A Guide To Commonwealth Scholarships For Australia

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March 16, 2021

What is a Commonwealth Scholarship? | Commonwealth Scholarships for Australia

The commonwealth scholarships are administered by the commonwealth scholarship commission (CSC) of the United Kingdom. These scholarships are offered to meritorious students from around the world to encourage them to study in the UK. The amount offered by commonwealth scholarships varies across all Australian universities. 

Usual Application Process for Commonwealth Scholarships for Australia:

  1. You must apply through either a non-governmental organisation or a national nominating agency. 
  2. CSC requests you to submit at least 2 letters of recommendation with your application form. 
  3. Provide evidence of academic achievement by uploading transcripts of the same.
  4. Proof of citizenship must be provided.
  5. You should already enrol into a program before applying for this scholarship. The letter of acceptance must also be uploaded with your application.
  6. A supporting statement from a professor from the university you are applying in. 
  7. You must also provide evidence that you require financial support.

Study Abroad Scholarship Application Form

Selection Process for this Commonwealth Scholarship:

You must upload and submit all the necessary documents to CSC’s before the closing date. Applicants are judged based on the following criteria: 

  • Academic Performance and Qualifications
  • Financial Requirements
  • A personal statement/statement of purpose for scholarship. This must include your career goals and how you will contribute to the country’s development. 
  • Learn how to Write A Winning Scholarship Essay to increase your chances of being heard by the admissions committee.  

Commonwealth scholarships for Australia are funded by the Australian Government through the department of Education and Training. All Australian universities such as the University of South Australia, offer a commonwealth scholarship to indigenious students experiencing financial hardship. This scholarship extends to cover those candidates who belong to remote regions or areas. 

There are 5 types of Commonwealth scholarships for Australia: 

  1. Commonwealth Education Costs: Provides students with AUD2,755 a year for 4 years to help them cover their general study costs. 
  1. Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarships: This is offered to students who have moved from residing in remotion areas or regions into urban universities. They are provided with AUD 5,512 a year for 4 years. This covers their study costs, living expenses and accommodation costs. 
  1.  Commonwealth Education Costs: Indigenous Enabling – offers students AUD 2,755 a year for upto 1 year to help them pursue an eligible enabling course. 
  1. Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarships: Indigenous Enabling – Offers students AUD 5,512 for a year upto 1 year. Helping them assist with the cost of rural, remote studies who must relocate to pursue an eligible enabling course. 
  1. Commonwealth Education Costs: Postgraduate Scholarships – Offers students AUD 2,755 for a year upto 3 years to help them cover their general study costs.

Eligibility for Commonwealth Scholarships for Australia:

  • You are an Australian citizen with an Australian passport. Alternatively, you can be the holder of a Permanent Humanitarian Visa
  • Provide evidence that you have a low socioeconomic status. This can be in the form of a receipt of Centrelink benefits such as Austudy, Youth Allowance, or other commonwealth income support payment. 
  • You are enrolled into an Australian university that supports commonwealth scholarships.
  • Enrolled as a full time student at an: undergraduate course, associate degree or enabling course.
  • Enrolled full time into a postgraduate coursework program.
  • You must keep yourself updated with the latest guidelines uploaded by universities in Australia. 


Commonwealth Scholarships for Young Australians | Commonwealth Scholarships for Australia

This is one of the commonwealth scholarships for Australia that provides grants upto AUD 13,000. This scholarship covers the following levels of study:

  • Diploma
  • Certificate III
  • Certificate IV
  • Advanced Diploma

This offers students to take an eligible VET Qualification for their careers. The scholarship targets occupations in demand within each region of the country. Which are these regions? 

  • New South Wales – Gosford and Grafton
  • Northern Territory – Alice Springs
  • Queensland – Maryborough and Townsville
  • South Australia – Port Pirie
  • Tasmania  – Burnie
  • Western Australia – Wanneroo and Armadale 
  • Victoria – Shepparton 

Eligibility for Commonwealth Scholarships for Young Australians:

  • You should be between the ages of 15 and 24. 
  • If you have exited the Australian Defence Force within the last 2 years, you are eligible to apply
  • Living in one of the nominated areas.
  • You intend to enrol for a VET Qualification. 

Value of this scholarship:

  • You can receive AUD 5,000 per year for 2 years 
  • You may be eligible for an additional AUD 3,000 upon completing a 20 day internship.
  • Host employers can receive AUD 1,500 per intern hosted. 

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