Harvard University Scholarships For Indian Students

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March 31, 2022

A Harvard University Scholarships for Indian students who want to pursue a graduate, postgraduate, or PhD degree programme at any of Harvard’s schools. The university has established a distinct working group on General Scholarships to oversee the distribution of financial aid to deserving students. Harvard University, as one of the earliest known university education institutions in the United States, is a popular choice for students all over the world. If you want to further your education in the United States, Harvard University is undoubtedly the best option, and a Harvard University Scholarships for Indian students is your ticket to funding your education there.

Scholarships At Harvard University For Indian Students

Universities recognise the financial burden that debt places on a recent graduate immediately following graduation. As a result, various universities provide financial assistance in the form of scholarships to ensure that an applicant’s decision to enrol in a programme is not hampered by financial constraints. Harvard University recognises the challenges that students from developing countries face when deciding to study at the institution, so they offer a variety of scholarship money, particularly to those trying to apply from India. The following are the Harvard University Scholarships for Indian students:

Horace W Goldsmith Fellowship

Once you have been admitted to the university and selected a programme to study, you will be automatically considered for the scholarship. To be admitted to a programme, you must have an undergraduate degree, a linguistic test score of 7.5 on IELTS, and a TOEFL score of 109. Furthermore, some programmes, such as an MBA, may require prior work experience. Scholarship applications are accepted between January and March.

Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship

The Boustany Foundation offers this scholarship, which can be applied for between January and May of each academic year. Students must apply for these Harvard University Scholarships for Indian students after being accepted into Harvard’s MBA programme. The scholarship will be awarded to eligible students based on conversations.

The Robert S Kaplan Life Sciences Fellowship

If you meet the eligibility requirements, you will be automatically considered for these Harvard University Scholarships for Indian students. To be eligible, you must be accepted into a university-taught programme. As a result, you must be qualified for the programme to be considered for this scholarship.

HGSE Financial Aid

Students who pursue Ed.M. or PhD programmes at Harvard Graduate School of Economics are eligible for HGSE Financial Aid. Those who want to reap the benefits of this financial aid must apply directly.

Need-Based Scholarship

The need-based Harvard University Scholarships for Indian students, as the name implies, is given to those who require financial assistance to continue their education at Harvard. Applicants must make an application and will be evaluated based on a background check conducted by the university.

These are some of the Harvard University Scholarships for Indian students which will assist in defraying the costs of studying abroad at a top-ranked business school. Now that you’re aware of the various scholarships available through the business school, you’ll be in a better position to plan your financial affairs and application process.


What is the value of the Boustany Foundation’s MBA scholarship?

Whereas the scholarship programme covers housing and travel, a candidate can expect to receive up to $95,00 over a two-year period. This grant is only for the tuition fee.

How do I find out if I am a candidate for a Harvard Scholarship?

The university awards scholarships based on a number of criteria. While some scholarships are given automatically based on your application and profile, others require you to apply directly.

What should I do to increase my chances of receiving a scholarship?

While each university has its own set of criteria for awarding scholarships, an applicant’s chances can be improved by trying to demonstrate strong leadership skills through job experience, positive letters of recommendation from superiors or colleagues, a strong sense of purpose through SOPs, and a high GPA in the Bachelor’s programme.

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