Never Too Late To Visit The 8 Most Amazing College Libraries In The World

Amazing College Libraries In The World

Written by Shefali Onawale

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May 7, 2021

Thinking of ways to make the most of your study abroad experience? If you’re planning to study abroad you may be interested in knowing about some of the things that sets some universities apart from the rest. In this edition of why you must study abroad, we bring to you the eight most amazing college libraries in the world you should not miss out on. 

8 Most Amazing College Libraries In The World

Here is a list of the most incredible college libraries in the world. 

UNAM’s Central University City Campus Library – Mexico City, Mexico

The UNAM Central University City Campus Library in Mexico City is part of the group of unique architectural structures that earned the UNAM campus recognition as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) belongs to Ciudad Universitaria and is the largest library in Mexico. Created by Mexican artist Juan O’Gorman the building is covered with the historical representation of Mexico’s culture. The library was opened to its users in 1956 and the central library hosts some of the administrative offices of the General Libraries Directorate of the UNAM. 

TAMA Art University Library – Tokyo, Japan

Amazing College Libraries In The World

Designed by the renowned Japanese artist Toyo Ito, the library is made of iconic concrete and glass structure. The first floor features an all-purpose and gallery space available to hold various events and exhibitions as well as a theatre area with a big screen. On the second floor, open-access shelves are holding about 100,000 books as well as private reading seats and a photocopying machine. If you are studying in Japan with a scholarship or are just visiting the country as a tourist, you must visit the Tama Art University Library. The library is beautiful to look at inside and out and is one of the most amazing college libraries in the world. The building’s exterior resembles a cube-shaped colosseum with hundreds of arches and vaulted ceilings spread over 60,000 square feet.  

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Philological Library – Berlin, Germany 

Designed by the international artist Norman Foster, the Philological Library of the Free University in Germany is a component of the Rust & Silver Lodges complex in the campus of the Free University in Germany. The library was made open to the public in the year 2005 and was created by merging the smaller libraries on the campus including other departments. It contains four floors within a ventilated bubble-like canopy, and the inner membrane is constructed of translucent glass that filters the sun to allow the sun to warm cold mornings in the city. The Philological Library houses more than 700,000 volumes and serves as an architectural landmark in Berlin making it one of the most amazing college libraries in the world.  

Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library – Toronto, Canada 

The Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library is the largest collection of historic and publicly accessible books in Canada. If you are pursuing your education at the University of Toronto, you must visit this library. It consists of rare books, manuscripts, scientific documents, groundbreaking research findings and a lot more. Some of the most notable pieces in the Rare Book Library include original Shakespeare folios, a proof copy of Darwin’s Origin of Species, Newton’s Principia Mathematica and two copies of the Nuremberg Chronicle that date back to 1493. What makes it one of the amazing college libraries in the world is that its collection includes medieval manuscripts, early printed books, and special volumes of later periods that had been presented by Queen Victoria to the University. 

Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library – New Haven, Connecticut 

This library was built in 1960 over a period of 3 years and was funded by the Yale Alumni. Because it is used to house rare books that could easily be damaged, there are precise temperature and humidity controls throughout the entire building. The six-story building is made of light-coloured marble that helps keep the volumes from being damaged by the sun. The library also has an underground storage unit that has limited access. No student is allowed to take any material that is housed in the library’s tower areas or underground unit. The rare books are allowed to be read and examined in the dedicated reading room. 

The University of Coimbra General Library – Coimbra, Portugal 

Formed somewhere between 1532 and 1536, the Coimbra General Library is the second largest library in Portugal and the single largest library in the country. The library is divided into two: Biblioteca Joanina, named on behalf of King João V, was established in the first part of the 18th century. This Baroque building contains more than 200,000 books printed before 1800. The latest building, Edificio Novo was formed in the year 1962 and is a four-story library that houses more than a million books and has exquisite architecture and design. 

University Of Szeged Klebelsberg Library – Szeged, Hungary

Obstructed in 2004, this library was initially a non-profit investment that turned into a profit-oriented attraction in the recent past. Every day, the library welcomes at least 5,000 visitors and is spacious, massive and grand. The library apart from being a reading space for university students is also commonplace for international conferences, lectures and other mass gatherings. The library has the capacity to hold 2 million books which it already does. Located in the third-largest city in Hungry, the centre has become a hub of cultural and scientific activity for the university, as well as the entire city of Szeged. 

Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology – Kedah, Malaysia  

The Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology is home to one of the most amazing college libraries in the world. This library is also one of the fastest-growing archives in the world. The library infrastructure highly depends on natural sunlight to preserve rare manuscripts and books stored by the library. If you are studying in Malaysia with a scholarship or are just visiting as a tourist, visiting this institute’s library should be at the top of your bucket list.

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