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June 11, 2021

Data science is an emerging phenomenon that enables companies to fully understand large amounts of data gathered from various sources and to make useful insights that lead to smarter decisions in business. Data science is widely used in many industries including healthcare, banking, marketing finance, etc. Today markets are changing in many ways with new trends like artificial intelligence and machine learning emerging. Data science helps to understand these new technologies by offering solutions to the problem posed by them for future use. According to a report by Burning Glass technologies, the UK is facing explosive demand for data science, with demand for data scientists and engineers increasing by as much as 231 %, the most of all job demands in the UK. The demand for data science in the UK is thus at an all-time high. Some of the best Data Science & big data Master’s Degrees in the UK are available for students looking to study data science from good colleges, along with a lot of great scholarships.

Opting for a data science degree or masters in the UK is thus a very lucrative option. Some of the subjects taught in data science MS in the UK include research review, informatics, machine learning, statistics and optimization,  data management, technology, business, introduction to artificial intelligence, visual analytics, etc. 

Here is a list of the top Masters of Data Science Colleges in the UK to pursue a degree in data science in the UK:- 

1. Imperial College London

This college offers a one-year program of MSc in data science which is a full-time on-campus course. Subjects offered by the University include data transformation, data representation, data visualization, and so on. To qualify for the course students need to have a three years bachelor’s degree with a minimum grade of 75% or its equivalent. 

2. University of Edinburgh UK

The University of Edinburgh offers an MSc in data science in the UK as a full-time course that focuses on data predictions, data patterns, and deriving ideas and algorithms from databases to build industry systems. To be eligible for the course a student needs to have passed the TOEFL and IELTS exam with a minimum of 92 marks and 6.5 grade in each respectively. The duration of the course is 15 months. This university offers  some of the best Data Science & Big Data Master’s degrees in the UK

3. University of Liverpool

This Masters degree in data science in the UK offered by the University of Liverpool emphasizes developing various data skills that help the student make better professional decisions while performing data analytics. The course covers data application to business functions creating new business models and many other areas. It helps a student to develop his or her professional analytical and leadership qualities. To be eligible for the course a student has to have a 2:1 honours degree in management engineering science or related disciplines or its international equivalent. The duration of the course is 12 months.

4. University of Manchester

The University of Manchester offers a one-year full-time  Masters(MS )in data science in the UK. To be eligible for the course you need to have a 2:1 higher honours degree or its overseas equivalent. While assessing the applications for admission to the university, the university takes into account your academic records, grades, academic references and the rank of the previous institution where you studied. 

5. University of Warwick

The department of computer science at this university offers a full-time one-year  master’s course in data analytics. The course is divided into the teaching modules and a dissertation which is required to be submitted by the students during their course term. The module is focused on developing student expertise and technological skills in various areas of data analytics including cybersecurity, project management, scientific methods, natural language processing, visualization and data mining. To be eligible for the course the student needs to have a 6.5 score in IELTS and an honours degree in mathematical or related disciplines. 

6. University of Leeds

The MSC program in data science i.e advanced computer science and data analytics is offered by this university to train students to build a solid foundation in various data science subjects like machine algorithms, system programming, and machine learning. It is a full-time one-year course.  It is one of the best MSc programs in Data Science in the United Kingdom

7. University of Glasgow

It is one of the top Masters of Data Science Colleges in the UK. The Masters in data science provided by the University aims to develop student specialization in data, statistical modelling, and computation. It is a full-time one-year MSc in data analytics course. To be eligible for the program students need to have successfully completed their bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution with a minimum of the first division in their results or equivalent grades. 

8. University of Southampton

The University of Southampton offers a full-time MSc in data and decision analytics to ideal candidates. The skills they look for in students include efficient statistical analysis computation and mathematical modeling. The program also offers a 3 months summer project for students with lots of learning opportunities in the subjects of operational research, data science, or statistics. To be eligible for the course students should have gotten a bachelor’s degree that involves some quantitative subjects. The duration of the course is of one year. It offers one of the  best MSc Programs in Data Science in the United Kingdom

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