Cost Of Living In Hamilton And Everything Else About The City

Cost Of Living In Hamilton

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April 26, 2021

The cost of living in Hamilton Canada is often presumed to be on the higher end of the spectrum because of the high standard of living of the city and its recent collaboration with human civilization. Most of the city is built on foreign immigrants who have strong community values. The city which is Canada’s leader in the iron and steel industry is nicknamed Steeltown. The city is also the waterfall capital of the world and has managed to preserve centuries-old wildlife and natural habitat. Living in Hamilton, Canada sounds and looks like a dream. 

To guide you through life in Hamilton, this article is dedicated to knowing what it takes to live in Hamilton, Canada. 

Cost Of Living In Hamilton

How Is It Like Living In Hamilton? 

Hamilton is a mid-size city in Ontario, Canada that was formed by the amalgamation of several smaller towns and has a population of at least 750,000. It is the third-largest metropolitan city in Ontario and ninth-largest in Canada. Hamilton is in close proximity to Toronto and gives it a competition based on inclusion, diversity and multiculturalism. 

The Hamilton cost of living is cheaper than the cost of living in Toronto. Essentially, Hamilton is one of Canada’s leading industrial centres because of its iron and steel industry and accounts for the majority of the nation’s steel output. 

Real estate is booming in Hamilton in the recent past and the average cost of purchasing a house in Hamilton is estimated to be $550,000. The city ranks 27th in Canada in terms of population density. This means it is one of the least densely populated cities in Canada. 

The city is a perfect destination if you are looking to migrate to the country and start a new family and a new life. The spacious suburbs of Hamilton allow plenty of picturesque landscapes and is full of luxury. 

There are several friendly neighbourhoods surrounding Hamilton and the downtown core of the city mostly comprises businesses and corporate industries. Hamilton grew popular in the 19th and 20th century and has attracted branded stores, restaurants and pubs and the city offers a convenient and easy-paced lifestyle to its residents. 

Cost Of Living In Hamilton For Students


There are many opportunities in Hamilton for students and workers. Students who wish to earn extra income during their vacation and study breaks can work in Hamilton. Moreover, the standard of living in Hamilton Canada is way higher than any other city in Canada. The average Hamilton cost of living for a student may range from $1330 to $1550 per month. But the costs can be broken down into the following: 

Cost Of Amount Per Month
Rent/Accommodation (including amenities)$600-$750
Travelling $90-$100
Dinner at a restaurant$100-$150
Owning a car$40,000-$70,000
Staying as paying guest$800-$120

Hamilton may be one of the most costly cities in Canada but it is still overall 64.5%  less expensive than New York with better conditions to survive in. Moreover, you can further reduce the cost of living in Hamilton if you study in Canada with a scholarship

The distribution of an average resident of Hamilton looks something like this.

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Cost Of Living In Hamilton For A Family 

More than 20% of Hamilton residents are foreign-born and one can’t deny that the decision of moving to Hamilton may be an opportunity of a lifetime. Hamilton with its friendly neighbourhoods and family-friendly environment is spacious and massive. Since the city is not densely populated, Hamilton has been able to preserve its natural beauty and the streets are cleaner and greener. Even though the Hamilton market has just stepped into the game for further commercialising the city, the cost of living in Hamilton is not entirely unaffordable. An average family living in Hamilton spends roughly $55,000 to $65,000 annually. This is still much less than the cost of living in other cities in Canada.

According to Hamilton Real Estate, the top 10 areas to live in Hamilton are: 

  1. Ottawa Street 
  2. Corktown
  3. Westdale 
  4. Hamilton Eastend
  5. Hamilton Northend
  6. Hamilton Suburbs and Dundas 
  7. Hamilton Mountain
  8. Ancaster
  9. Stoney Creek
  10. Gibson

The cost of living in Hamilton and its livability is projected to be increasing in the next three to five years. This means that the cost of real estate and the standard of living in Hamilton will also rise. Hamilton has been specifically aiming to increase its population density by attracting people to move to the city. All people who live in the area will have access to greener spaces and spacious neighbourhoods. The city has been a major attraction for homebuyers and the economy of the city is driven by real estate and its manufacturing sector. 

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Reasons You Should Live In Hamilton  

  1. The city is close to nature and is a destination for several adventure sports and natural activities such as ice climbing and African Lion Safari. The city is home to a number of waterfalls, nature trails and is filled with picturesque landscapes. 
  1. Hamilton has a great nightlife with pubs and restaurants in each neighbourhood. You can be a part of private communities and clubs that meet on the weekends. 
  1. The city is home to parties, music festivals and concerts. If you are looking to take a break from university, Hamilton is just the place for you. You may enjoy a weekend getaway in the city and visit different events with your friends over the weekend. 
  1. The city is a blend of old-time charm with modern intelligence. The city is upgraded to provide the latest technology that includes 5g networks and super-fast internet. Hamilton residency has made its vintage streets, infrastructure and architecture a part of its urban way of life. 
  1. The population density allows families and students to have ample privacy and free space. 

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