Best Ethical Hacking Tools In 2022

Ethical Hacking Tools

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June 21, 2022

The field of ethical hacking has undergone significant change in the past few years. Several ethical hacking tools that can speed up the security process are currently being developed. Ethical hacking assists businesses in better protection of their data and systems. It is also one of the best ways to improve the skills of an organization’s security professionals. Making ethical hacking a part of the security plan can be extremely beneficial. HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Bash, SQL and Perl are some of the well-known ethical hacking programming languages used by ethical hackers. Now, let’s dive into some of the best ethical hacking tools that help companies in improving their security.

Ethical Hacking Tools

List Of The Best Hacking Tools In 2022

1. Nmap (Network Mapper)

Nmap is on top of the list and is one of the best hacking tools ever used in port scanning. Originally, it was a command-line tool but was later adapted for Linux or Unix-based operating systems, and a Windows version of Nmap is now available. Nmap is a network security mapper that can discover services and hosts on a network, and create a network map as a result. This software includes several features that help in computer network probing, host discovery and operating system detection. Because the script is extensible, it can detect advanced vulnerabilities and adapt to network conditions such as congestion while scanning.

2. Nessus

Nessus is next on the list among some of the top ethical hacking tools. Tenable network security created Nessus, the world’s most well-known vulnerability scanner. It is free and primarily intended for non-commercial use. This network vulnerability scanner detects critical flaws in any system. The following vulnerabilities can be detected by Nessus:

  • Unpatched services.
  • Incorrect configuration.
  • Weak passwords.
  • System flaws.

3. Nikto

Nikto is a web detector that scans and tests several web servers for outdated software, dangerous CGIs or files, and other issues. By capturing the received cookies, it is able to perform server-specific as well as generic checks and prints. It is a free, open-source tool that scans 270 servers for version-specific problems and identifies default programmes/files. Here are some of Nikto’s main characteristics:

  • Open-source software.
  • Checks web servers and detects over 6400 potentially dangerous CGIs or files.
  • Checks servers for outdated versions and version-specific issues.
  • Examines plug-ins and misconfigured files.
  • Detects unsafe programmes and files.

4. Kismet

This is one of the best ethical hacking tools for testing wireless networks and wireless LAN hacking. It uses data traffic to passively identify networks, collect packets, and detect hidden networks. Kismet is essentially a wireless network detector that works with other wireless cards and allows for raw monitoring. Kismet’s basic features include the following:

  • Runs on Linux operating systems such as Ubuntu, Backtrack, and others.
  • Occasionally applicable to windows.

5. NetStumbler

It is also an ethical hacking platform that is used to prevent wardriving and works on Windows-based operating systems. MiniStumbler, a newer version of this, is now available. The NetStumbler is one of the top ethical hacking tools that can be used for the following purposes:

  • Identifying the network configuration of an access point.
  • Identifying the sources of interference.
  • Determining the strength of received signals.
  • Detecting unauthorized access points.

6. Acunetix

This is among one of the best ethical hacking tools as it is completely automated. It detects and reports on over 4500 web vulnerabilities, including all XSS and SQL Injection variants. Acunetix fully supports JavaScript, HTML5 and single-page applications which allows you to audit even the most complex authenticated applications. Basic characteristics of Acunetix include:

  • Combined perspective.
  • Data-driven risk prioritisation.

7. Netsparker

Netsparker is a tool that simulates how hackers operate. This tool detects web API and web application vulnerabilities, such as cross-site scripting and SQL Injection. The features of Netsparker include:

  • Available as a web-based service or as Windows software.
  • Verifies identified vulnerabilities in a unique way, demonstrating that they are genuine and not false positives. 
  • Eliminates the need for manual verification, which saves time.

8. Intruder

This tool is a fully automated scanner that searches for cybersecurity flaws, explains the risks discovered and assists in mitigating them. Intruder handles much of the heavy lifting in vulnerability management with over 9000 security checks available. The features of the Intruder are:

  • Detects missing patches, misconfigurations and common web application issues, such as cross-site scripting and SQL Injection.
  • Slack, Jira and major cloud providers are all supported.
  • Prioritizes results based on context and scans systems for new vulnerabilities on a regular basis.

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