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France Scholarships for Indian Students You Didn’t Know About

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Feel like studying in France? That’s going to be easy! Especially if you are an Indian student. Thanks to Campus France, France’s Government Agency that operates under the Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. In India, Campus France is a part of the cooperation service of the French Embassy of India. 

The Embassy offers France scholarships for Indian students who wish to pursue their higher education in France. Every year the French Embassy offers this scholarship to more than 500 talented Indian students. 

Where Can You Find France Scholarships for Indian Students

Charpak Scholarship Programme 

The programme, named after French physicist and Nobel prize winner George Charpak offers Indian students funds for Masters and Bachelors. It covers three types of funding:

Research Scholarships: 

Research scholarship is for Indian students enrolled in Indian universities pursuing their Masters or Bachelors who want to take up a research or training programme at French universities. 

Eligibility for the Research Scholarship: 

Benefits of the Scholarship:

–    You will be given a monthly stipend of 700 euros for a maximum of 2 months between spring and summer season entries. 

–    However, the scholarship will not cover your travel expenses, any living or funding with assistance with accommodation expenses. 

–    In addition, the scholarship wont cover any medical insurances or expenses. 

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Raman – Charpak Fellowship | France Scholarship for Indian Students

In honour of Indian Nobel Laureate,  Prof. C.V Raman and French Nobel Laureate  Prof. Georges Charpak, the scholarship was launched in the year 2013. To strengthen Indo-French scientific cooperation between India and French laboratories. The aim is to ease the exchange of doctoral students between the two countries. 

The scholarship covers the following fields of sciences:

Earth, Engineering, Biological Sciences, Materials, Physics, Mathematical, Atmospheric, Computatitional, Chemical, Life and Medical.  

Eligibility for Raman – Charpak Fellowship:

Benefits of this Scholarship: 

Make Our Planet Great Again (MOPGA):

This was launched by France’s president Emmanuel Macron. This has enthused many Indian students to apply for this initiative that offers France scholarships to Indian students.

In collaboration with Campus France, the initiative encourages Indian students to study in France. This is in order to gain expertise and knowledge in the fields of climate change, sustainability and other environmental issues. 

Eligibility for MOGPA:

Benefits of MOGPA: 

Eiffel Scholarship Programme of Excellence

Offered by the French Ministry of Foriegn Affairs and International Development through Campus France Paris this is a French scholarship For Indian Students.

The university or institution you have applied in will apply on your behalf. 

The scholarship covers two levels of study: 

Value and Benefits of the for Masters and Doctoral Scholarship:

The scholarship covers the following costs and expenses of the scholar: 

Value and benefits for Joint Programme:

Eligibility for this Scholarship: 

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