Fully Funded PhD Scholarships In Australia For International Students

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March 18, 2021

Australia has some of the world class research centers and highly ranked universities offering doctoral studies for international students. A typical PhD course in Australia takes about 3 years to complete. Most of the programmes include taught modules that focus on progression and professional development. The PhD structure in Australia is similar to that of the UK beginning with a literature review, moving on to analysing source materials, producing experimental results, and collecting survey data.  Keeping in mind the importance of tertiary education, the Australian government opens doors for students to pursue their research studies which is why there are many fully funded PhD scholarships in Australia for international students.

Studying PhD In Australia | Fully Funded PhD Scholarships In Australia For International Students

If you wish to pursue a PhD in Australia as an international student, as per the norms of the Australian student visa, you have to take up a full time PhD course which takes about 3 years to complete. At the end of your studies, you will be required to submit a written thesis that summarises your findings and includes the evidence for them. There is no viva voce required for an Australian PhD unlike other countries. Your PhD result is based on the recommendation of the examiners wherein you are either

  • Awarded a doctorate degree without any corrections
  • Asked to make changes to your thesis, or
  • Denied th PhD

Cost Of Studying In Australia |  Fully Funded PhD Scholarships In Australia For International Students

The cost of studying in Australia  is relatively high and includes tuition costs, costs of living like accommodation costs, travel and transport, and other miscellaneous expenses. While the average PhD tuition fees for international students is estimated between AUD $18,000 – AUD $ 42,000, the approximate cost of living in Australia is AUD $21,041. This is when fully funded PhD scholarships in Australia for international students come handy and enable students to divert their focus only towards their research studies.

List Of Fully Funded PhD Scholarships In Australia For International Students

Australia Awards Scholarships 

This program is administered by the Department of Education and the Australian Agricultural Research Centre (ACIAR) and the Department of Foreign Affairs. It is one of the only fully funded PhD scholarships in Australia for international students that aims towards the betterment of developing and neighbouring countries by means of covering full tuition fees, providing for travel allowances, establishment allowance, living expenses, introductory academic program fees, and health insurance. In the year 2021, this program offered 818 scholarships to students from 20 developing countries around the world.

Adelaide Scholarships International

The University of Adelaide offers fully funded PhD scholarships in Australia for international students to outstanding graduate international students who will be commencing their Masters or their doctoral research studies. They provide a 100% tuition fee waiver for all the three years of the PhD course. Additionally, they also provide a monthly stipend towards living, health insurance and are exempt from tax payments. This program is available in all disciplines for international students from all countries except Australia and New Zealand.

Australian Government Research Training Program 

This program is available for both domestic and international students who wish to pursue their Master Research degrees or a PhD from any Australian university. This research training program (RTP) offers student funding in three ways:

  • RTP Fees Offset that pays for the students’ tuition fees for higher degree education which would have otherwise been paid by the student. 
  • RTP Stipend to assist students with their accommodation and other essential overhead costs. 
  • RTP Allowances to help students with ancillary expenses such as travel and relocation. 

Flinders International Postgraduate Scholarships

Flinders International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (FIPRS) are awarded at Flinders University to suitably eligible candidates for a higher degree in full-time research, up to two years for a Research Masters degree, and up to three years for a Research Doctorate degree. The scholarship includes international tuition fees for students, living allowance, allowance for the establishment, cost of relocation, and airfares.

University Of Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarships

Established by the University of Melbourne, the Graduate Research Scholarship is awarded to highly qualified domestic and foreign research students. This is one of the fully funded PhD scholarships in Australia for international students that covers tuition fees, living expenses, housing allowance, relocation grants, and health insurance.

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Can I get a scholarship for PhD in Australia?

For sufficiently outstanding applicants, Australian universities frequently have their own studentships and financed PhD positions available. International students may be eligible for special financing at some institutions.

Is PhD in Australia fully funded?

Most international PhD candidates will have to self-fund or rely on scholarships to cover the whole cost of their education.

Is PhD free in Australia for international students?

According to the Australian government, median foreign PhD fees range from AUD $18,000 to $42,000 (USD $13,065 to $30,485) per year. Only if you have a fully financed scholarship may you study for almost nothing.

How can I get a free PhD in Australia?

The University of Adelaide offers fully financed PhD scholarships in Australia to outstanding overseas graduate students who will be starting their master’s or doctorate research studies in Australia. They offer a tuition cost-free for the entire three years of the PhD programme.

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