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June 16, 2021

A law degree is the most sought-after course within the humanities field as it offers a lot of promising career opportunities along with high-paying jobs. However, a law degree can also be expensive to get, especially in overseas countries. This is why many schools nowadays offer affordable law degrees with the help of scholarships. Because the living, travelling, and study costs of a law degree are high, opting for a 100% scholarship is the smartest move a student can undertake. However, finding the right scholarship can be tough. To solve this problem for students we list the best law school scholarships in this article. The scholarships are offered by institutes as well as independent organizations. Make sure you select the right one to apply for. 

The best law school scholarships around the world:- 

1. University of Chicago Law School Scholarships

The University of Chicago offers a wide range of law scholarships for all enrolled students of any nationality. It offers scholarships that are fully funded. The number of scholarships is also high, making your chances of procuring a scholarship higher.

2. New York University Law School

The NYU Law School offers a lot of fully-funded law scholarships for students of all nationalities enrolled in the university. One of these scholarships is the Latinx Rights Scholarship. This award offers two fully-funded scholarships to first-year students. To be eligible for the scholarship the students need to be committed to the cause of social justice. NYU also offers other law scholarships which students can choose from.

3. Fully Funded Science & Law School Scholarship

The Affidavit Institute of Judicial Practice’s Fully Funded Science & Law School Scholarship offers full scholarships to deserving students to fund their law degrees with the help of law school financial aid and fulfil their dreams of making a career in law. 

The organization funds scholarships for all international students, including Indians, to study at top science or law schools of their choice around the world. 

4.. University of Pennsylvania Law School

The University of Pennsylvania offers several talent-based law school scholarships to first-year law students The Levy Scholars Program of the university fully covers the full tuition and fees for all three years of law school at the university.

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6.University of Virginia Law School

The University of Virginia Law School also offers several fully-funded scholarships. The university considers all enrolled students for its talent-based scholarships. The scholarship awards amounts range from $5,000 to full tuition fee payments.

7. Duke Law School Scholarships

Every year, the Duke Law School awards 4-8 deserving students as Mordecai Scholars to provide them with law school financial aid. The award is open to all admitted students whose applications are examined and interviews conducted. The students are selected based on their academic brilliance and financial need. Although the program is competitive, it is worth giving a shot.

8. Boston University Law School

The BU Law School in the USA provides a number of fully-funded law school grants and scholarship opportunities, especially in public law. It also offers students stipends worth up to 2L for their summer internships. 

Other law school scholarships around the world:-

  • Henry Arthur Hollond Studentship in Law at the University of Cambridge-  This scholarship is available for all enrolling students at the LLM law program at the University of Cambridge’s Trinity College for legal studies. 
  • John Bloom Law Bursary – These UK scholarships are available for local students who are looking to pursue a law degree and are in financial need.
  • AABA Foundation Scholarships –These US scholarships are available for law students who are interested in public interest careers. It is also available for students from the Asia Pacific region and international students who are residents of the Bay area.
  • Arent Fox Diversity Scholarship Program – These scholarships are available for law students who are in their first and second year at an ABA-approved law school in the USA. The selected winners receive a $20,000 award and a summer associate position with a handsome salary.
  • Amsterdam Law School Merit Scholarships –Under this scheme, LLM scholarships are offered to students to gain funding for their master’s degree in law at the  University of Amsterdam’s Faculty of Law. The applicants should be LLB degree holders.
  • Holland Scholarship at the University of Groningen –This is a €5,000 scholarship that is available for meritorious UG students from outside the EU who have a law degree from a university outside the Netherlands and have enrolled for admission in the University of Groningen for one of its law programs. 
  • Law Foundation Graduate Scholarships – This scholarship is available for law students who are pursuing a degree in law or related subjects to study at recognized universities in Canada, the USA, and other parts of the world. To be eligible for the scholarship you must be a citizen of Canada or graduate from a law school there.

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