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The Ultimate International Scholarship Test For 2021

Let’s bet on a deal.. If you already know about the scholarships offered by international governments, private universities abroad and student exchange programs, I say that you have missed out on the scholarships you can receive by writing a Statement of Purpose (SOP). If I’ve won this bet, my deal is to encourage you to learn about the international scholarship test. However, if I’ve lost this bet, you can let me know about the deal you have for me in the comments section below! 

Here are the 2 ultimate International Scholarship Tests :

Albert Einstein International Scholarship Test 2021

Industry professionals with the All India Council For Technical Skill Development (AICTSD) work together with a common goal. This goal is to improve the level of technical skills and create technological leaders at academic levels throughout the country. The Albert Einstein International Scholarship Test 2021 is a part of the mission led by AICTSD to achieve this goal. This is a prestigious merit based international scholarship test to help students gain confidence and showcase their talent. 

Eligibility For Albert Einstein Scholarship For Test: 

The scholarship is available for a gamut of subjects. If you belong to the age group of 10-24, ie. from grade 4 and onwards. You can apply for this scholarship only if you belong to Asia, Europe, North America, Australia and South America. 

If you are able to crack this international scholarship test, you are eligible for the following benefits: 

1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

Albert Einstein International Scholarship Test Scholars are also eligible for additional benefits of becoming a permanent member of AICTSD, getting a chance to attend events organised by AICTSD. AICTSD will also support you in your projects related to innovation of future technology and provide opportunities for networking and mentorship. 

Selection Process For Albert Einstein International Scholarship Test 2021

This is a merit based scholarship that is offered to students who are able to first clear their online exam. The online test is the first round to be considered for this scholarship. A link will be sent to your registered mobile number (the number you provide while filling the scholarship application form). You are free to give this online test at your home or in a place where there is a stable internet connection. Once you crack the first round of selection with the online test, you need to prepare for an offline exam which will be conducted in Mumbai.

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Berows  International Scholarship Test (BISPT)

Meritorious students from all around the world are invited to appear for the Berows International Scholarship Program Test. The aim of this program is to make students financially independent and motivate them to become contributors in any field of study. The program is designed to solve the financial needs of talented students who have demonstrated academic merit. This is done through offering them scholarships instead of assisting them with educational loans. 

Eligibility For This Scholarship Test: 

Students from all over the world, in all fields of study are eligible for this scholarship. However, you can apply for this scholarship if you are a School, College, Diploma, and Master’s candidate. In addition to that, you should be either a school or an undergraduate student. 

Benefits Of This Scholarship: 

Selection Process and How To Apply For BISPT

You must first need the eligibility criteria before applying for this scholarship. Moving forward, you need to pay for applying for the scholarship and submit all your details with the application form. There are no additional documents required except the ones asked from you at the time of applying for this scholarship. However, there may be additional information you need to declare or provide at the time of admission. Do not forget to keep your academic reports ready while applying for this merit based scholarship. In addition to that, you will also have to prove your written and spoken English proficiency through any EPTs. 

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