How To Find Cheap Self Storage Units That Fit Within Your Budget

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April 15, 2021

When you first arrived at your university, you must have carried along with you dozens of things to suit the needs of your education, your accommodation and your stay. During the period of your stay, you would have required all these essentials from time to time. But, what will you do with these items if you decide to make use of your long breaks, summer vacations, and gap years by going on a vacation? You do not want to carry along a mini fridge or a recliner when you’re busy backpacking! Self storage units or storage units that are cheap  are a matter of convenience that help you overcome these issues. In this article, we will guide you through finding cheap self storage units that you can rent and benefit from in the long run.

What Are Self Storage Units?

What are self storage units? How to find cheap storage units?   A self storage unit allows you to rent storage space where you can store commodities in a safe and secure environment for a short period of time (usually on a month-to-month basis). Unlike full-storage services, self-storage services give you full control over what’s in your storage space and how it can be arranged. 

With exams, projects, graduate training schemes and travel plans in your mind, the last thing you’d want to be burdened with would be to figure out what items to take, sell, lend and store. There are 3 major reasons why you may want to opt for budget storage units and they include:

  1. You’re downsizing and need someplace to store your extra possessions
  2. You’re moving temporarily and don’t want to haul your belongings with you
  3. You need a place to store inventory that you don’t use every day

Before moving on to how to find storage units cheap, I’d like you to take a look at the chart below that gives you an idea of the approximate cost of renting a storage unit. This will be crucial in planning your budget well ahead of time. 

Average Cost Of Self Storage Units

Let us all agree to the fact that storage units can be expensive and we might not always include it in our list of expenses. It is therefore ideal to find cheap storage facilities so that we can benefit from the storage in a lesser amount.

Tips To Find Cheap Self Storage Units

Go through the following tips to find out How to find cheap storage units?

  1. Choose a location where you’d like to store your items: Your choice of location could either be based on where you stay or based on the best deals that you get. You can find more budget storage units out of the local areas than those that are available in local areas. If you’re looking for a longer duration of storage, then it doesn’t make that much of a difference whether you store it near you or a little away from you; so plan accordingly.
  2. Choose the right size: Take a glimpse of the chart below to understand the different room sizes and what they can store. Based on the number of items that you need to store and how much space you will need, you can choose the size of your room accordingly!
  3. Do not pay for features you don’t use: When there’s lack of research about self storage cheap units, you may land up making a deal and paying for features that you don’t even need. For instance, you may want a storage unit for your furniture items, but you may be storing it in a climate controlled storage unit due to convenience. Your furniture will not be affected by climate so paying extra charges for that is something you should avoid. 
  4. Team up with a friend: If you do not have many items to keep in store and there is more room in your unit; you can always share the space with a friend or a known person. That would work on a mutual benefit basis wherein you get to pay only 50% and your friend finds a storage unit too! 

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  1. Ask for free facilities and discounts: You do not ask; you do not get! There are many self storage cheap units that offer free van facilities to move your belongings. There’s no harm in asking your storage unit if they do the same. You can cut down on the transportation charges. Not only that, since you are a student, there are chances that you can avail student discounts which could last for a few weeks. Also make sure to run to a supermarket and ask them for empty spare boxes. It’ll save you time and money from buying boxes and shifting your items. 

Which Are The Best Companies That Offer Cheap Self Storage?

Extra Space Storage: A US based unit that offers affordable storage spaces and is the industry’s leading company.

Significant features:

  • Free lock when you book online
  • Secure storage facilities
  • Pest protection
  • Zero-deductible in-house storage insurance

U-Haul: While it holds a strong reputation as a moving company, U-Haul is a trusted name amongst the budget self storage units. If you’re worried about the safety of your belongings, then there’s no better company to trust other than U-Haul

Significant features:

  • 24-hour access at most locations
  • Open and enclosed vehicle storage
  • Free first month when you book a one-way truck rental

Big Yellow Self Storage: How to procure cheap self-storage in London? UK’s leading self storage company that is the most convenient option for students there in terms of discounts and offers. This will help you procure cheap self storage in London. 

Significant features:

  • They offer £50 to go towards van hire
  • 50% discount for new customers upto 8 weeks
  • 50% off on the next bill via references
  • You can either opt for big lockers with a key and PIN code, or larger units that will be big enough to store furniture
  • Excellent security

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