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August 30, 2021

The application process of a scholarship can be quite strenuous. Not all but many scholarships take a considerable amount of time and effort. To get the entire process done before the deadline, you must start early and prepare tremendously. This blog will help you with important documents every scholarship application requires, but before understanding that you must choose the right scholarship.

Explore & Pick The Right Scholarship

From the thousands of scholarships that you will come across while you are exploring, make sure you choose the right match. You must see if you fit the criteria and all the requirements. Visit various websites and check out as many scholarships as you can. Do you match their profile? Because you will be investing a significant amount of time in this application and you do not want it to go in vain. 

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Most of the time you need to be prepared with the following documents.

  • All the Certificates of your previous educational levels (School leaving exams, first-level degrees, etc)
  • Letters of Recommendation (From school and work)
  • Language competition certificates (eg; TOEFL, IELTS)
  • Curriculum Vitae (Resume)
  • Motivation Letter
  • Letter on why you want that particular scholarship. It depicts your academic achievements, accomplishments, journey as a student and citizen. 

Before you start writing the essay, make sure you fulfil whatever document is required because you do not want to complete the letter and then realise that you do not have an important document. Once you understand and agree that everything is in place then you can go ahead and start writing. Again, start as early as you can because you want yours to stand out. The last moment rush will lead to a low-quality write-up that is less likely to win you a scholarship. 

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Depending on your college, the transcripts may take some time to deliver, which is why it is advisable to get things sorted first. At least try getting the certified copy from your university. Along with this letters of recommendation are also a mandatory and important part of your scholarship application. Get it done and ready from your professors and employers. 

Who Should You Ask For A Referral?

Your teachers and tutors are the right people to go for referrals. They know you the best whether it is academically or personally. They will give you a strong and powerful letter of recommendation. Some scholarships have a policy where they allow you to have non-academic aka external references. If this is the case, then go ahead and reach out to community leaders and employers for the same. 

Additional Documents Required For The Scholarship Application

Apart from the important documents, every scholarship application requires additional documents that depend upon the university, organization, or college you are applying for. These documents include:

  1. A Scholarship Essay

Some scholarships require you to write an essay that is topical. For example; an environmental organization offering scholarships would like to know your environmental contribution and interests. They will also expect you to write a scholarship related to the environment. Keep the word limit to a certain level and try exposing and showing off your academic achievements that enable you to be a candidate for that scholarship.

  1. Portfolio

Some scholarships require you to submit a portfolio. Students of arts and design, or a similar course work need to submit a portfolio. This will describe the GPA score that you accomplished during your degree course completion. 

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  1. Financial Statement Of Your Parents 

Many scholarships are based on your financial need and background. They require you to submit a financial statement of your parents that includes tax returns and annual proof of income. 

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  1. Medical Certificates

Submission of a medical report to display your health care is also one of the requirements for many scholarships. The certificate should be registered and issued by a medical practitioner or a government hospital. 

Final Tips Before Submission

Before you send in your scholarship documents, follow these final steps and tips:

  • Never exceed the word limit count if it is already specified in the application. 
  • Proofread all your documents for any kind of grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. This will prevent your first bad impressions. 
  • Submit only those documents that are asked and required by the university or organization.
  • Always submit your application before the deadline to avoid any kind of last-minute jeopardy.
  • For personal safety, keep a photocopy of all your documents. 

Hopefully, all the given tips will help you with the application process. Keep them in your mind and share them with your friends who are wishing to apply for a scholarship. Because a scholarship is a student’s dream and you must do your best to win it. Good luck!

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