The Top Canadian Graduate Scholarships Of 2021

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March 22, 2021

Stories that quoted “And they lived happily ever after” in the end, were means to the belief system that happy endings did afterall exist. Since childhood, our minds have constantly been fed with stories that have chirpy beginnings, and then continue with a challenge in between but conclude with an obvious resolution in the end indicating the ‘happy ending’. Talking about happy endings, isn’t it a ‘feel good factor’ when you open your mail only to read a welcome message from the university of your choice? That’s your cue to the beginning of a happy ending. We all agree to the fact that learning with a global perspective amidst an intellectual yet diverse crowd is always an added advantage. When it comes to studying abroad, we want the best and the most recognised universities but at affordable prices and that’s where the hunt for the ‘Top scholarships’ begins. Let’s face it, Canadian universities fall nothing short of providing excellent educational opportunities to its students and we all seek that kind of education. Receiving scholarships are ways of rewarding deserving candidates like you to go ahead with applying to the best universities. On that note, let’s dig into the top  Canadian graduate scholarships of 2021.

List Of Canadian Graduate Scholarships 

Ontario Graduate Scholarship

Ontario Graduate Scholarship is one of the most sought-after Canadian graduate scholarships. It is a program funded by the Canadian government to encourage students to pursue their postgraduate studies from public universities in Ontario. While the government offers two-thirds of the funding, the universities offer the rest one-thirds. This merit-based scholarship is awarded to outstanding applicants demonstrating excellent academic reports. It is offered at a value of $10,000 if the student opts for a two-term duration or at $15,000 if it is for three terms. It is open to international students provided they

  • Register full-time for a graduate degree program (students with permanent disabilities can register for part time programs)
  • Demonstrate their academic excellence of a minimum of 80% in their previous two years of academic studies.
  • Show proof of participation in extracurricular activities and should possess leadership skills.

University Of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships

Students wishing to enrol into the University of Manitoba for their full time masters studies or PhD can avail this scholarship program. It is a merit-based scholarship open to students of any nationality. It is one of the Canadian graduate scholarships that is valued at an amount of $ 14,000 for students wishing to pursue masters’ and at an amount of $ 18,000 for those planning a PhD for a duration of 24 months. Eligible students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and must have been admitted into the University of Manitoba for their masters program. It is also mandatory for the students to be recommended by their respective department to the faculty of graduate studies.

Canada Graduate Scholarships

This scholarship program is directed towards helping the development of research skills and assisting in the training of qualified personnel. Recipients of this award must hold high academic records in their undergraduate studies. This scholarship is valued at an amount of $ 17,500 and lasts for a duration of 12 months. Applicants for this program must already enrol into a Canadian university for a full-time masters’ program or should enrol into an eligible Canadian university that offers this scholarship. 

Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship And Fellowship Plan

The Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan is an international program offered to citizens who belong to other Commonwealth countries. Applicants who have completed their undergraduate studies in a tertiary institution with English as their medium of instruction and wish to apply for their masters’ program at a Canadian university are eligible to apply for this scholarship. It is available to students who are based out of Canada. This program contributes towards travel, living and tuition fees. It also provides students with an additional $10,000 towards transportation and other expenses for a period of 5-6 months. 

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships are dedicated to students wishing to pursue their postgraduate studies or doctoral studies in Canada. The aim of this program is to establish Canada as a global center for excellence in higher education and research studies. If you wish to be considered for this program, you must demonstrate great leadership skills and must depict a high standard of academic achievement in any of the following fields:  Engineering, Natural Sciences, Health, Social Sciences or Humanities. The scholarship is valued at $ 50,000 per annum and recipients can enrol into some of the top universities like the University of Waterloo, University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, University of Alberta and many other reputed universities.

University of Calgary Graduate Awards

Students are encouraged to apply for these awards once they apply for a postgraduate program at the University of Calgary and receive their student number or UCID. It is mandatory for the students to apply separately for these Canadian graduate scholarships as you are not automatically considered. The scholarship value ranges from $1,000 to $40,000 covering different areas of study. 

UBC Graduate Global Leadership Fellowships

The Graduate Global Leadership fellowships is for students from developing countries possessing great leadership potential in humanitarian and development work and encourages them to pursue their graduate studies from UBC. The scholarship is valued at $18,200 per annum and lasts for a period of four years. 

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