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May 24, 2021

How does one make education and learning a fun practice? The answer is through events, summits, and conferences. While these events may seem like a break from the monotonous study patterns in your college, there are a number of key takeaways that you as a student can get from such events. To better understand this list of educational events, let’s quickly review the different event types you’ll come across. 

  • Conferences – Conferences are large events that bring together education professionals in the field. Activities at these events include speakers, workshops, and networking sessions. 
  • Summits – Summits are often meetings with high-level professionals to discuss the newest findings in a field. However, some summits function just like conferences. 
  • Symposium – Symposiums are events where experts in the field give presentations to an audience.

Due to the pandemic, many educational and training events had to shift their strategies and were to be held online as per the COVID considerations for gatherings and events. Education conferences in 2021 will take a new approach with these major shifts in mind.

List Of Educational Events Worldwide

list of educational events

January: BETT

The BETT show tops the list of educational events for college students because it is the first international educational show of the year which is aimed at transforming education and bringing together people, ideas, practices, and technology that has the power to transform education. At this event, there are over 850 leading companies, 103 exciting new ed-tech startups, and over 34,700 attendees representing 131 countries from the global education community.

To get a rough idea about the kind of topics covered in this event, let’s take a look at the zoned included in the BETT show 2019:

  • The technology you need to run your school
  • Classroom equipment and hardware
  • Classroom services
  • Classroom materials
  • Country pavilions
  • Business solutions

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February: National Conference On Personalized Learning

The National ESEA Conference is a four day conference held online directed towards: 

  • Exhibiting educational tools directly with principals, school administrators, and teachers from all around the country; and
  • Presenting Session Proposals for the 2021 National ESEA Conference

Theme: ‘Education for tomorrow’. The goal of the theme is to prepare young people to meet the challenges that lie ahead. Questions such as: ‘How to prepare students to navigate life after school (for college, career, military, etc) when our needs are changing faster than we can adapt?’ are posed and answered so that students attending the event can learn and grow efficiently with the onslaught of the COVID pandemic. 

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March: Diversity, Education, And Student Success (DESS)

Diversity, Equity, and Student Success will focus on a critical examination of the perceptions and the realities of equity, diversity, and what it means to educate for democracy in a constantly changing educational and societal landscape.

What makes DESS a priority in the list of educational events is that it invites students, educators, policymakers, and administrators to join us and to engage in these action-oriented, truth-telling conversations. Conference sessions will explore the various experiences of institution and community participants in an effort to acknowledge, reimagine, transform, and heal. Again, given the circumstances of the pandemic, the event will be held virtually until decided otherwise.

April: Media Education Summit | Educational Events For Students

The Media Education Summit brings together a global network of researchers, educators, and practitioners working across all aspects of media and digital literacy education and media and technology in education. It will provide the opportunity to showcase leading research, pedagogy, and innovation in all aspects of media education.

The event has been running for 13 years and is convened by the UK’s Centre for Excellence in Media Practice in collaboration with the School of Media and Communication located at the University of Leeds. Students from the top journalism colleges, media, and art-related colleges attend this event on a regular basis.

list of educational events

May: ELI Annual Meeting 

The ELI Annual Meeting is the premier event for higher education teaching and learning professionals. In the list of educational events, this is the one event that explores solutions to our learning community’s key issues, engages innovative technology and service providers, and unites expertise across our institutions.

Feel free to join and engage in discussion around the key issues and opportunities for postsecondary teaching, learning, and student success at this event.

June: NEXUS Education Virtual Awards 2021

In its third year now, NEXUS education awards top the list of free educational events for college students due to its primary focus on the contribution of educational bloggers, school leaders, and providers from across our community. A quick rundown on the details of the event will be easier for you to navigate your way through this list of educational events:

How to apply? You need to visit the official website and secure the free ticket without paying a single penny.
How can you be nominated? All exclusive blogs and video blogs are to be submitted to the Nexus Education portal which will then be considered for nomination. 
What does the event include?  Award categories, nominees, speakers, prizes, and more.
When and where will the event take place? June 3rd 2021, Online

Take a look at the table below for the list of educational events for students from July to December!

Name Of The EventWhen and Where
Games for ChangeJuly 12, 2021; Online
EDuTechAugust 17, 2021; Melbourne, Australia
Conference on a meaningful living and learning in a digital world, 2021September 9, 2021; Savannah, Georgia
Education ExpertsOctober 12, 2021; Dubai, UAE
NCTE Annual ConventionNovember 18, 2021, Baltimore
London International Conference on EducationDecember, London

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