Use Instagram To Make Money As A Student

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September 23, 2021

According to studies, the typical individual spends about two hours each day on social media – but if you’re a social media junkie, you’ll probably spend considerably more time scrolling through your feed. Why don’t you put all that scrolling time to good use and make some money? If you know how to play the game well and are willing to put in the effort, social media can be a very lucrative business.

In fact, influencer app Takumi declares that if you post twice per week on Instagram, you may make good cash with simply 1k followers. Here’s what you need to know on how to use Instagram to make money as a student or for that matter any other app such as TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat and more. 

What Will You Learn In This Blog On Using Instagram To Make Money As A Student?

→ How many followers do you need to make money on social media platforms?

→ How much money can you make?

→ How to get more followers on social media
→ Proven ways on how to make money on Instagram

Top Ways To Make Money Online On Instagram

Remember that you don’t need thousands or millions of followers to make good money on Instagram. 

How Many Followers Do You Really Need?

Because of their exposure to the most successful influencers on Instagram and TikTok, many individuals believe that in order to make any money on social media, you need tens of thousands of followers. This is absolutely not the case. Brands are rapidly prioritising quality over the number, which implies they would rather pay for a smaller, more engaged audience. They’re not just seeking rich superstars to promote their products; they’re specifically looking for regular folks and ‘influencers.’

If you can show that the large bulk of your followers are European university students aged 18-24, for instance, you suddenly have a selling point – even if your following isn’t big. To put it differently, it’s not about the number of Instagram followers you need to make money; it’s about the quality of those users. In short, your target audience. This way you can make easy money on Instagram.

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How Much Money Can You Make? | Instagram To Make Money As A Student

The sky’s the limit when it comes to minting money on Instagram, blogging, and media platforms. For many people, this is their full-time profession, allowing them the flexibility and opportunity to work for themselves while earning a decent wage.

You may know of the famous (or notorious, depending on what you read…) YouTube and TikTok houses, where content creators live together in a villa and spend their days creating material that pays well.

However, growing a social profile and audience to that level requires a significant deal of time and effort, which you are unlikely to have while pursuing a full-time degree. So be smart and plan accordingly. 

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How Do I Get More Followers On Social Media? | Instagram To Make Money As A Student

There are easy ways to make money on Instagram, it starts with followers. 

So, while you don’t need dozens of thousands of followers to get going, you will need quite a few if you want to make any money from this. There is no convenient and simple approach to grow your social media following — it takes a lot of time and dedication. Below I will help you with a few points:

  • Post Regularly (quality content though)
  • Link your ‘gram account to Twitter and Facebook
  • Interact and engage with different brands and influencers 
  • Run a competition or giveaway to grow the follower interaction
  • Use the right hashtags that are relevant to your post
  • Add geotags 
  • Monitor activity through Instagram analytics

Top Ways To Make Money Online On Instagram

Brand promotion, affiliate marketing, and generating online resources are three ways to make money with your social media networks. Marketing and promoting brands are the number one. Pushing brands or their products is one of the most prevalent ways to generate money on social media, notably on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, blogs, and TikTok. There are a few online resources, sites and apps that make this really simple for you, and here are two of the best:

  1. Takumi
  2. TRIBE Influencer

The second one is Affiliate Marketing. This is a great way to use Instagram to make money as a student. It is a form of indirect income that works similarly to brand promotion, however, it requires your followers to open the link and buy the product in favour for you to get paid. If you’re marketing a hostel, for example, you’ll need your followers to click your link and book a room at the hotel, and you’ll get a cut of the profits.

Do It For The Gram (And Earn Money)

Now that you know the best ways to make money on Instagram, it’s time to get started. What began as a pastime—making people laugh, staging crazy photoshoots with your dog, or posting food photos—could grow into an opportunity to transform Instagram into a source of cash, fueled by your active fanbase. There’s a universe of possibilities out there. It’s because of your unique attractiveness that the door opens. All you have to do now is walk through it.

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