Different Undergraduate Research Scholarships Of 2021

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March 19, 2021

Scholarships for students who wish to pursue their research studies are well-funded and cover most of the expenses. More often than not, universities set up research specific scholarship programs so that students with great calibre and potential can make use of it. Undergraduate students who are ready to get started with their research projects have many university funded as well as government funded scholarship programs to consider. These undergraduate research scholarships are available in a variety of disciplines and include many opportunities for students. 

Undergraduate Research Scholarships: Application Process

The process of applying for undergraduate research scholarships largely depends on the kind of scholarship program, the research discipline and course, and the university guidelines. However, here are some of the points to keep in mind before and while applying for the scholarship.

  • Select a research topic or a project of your interest in any discipline.
  • Read the scholarship guidelines to check if you are eligible to apply.
  • Have scanned copies of your CV, academic transcripts, proof of your english proficiency  project-specific information, ready.
  • Apply for admission to the scholarship program (s) and fill out all the necessary details attaching the documents you have kept ready
  • For some scholarships, it is mandatory to submit an unconditional offer letter from the respected university.
  • Check the university guidelines as well while applying for the scholarship programs.
  • Check the COVID-19 guidelines of the program as well because the terms and conditions vary if the university is not yet open for in-person classes.
  • Once you have applied for the program, you will receive a mail if you are shortlisted, followed by an interview in most cases.

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List Of Undergraduate Research Scholarships

Scholarships can be funded either by the government or by the university. Here’s a list of the different research specific scholarship programs that are available for students.

Alfred D. Chandler Jr. Travel Fellowships | Undergraduate Research Scholarships

This scholarship is awarded to students who are from the business or economic history background and wish to pursue library and archival research studies in the same discipline. The scholarship value ranges from $1,000 to $3,000. It is offered by the Harvard Business School and is open to students to all nationalities provided they fit into the eligibility criteria. It gives the option to students to pursue their research studies from Harvard university and Harvard students have the option of pursuing elsewhere for research in business and economic history.

Endeavour Leadership Programme | Undergraduate Research Scholarships

This program is awarded to students from developing and neighbouring countries to pursue their undergraduate research, masters research, or their PhD studies. Recipients of this program are to undertake their research studies at an Australian university.  All recipients will receive a travel allowance, an establishment allowance, a monthly stipend, tuition remission (if applicable) and health and travel insurance.

Research Experience For Undergraduates | Undergraduate Research Scholarships

The National Science Foundation (NSF) funds the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) scholarship program for students to undertake active research studies in any area. Students selected for this program will be assigned a specific research topic which they will be closely working on with their faculty. Students are granted with stipends, housing and travel allowances. Before applying for this scholarship, make sure you contact the REU sites and provide them with the required information.

University Innovation Fellows Program | Undergraduate Research Scholarships

This scholarship is offered by the Stanford Institute of Design and allows students to make use of their creative potential and develop a design-centered mindset. It is available to students of all majors and academic levels who want to shape the future of education. Recipients of this scholarship get full time mentorship and have to undergo a 6 week online training program, post which they will be attending a networking conference at Silicon Valley.

Summer Public Health Scholars Program | Undergraduate Research Scholarships

Summer Public Health Scholars Program (SPHP) is offered by Columbia university. It is a 10-week program encouraging undergraduate and graduate students to increase their interest in public health and biomedical science careers. Recipients of this program get a stipend, housing, travel, and meals. Students also get hands-on field experience with constant mentoring of the faculty members.

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