Which Are The Top Law Schools In The UK?

law schools in the uk

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June 1, 2022

With world-famous law graduates such as Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi, this degree has a remarkable reputation of its own.  It only goes to demonstrate how far a law degree can propel you and how highly law graduates are respected across the world. Indeed, studying law provides you with abilities that are valued by businesses all around the world. Perhaps no other discipline provides as many career opportunities as law, including politics, journalism, and even television hosting. On that note, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best law schools in the UK for international students –

5 Best Law Schools In The UK

UK law schools have a long and glorious history, and the range of law degrees available is extensive. With this in mind, you should think about two factors while deciding to pursue a law degree in the UK –

  1. Which university do you wish to go to pursue your education?
  2. Which law degree would be the greatest fit for you?

As an overseas student, you will find this a difficult undertaking because there are so many institutions in the UK and so many degrees to choose from. To assist you with this, we’ve produced a list of the top law schools in the UK.

1. The University of Law

The University of Law is one of the UK’s oldest education schools for legal education. Their inception goes back to 1876. From undergraduate LLB to professional postgraduate credentials, the university’s courses are carefully crafted by experienced law academia and practitioners, so you can be certain that you’re acquiring real-world legal skills from actual lawyers.

It has campuses in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Chester, Guildford, Leeds, Manchester, and Nottingham, as well as GDL and LPC programmes offered at the Universities of Exeter, Reading, and Liverpool.

2. Cambridge University

Cambridge University, with its exceptional legal degrees, approachable modern teaching techniques, and renowned academic staff, is among the finest law schools in the UK. This university’s study modules demonstrate a dedication to assisting you in reaching your full academic and intellectual potential.

Their purpose is to empower students to develop a unique grasp of legal challenges in modern society as well as a respect for the role of lawyers in establishing justice. Cambridge graduates have excellent employability due to a strong trust developed in the labour market.

You can study law at the University of Cambridge in one of the following programmes:

  • BA Law
  • LLM Law
  • Master’s in Corporate Law
  • Doctorate in Law

3. University Of Oxford

law schools in the UK

The University of Oxford’s Faculty of Law is a world-renowned centre for legal studies. A law degree from this renowned university will not only qualify you as a lawyer but will also equip you with a set of valuable life skills and knowledge. Prospective corporations place a high value on Oxford degrees, owing to their graduates’ strong employability. Oxford University provides two legal courses:

Course I – It is a 3-year programme

Course II – It is a four-year programme that follows the same curriculum as Course I but provides an extra year spent abroad at a university in France, Germany, Italy, or Spain.

This university is one of the best law schools in the UK and also offers –

  • Bachelor of Civil Law (Graduate Course)
  • DPhil in Criminology

4. Glasgow University

Glasgow University is one of the greatest law schools in the UK, thanks to excellent legal degrees, a leading team of professors, a lively, dynamic research community, and a wide variety of advanced facilities. Your law degree from this university will not only equip you with a solid understanding of Scottish and Common Law, but it will also allow you to develop critical and analytical skills that are highly valued by future employers. Law degrees offered by the Glasgow University would include –

  • Scots Law LLB
  • Common-Law LLB
  • Scots Law (Graduate Entry) LLB
  • Common-Law (Graduate Entry) LLB
  • Corporate and Financial Law LLM
  • Diploma in Professional Legal Practice PgDip
  • Intellectual Property & the Digital Economy LLM
  • International Commercial Law LLM
  • International Competition Law & Policy LLM
  • International Economic Law LLM
  • Social Legal Studies MRes

5. London School Of Economics

The LSE Law School is one of the world’s major legal study and research institutions. This exceptional university is known for its high educational quality, flexible study programmes, and innovative, forward-thinking educational approach. Your law degree from this university will equip you for a demanding profession in a competitive market. Some of the legal degrees offered by the LSE Law include:

  • LLB Bachelor of Laws
  • LLM Master of Laws
  • Executive LLM
  • MSc Law and Accounting
  • PhD Law

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