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March 8, 2021

Europe is every student’s study abroad dream destination. There’s always something new and interesting to discover here. Some of the world’s leading artists, thinkers, and scientists are from the renowned universities of Europe. It is known to have the world’s oldest and the most prestigious universities. More often than not, international students choose Europe as their preferred destination of study with hopes of achieving excellence in their fields. With every place in Europe having a storied history, the scope of exploring, learning and growing here is vast. Pursuing a PhD in Europe is something that students look forward to because of the ground-breaking research opportunities available for them. Many countries in Europe are home to some of the leading universities offering PhD courses to international students. 

Why PhD In Europe?

  • Unlike the US based universities, European universities require their students to have completed their masters degree before applying for a PhD course. This makes it easier for the students to understand concepts and theories faster and better due to the adequate knowledge gained during their graduate studies. It is advisable to do a masters degree before opting for a PhD so that the knowledge imparted is not completely foreign to the students.
  • The course duration for a PhD in Europe is short, the reason being that students already have knowledge on their respective subjects because of their masters degree. A typical PhD course in Europe takes about three to four years when compared to other countries offering an elaborate six to eight year course. 
  • Choosing a supervisor and a thesis topic from a specific department at the time of application is a must for PhD candidates in Europe. Many other countries do not allow you to choose a topic or a supervisor at the time of your application even if you have your department selected. 
  • Students also have teaching opportunities while doing their research in Europe. They offer teaching assistantship and research assistantship to their professors in the due time of their research and this helps them fund their costs.
  • Most of the countries in Europe except Sweden do not require the PhD students to give an exam for having to complete their course. Other countries offering PhD require the students to give a written as well as an oral exam in their final year.
  • Students in Europe can get started with their dissertation project in the first year itself. Dissertation is the highlight of the entire course and requires a lot of primary and secondary research. 

Eligibility Criteria For PhD In Europe

  • Having a masters degree is mandatory before applying for a PhD in Europe. 
  • Students are required to write the GRE or TOEFL and submit their scores at the time of application.
  • At the time of application, students must choose the thesis topic and a supervisor so that they are well aware of what the students are pursuing.
  • A student visa and a study permit is required for international students going to Europe.
  • Proof that the students have full monetary support during their course of study.

Scholarships For Pursuing PhD In Europe

  1. The Emile Boutmy Scholarship in France is for those who are looking to undertake a bachelors, masters, or a PhD in Paris which hosts over 7,000 international students.
  2. The Erasmus Mundus Joint Program is an international program awarding EU funded scholarships to the best candidates applying for the annual selection process.
  3. The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship in Switzerland is a fully funded scholarship awarded to students from over 180 countries looking to pursue a masters’ or a PhD course.
  4. The Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship offers a total of 60 different scholarships for students who wish to do further and higher research.
  5. The Belgium Government Scholarships are available for international students who are looking to take up masters or PhD training courses in Belgium.

List Of Universities Offering PhD In Europe

  • University of Surrey – Practitioner Doctorate In Sustainability PhD
  • European College for Liberal Studies – Doctor of Philosophy in Communication Studies
  • European College for Liberal Studies – Doctor of Philosophy in Global Studies
  • University of Leon – Doctorate in Business Economics
  • Swiss School of Business and Management Geneva – Double Degree Doctor of Business Administration in Strategic Management
  • Cardiff University – Doctor of Health Studies

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