All You Need To Know About Dermatology Courses in the UK

In this article we provide you with a step by step guide on how to go about seeking a dermatology courses in the UK.

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June 10, 2021

The field of dermatology is a very popular career choice among medical graduates. It is also the need of the hour in the UK and is highly in demand because of an ageing population and increasing evidence of the presence of skin diseases. The training for dermatology i.e dermatology courses in the UK  in the United Kingdom are currently four years long. To undertake this training a student must have a minimum of four years of PG clinical experience and a relevant post-graduate qualification. To become a dermatologist in the UK you will need to undertake the following steps of medical study because all the top dermatology degrees and  courses in the UK require them:-

1) You will have to be a medical undergraduate from the UK

2) You have to undertake a foundation program of 2 years

3) You will need to have core training in one of the following areas- 2-3 years of UK internal medicine + MRCP, three years UK acute medicine + MRCP, 3 years UK pediatrics +1-year internal medicine+ MRPCH. 

4) After that you will go for a higher speciality training of 4 years of UK dermatology+SCE derm. 

 After all these steps you will complete your training and dermatology and become a UK consultant dermatologist. 

Here are some of the best PG Dermatology Courses in the UK :-

1) PG Diploma in Clinical Dermatology by the University of Cardiff 

The Cardiff University Department of Dermatology offers a highly interactive dermatology online program to help the general practitioner build a solid understanding of skin disease in dermatology practice. This is one of the best online post-graduate courses for dermatology in the UK. The program offers a high level of teaching covering all major subject areas of interest for students in general practice. Through dedicated online teaching support, the use of discussion forums, and online examinations, the course students will become active members of a spirited and supportive online community of dermatologists. This type of environment also allows partnerships and collaborations- both academic and clinical ones which tend to extend beyond the life of the course. 

The university also offers a full-time MSc in dermatology with features similar to the online program. This is one of the top universities offering dermatology courses in the UK .

2. PG diploma in Clinical Dermatology from Queen Mary University of London

This is a year long-distance learning course. It has 2 available versions that are- the UK version, which is open to applicants that are registered with the General Medical Council of the UK, and an overseas version that is open to all overseas applicants as well as UK based students not registered with the GMC. The goal of the course is to help general practitioners of dermatology provide specialized services in primary health care. It also aims to increase their understanding of pathology, clinical appearances, and the management of skin disease. The course starts in September each year and comprises of 6 modules covering all the major areas of dermatology. It is delivered in a weekly pattern and contains online learning materials about the subjects, with the assessment form being weekly assignments in the form of MCQs and written reports. The course places great emphasis on the clinical aspects of skin problems. For that reason, there are six on-site clinical days per year each being made up of lectures on and the teaching of clinical cases. Due to the popularity of the course, there is also an additional overseas course available where all on-site days are replaced by live interactive online lectures. It is one of the most efficient clinical dermatology courses in the UK.

3. Post graduation diploma from Saint Johns Institute of Dermatology. 

This is a full time course that includes a thorough understanding of clinical and scientific components of dermatology with special emphasis on clinical applications. It is one of the top 

Practical Dermatology courses in the UK.

The students can specialise in niche areas including pharmacology infectious diseases immunology tropical diseases etc. Scientific teaching on clinical aspects of dermatology is an important part of the program. The course is taught through real-time lectures clinic visits ward rounds and medical seminars. Students are also required to write a dissertation. Students gain  practical training in clinical dermatology and learn about laboratory sciences that are relevant for skin diseases. The entry requirements include a medical qualification from a recognised University clinical experience of 6 to 12 months in dermatology and proof of English language ability for students not from the UK.  The university thus offers one of the most comprehensive clinical dermatology courses in the UK.

The other universities in England which offer dermatology courses are

1) The King’s College London, University of life Sciences and Medicine- offers an MSc in clinical dermatology which is full time for a duration of 2 years, which is one of the top post-graduate courses for dermatology in the UK.

2)The University of Manchester’s Faculty of Biology Medicine and Health offers a PhD and MPhil program in dermatological sciences and offers some of the top Practical Dermatology courses in the UK.

3) The University of Nottingham School of Medicine has a separate dermatology department that offers students a PhD in dermatology and is one of the most efficient and top Dermatology Degrees and Courses in UK.

We hope you enjoyed this article and it gave you a good insight about dermatology courses in the UK and how to go about seeking your medical degree in this field. If you wish to know more about related fields do check out our other blogs.

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