The Cost Of Living In Munich As A Student In 2021

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April 6, 2021

Discovering the city of Munich is like tapping on so many secrets attached to it. Founded by monks, Munich isn’t your typical big city with tall skyscrapers around you. In fact, as you get familiar with the life there, you’ll come to realize that skyscrapers are banned. You’ll fancy the BMW showrooms there, Munich being its hometown. If you’re a beer fan, then Oktoberfest will be your go-to beer festival that you wouldn’t ever miss. You’ll obviously start your day with sausages but if you figure out why Bavarians only consume them in the mornings, chances are that you’re resonating with the true spirit of a Bavarian. There are so many things to do in Munich apart from going to a university, attending lectures, and giving exams. It should be duly noted that the tuition fees aside, students should also consider other components like student accommodation Munich costs, travel and transportation costs, living expenses, insurance and more. So, by the time you reach the end of this article, you would have unwound the secret regarding the cost of living in Munich which is super important for you to know as a student going to a foreign city. 

How Much Does It Cost To Study In Munich?

If you are wondering about the student living cost in Munich, then read on. Munich is filled with leading public universities and educational institutes attracting students from all over the world. You can save up a lot of money when it comes to tuition fees or education expenses because German public universities are known to offer free education not only to domestic students but also to international students. Congratulations! You’ve just discovered that the cost of living in Munich doesn’t involve your basic tuition fees. Notice this convenience in pursuing a bachelor’s as well as a master’s degree there. 

The Next Big Question: What Are The Other Costs Involved?

As a student, you’ve already evaluated your educational expenses in Munich (which is nil). What is the next step while considering the cost of living in Munich for students? Here are the other costs involved when studying in Munich.

Rent – The monthly rent amount for a room in a shared apartment
Internet – Average price for 16Mbit flat rate internet
Electricity – Amount for 200Kwh per year
Health Insurance – Amount discounted as per the student special rate
Groceries – Per month shopping expenses for the household
Transportation – A semester ticket’s worth

Here’s what will help you understand how much a student like you would spend on important and necessary things that you will make use of on a daily basis. These together, form the major components of the cost of living in Munich, Germany.

The average rent for a student accommodation Munich (shared apartment) tops the list of expenses with an amount of 400 euros. Groceries include milk, water, veggies, sauces, breads and many more and they add up to an approximate of 100 euros. The health insurance for a student is comparatively lesser at the cost of 93 euros while the electricity, transportation and internet costs lie within the range of 7 euros to 30 euros on an average. All of this is included in the student living cost in Munich.

Additional Expenses: Cost Of Living In Munich

You’re a student full of passion and you obviously wouldn’t want to miss out on a chance to explore the sunniest city of Germany – Munich. It is only natural that you incur other expenses during your stay in the process of unwinding the secrets. The cost of living in Munich, Germany also includes:

  • Mobile Phone: While living in Germany as a student, you will need a mode of communication. Moreover, you would need to update your social media as well. Mobile phones do come handy at such times. You can either use your domestic phone with a new sim or get a new phone there. I suggest you go for the latter due to convenience. The cost of living in Munich involves an amount of 7 euros per month with a flat rate, 1GB mobile data if you get a cell phone.
  • Dining Out: The breads, hotdogs, and morning sausages will make you want to dine out occasionally. If you want to feel all Bavarian, then eating an authentic meal at a restaurant will be a part of your stay. A typical meal at an inexpensive restaurant costs about 14 euros. The domestic beer or an imported beer would cost around 4 euros. Like Jack Sparrow said – “Drink up me hearties, yo ho!” and save 4 euros for a beersome time.
  • Sports And Leisure: You are going to want to join fitness clubs or go to the gym if you’re on the road to staying physically fit. Moreover, during your leisure time wouldn’t a tennis game be refreshing or even going to the cinemas? Yes! Your ticket to refreshment involves spending a tad bit of money. While considering the cost of living in Munich, Germany you will be spending an amount of 41.23 euros for a monthly membership at a fitness club, 22.23 euros per hour for renting a tennis court and 12 euros for a seat watching an international film.
  • Clothing And Shoes: You’d want to dress up one day in a coat, boot suit, and on  some days casually and some days in a party mode. While you can get your own clothing from your hometown, sometimes dressing up the Munich style could be a feel good factor to lighten your mood. That’s when the Munich cost of living would also involve buying a simple pair of jeans costing 83.64 euros or a summer dress from a chain store for an amount of 41.27 euros. Running shoes cost an average of 93.28 euros while men’s leather boots cost around 126.93 euros.

Now that you roughly have an idea about the Munich cost of living, prepare yourself for a smooth journey ahead and plan well in advance by maintaining a budget checklist. I really hope this secret was worth knowing!

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