How To Impress A Scholarship Committee

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August 30, 2021

What is a scholarship committee looking for? How to impress a scholarship committee to get your application selected? What must you do to stand out? All these queries are answered in our blog. Whether you have to write an essay or fill the application form, a scholarship committee is looking for specific aspects in a candidate that will not only impress them but also show how well you deserve that scholarship. 

To be outstanding and get away from just another scholarship candidate, follow our guide to understand how you can impress a scholarship committee and fulfil your study dreams and aspirations. Remember that you compete with some of the best writers and interpreters who know what they want. To impress you must be different & unique. Let’s see how you can be that with just a few simple steps. 

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How To Impress A Scholarship Committee

  1. Accomplishments

Before applying to any kind of scholarship, make sure you have listed down all the major accomplishments that make you the right candidate. It does not particularly have to be academically related. You could be an exceptional designer or a swimmer and have participated and won related competitions. Make sure you mention that. Include all the achievements that you are proud of. 

Apart from this include achievements that are not particularly formally recognized. Something that you have done on your own. Did you study and work part-time to help your family’s situation? Did you volunteer or mentor a child? All this counts as your achievements. It is acceptable and appreciated to brag about your achievements, so don’t hold yourself back. Depending on what kind of scholarship you are applying to, you can showcase that kind of achievement. For example; if you are applying for an environmental scholarship then tell them what you have done and do in your everyday life to protect and preserve the environment. 

  1. Meet The Requirements

Do not apply anywhere you don’t fit. This is the fastest way to get rejected. Not to mention, a big waste of time. When you research for different types of scholarships, this is the prime element to keep in mind. Apply for the ones that fit within your academic, achievements, extracurricular, and philanthropic abilities. 

Narrow down your list when you explore. Don’t get tempted by the reward, focus is very essential when doing the right research. Many scholarship processing works online nowadays, visit the website and explore. Many scholarship sites have a filter that will help you with tapering your research. 

  1. Personal Touch

When we talk about an outstanding scholarship application, one which answers your “How to impress a scholarship committee” question; we focus on something extraordinary. Do you know what makes you extraordinary? Your personal touch. How much you are real and honest about your intentions. What makes you want to apply for that particular scholarship?

This separates you from the rest of the candidates. Furthermore, the committee will want to see something different other than the cliche and overused words/phrases. Try to be original and authentic. Don’t let anyone write your essay or application.

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  1. Your Strongest Traits

That one unwavering personality trait that you adhere to which makes you confident, strong, and powerful. A strong streak that sets you apart. And let me tell you, we all have it. Include these traits in your application. Provide the details that guided you throughout and include these specifics. 

These traits are the primary personality attributes that help you face challenges. These strong traits will not only impress the scholarship committee but also contribute to your future career goals. 

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  1.  An Organized Appearance

The scholarship committee is looking for candidates that have an appearance that is easy to read, well put together, and not missing essential details. As I mentioned above, these scholarship applications are hosted online which means you might have to write an essay. These essays require the best penmanship and hence you must practice writing. To present yourself in the most professional and fabricated manner you must write it as best you can. The perfect application will always make it to the judges. 

  1. Honesty 

Finally, the committee needs honest and transparent people who speak the truth. Don’t try to jeopardize your application with false information and lies. The committee will catch that. Don’t embellish yourself differently because you feel it will beautify your application. The committee wants to see the real you. A winning scholarship is not about winning money to pay off your expenses; it is about representation, You don’t become a scholarship achiever, you become a part of their legacy. 

These 6 points are simple yet powerful when you do them right. Keep a striking focus and give your best. Good luck!

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