Aeronautical Engineering Universities In The UK

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June 9, 2021

Aerospace engineering and the technologies associated with it are generally split into aeronautical engineering which is concerned with atmospheric transport like airplanes and astronautical engineering which focuses on aircraft and other flying objects which leave the earth’s atmosphere for example satellites. Aerospace engineering graduates find jobs in the field of aircraft and component designing, aircraft maintenance and test, flight simulation, systems engineering, structures engineering, patent engineering, and aircraft manufacturing. It is still an emerging field in developing countries, which is why many students prefer to study it abroad as it has more professional scope there. The UK is one of the most preferred destinations to study aeronautical engineering worldwide with its reputed universities and courses par excellence. Aeronautical engineering universities in the UK, and avionics and aeronautical engineering courses in the UK are quite sought-after by international students as it gives them a lot of scope and employment opportunities. 

Here is a list of some of the best aeronautical engineering universities in the UK:-

1. University of Cambridge

This is the first university on the list of best aeronautical engineering universities in the UK. University of Cambridge provides top-notch avionics and aeronautical engineering courses in the UK  has a great reputation and legacy and its engineering department which offers a novel aeronautical engineering course. The first two years at the University provide you with the foundation and basics of engineering practices which later on, become guidelines as you choose your field of specialisation in your senior year. Aeronautical engineering is one of the fields you can choose to major in. The university has good ties with professional companies in the aeronautical industry which helps to give you exposure and industrial experience which is highly demanded in job markets. You may also get a chance to visit another university as part of the exchange programs to get additional experiences. 

2. University of Bristol 

This is also one of the best aeronautical engineering universities in the UK. The aeronautical engineering programs offered by this University have a modern teaching approach with regard to the designing and operations of various aircraft. The course exposes you to several real-life situations that occur in the industry of aeronautical engineering to give you the best possible knowledge. The course also provides you with expert academic mentors. The various subjects offered by the University are:- a bachelor of engineering in aerospace engineering, master of engineering in aerospace engineering, master of engineering in aerospace engineering with study in continental Europe, master of engineering design with study in industry, master of aerospace engineering with studying abroad and PhD or MSc by research aerospace engineering. 

3. University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham, which is one of the best aeronautical engineering universities in the UK, offers a lot of lucrative study programs in aerospace engineering including a bachelor of aerospace engineering, bachelor of aerospace engineering including an industrial year, master of aerospace engineering, and the field of aerospace technologies. The courses at the university offer incredible opportunities to learn and gain excellence in aircraft design and the field of aerospace. The institution has partnered with local companies in the area including the local airport, Rolls-Royce, Airbus etc to give its students practical training. 

4. University of Sheffield

This university, which is one of the top aeronautical engineering universities in the UK, offers aerospace engineering courses divided into several fields including bachelors and master’s in aerospace engineering, and aerospace engineering courses with private pilot instructions, a year of training in the industry, a year in North America, and a foundation year. 

The aim of the course is to teach students all the major modules of aerospace engineering connected to the designing, developing, and construction of aircraft. 

5. Southampton University

Southampton University is one of the top aeronautical engineering universities in the UK. The focus of the course of aerospace engineering in this university is on practical training and preparing students to design future aircraft, race cars, satellites and rockets, etc. and imparting to them the knowledge of several fields of aeronautical engineering. The students have the option of either retaining the broad-based studies or choosing to specialise in any of the following fields- aerodynamics, air vehicle systems design, computational engineering and design, engineering management, materials and structures, a  semester abroad and spacecraft engineering. 

6. University of Strathclyde

This university is an award-winning academic institution and the only aerospace engineering university that won the Times award for higher education university of the year twice. The University provides undergraduate degrees in aerospace mechanical engineering and also a Bachelor of Engineering honours in the same field. The aim of the course is to develop leaders in the field of aerospace engineering that can take on any latest challenges in the industry, from design to sustainable development. 

With this, we end our list of the best aeronautical engineering universities in the UK.


1. Is aerospace engineering in demand in the UK?

Research shows that aerospace engineering will continue to chart an upward course in the years to come. There is a multitude of jobs in aerospace engineering in the United Kingdom and several openings are projected in the coming years making it among the fastest-growing job sectors in the UK.

2. Which universities in the UK offer aerospace engineering?

Studying aerospace engineering in the UK is opening up yourself to the best education and the most rewarding opportunities in the field. There are a lot of universities offering aerospace engineering in the UK but the most popular ones are the University of Sheffield, the University of Nottingham, Strathclyde University, the University of Bristol and the University of Cambridge.

3. What is the best university for aerospace engineering?

The California Institute of Technology is regarded as the best aerospace engineering school in the world next to Stanford University and Georgia Institute of Technology. The University of Cambridge is regarded as having the best aerospace engineering programme in the United Kingdom.

We hope you enjoyed this article on the list of aeronautical engineering universities in the UK. If you wish to read more about related fields do check out our other blogs.

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