5 Hardest Universities To Get Into In Australia

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August 22, 2022

The US, UK and perhaps even France come to mind when considering attending the best universities around the world. Australia, a new student destination, has earned a solid reputation in the fields of education and research, over the years. The Australian educational system, and possibly the entire nation, is renowned for appreciating diligence. Likewise, this is true of Australian universities. Australian colleges are renowned for having a rather laid-back attitude, but the accomplishments they have made over the years are astonishing. Compared to universities like Harvard, Stanford and Oxford, getting into an Australian institution is relatively simple, but the rigorous training students receive while attending college puts them among the most employable people in the world. The list that follows contains some of the hardest universities to get into in Australia. Every course, undergraduate and graduate courses, and even individual courses, typically have a varied acceptance rate. The sum of these is the figures listed below. With a 30% admission rate, the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales are tied for last place. High academic standing, famous academic programmes or research-intensive cultures all contribute to low admission rates.

List Of Hardest Universities To Get Into In Australia

The University Of Sydney

Estimated Acceptance Rate: 30%

Australia’s first university, The University of Sydney is one of the hardest universities to get into in Australia. It was established in 1850 as a Group of Eight members. The university is one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world due to its nearly 200-year-old, rich history. The Daily Telegraph and The Huffington Post have listed its campus as one of the top 10 most stunning university campuses in the entire globe.

The institution includes 9 academic faculties and a very distinguished alumni group, including 7 Australian Prime Ministers and 5 Nobel Laureates. Nine schools exist at the university with more than 61,000 students. The institute is ranked 25th globally by academic reputation and boasts a campus that is fit for a tourist destination, complete with intellectual and artistic museums. The University of Sydney graduates are among the most sought-after workers in the world, ranking as the fourth most employable group of people.

The University Of New South Wales

Estimated Acceptance Rate: 30%

The University of New South Wales also referred to as UNSW Sydney, is a renowned research university that is situated in the centre of Sydney. Due to its reputation for research, it is one of the hardest universities to get into in Australia. UNSW Sydney was instrumental in creating the Group of Eight, an association of Australian institutions that emphasises research. It has ranked on many top-ranking platforms. The University of New South Wales’s outstanding academic programmes and good academic rankings are likely to blame for the low admittance rate.

Australian National University (ANU)

Estimated Acceptance Rate: 35%

The Australian Parliament established the first university in 1946, which is now known as Australian National University. Located with its main campus in Canberra, ANU has been consistently ranked as the best university in the country and is also among the hardest universities to get into in Australia for international students. Over 20,000 students get undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level education from ANU, which is divided into seven schools including Asia and Pacific, business and economics, law, engineering and computer science, medicine and biology and physical and mathematical sciences. Six Nobel Laureates and a number of Rhodes Scholars are among its large group of graduates.

The University Of Western Australia

Estimated Acceptance Rate: 38%

Perth, the state capital, is home to the public research University of Western Australia (UWA). UWA is the sixth-oldest university in Australia and the oldest institution in the whole of Western Australia. It is proud to hold the title of being the oldest institution in the state but it is also one of the hardest universities to get into in Australia. The University of Western Australia, which offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programmes, has consistently been ranked among the top 100 universities in the world and the bulk of its academic programmes have received top rankings from several peer evaluations.

The University Of Melbourne

Estimated Acceptance Rate: 40%

From 2011 to 2017, Melbourne was named the most livable city in the world, so it won’t come as a surprise if many kids consider attending school there. The University of Melbourne is one of the hardest universities to get into in Australia and is also the second-oldest educational institution in the country. The institute, which was initially established in 1853 primarily as a research university, has since grown to include 10 different schools of study for more than 50,000 students. Amazingly, 42% of these people are international students from more than 140 different nations. To be considered for admission to the university, international students must submit one of the following English language competence tests: TOEFL, IELTS, Pearson Test of English or Cambridge English Certificate. 

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