicopter to working in an air traffic control system, this field includes many scary yet exciting challenges.

The only drawback about an aviation degree is that it comes with a fairly substantial price tag to cover lab fees and flight costs. Many students take out education loans from financial institutions. However, lately, there have been a number of new aviation scholarships for international students funded by private organizations. Since it’s a well-known fact that aviation students graduate with significant student loan debt, numerous pilot training scholarships for international students have been launched. This allows gifted and talented aviation students to subsidise the cost of this relatively expensive course. 

Aviation scholarships and grants can help defer the costs of flying or help you with more typical college expenses, such as tuition and books. Moreover, due to the rigour involved in their academic program, aviation students are some of the most talented, determined, and dedicated students, and thus they stand a particularly strong chance of winning scholarships from outside their discipline, as well.

While applying to fully funded aviation scholarships for international students, you will notice that the scholarship organisations will ask for personal essays, letters of recommendation, education transcripts and a history of your volunteer work or community involvement. Many require you to be an active member of the organization to apply. Make sure to be as honest as possible while applying to these pilot scholarships for international students, so that you stand a great chance of winning.

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Now, if you're searching for completely sponsored pilot training programmes through scholarships or training aids, then stick around a while. We have compiled a list of fully sponsored aviation scholarships for international students.

AOPA-Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association fully sponsored pilot training

The AOPA Foundation offers financial assistance to excellent high school graduates interested in pursuing a pilot training programme, as well as current pilots. This aviation foundation offers money on an annual basis and grants more than $1 million to pilot students. With this pilot award, students will receive fully supported pilot training. At least 80 exceptional high school students, each will receive a scholarship valued at up to $10,000 in 2021.

EAA Young Eagles Fully Sponsored Pilot Training Program

The EAA encourages pilot students to apply for training scholarships if they are interested in pursuing aviation or a career in aviation-related or STEM disciplines. This organisation urges those who are well-rounded, involved in their school or community, and have an interest in aviation to apply for the EAA pilot training Scholarships for pilot students. This pilot training scholarship for international students is open to students from all nations in their post-secondary studies of a pilot training program. The EAA Young Eagles Fully Sponsored Pilot Training Program is a fully sponsored scholarship training program.

Air Line Pilots Association Scholarship

The Air Line Pilots Association Scholarship is a unique pilot scholarship for international students. Children of medically retired, long-term disabled or deceased pilot members of the Air Line Pilots Association are eligible to apply for this scholarship. The total monetary value of the Air Line Pilots Association Scholarship is $12,000, with $3,000 disbursed annually to the recipient for four consecutive years provided that a 3.0 GPA is maintained. The student must be enrolled in a program of studies principally creditable toward a baccalaureate degree.

National Aviation Explorer Scholarships

The National Aviation Exploring fully sponsored pilot training scholarship programme is available to all international students pursuing a career in the aviation industry. The intent of these fully funded aviation scholarships for international students is to identify and reward those who best exemplify the qualities which bring success in the aviation industry. This pilot training scholarship programme is open to students in a pilot training program. Students can only use the National Aviation Explorer scholarships in Pennsylvania, the USA. However, the scholarship is open to both local and international pilot students.

Women in Aviation Fully Sponsored Pilot Training Scholarships

Women in Aviation International provide for their pilot students. This is a major benefit of being a member of the organization. This is one of the best fully funded aviation scholarships for international students, especially women. Through their training program, the Women in Aviation push members and make sure they reach their goals and advance into professional aviation. This scholarship for pilot students is open to all levels of students in the pilot training program. The organization provides a total of 130 pilot training scholarships valued at $780,000.

LeRoy W. Homer Jr. Fully Sponsored Pilot Training Scholarships

The LeRoy W. Homer Jr. Foundation Pilot Training Scholarships encourages and financially supports young men and women pilots who wish to pursue aviation careers as a pilot, or as professional pilots. The foundation offer scholarships for pilot students, in order to obtain private pilot certification, including the license. This aviation scholarship for international students is open to any level of students undergoing pilot training. The LeRoy W. Homer Jr. foundation scholarship is worth $9000, including all fees and expenses relating to the private pilot’s course.


Before flying a passenger plane, pilots must go through a series of training to gain flight hours. Working as a co-pilot is an excellent way to get experience. When it comes to funding pilot training, many international airlines take complete responsibility. So, airlines actually pay for pilot training. Therefore, you can count airlines as a source of full aviation scholarships for international students in 2021

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