Everything You Need To Know About A Medical Degree in the UK

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June 9, 2021

The field of medicine is not just a subject but more of a lifestyle. Doctors hold the highest possible regard in our society. It is a promising, lucrative field in which many students look to make their careers. Once you have decided formally on your choice of subject, you should really take a good look at a medical degree in the UK  and the top universities where many students from all over the world pursue their medical studies.

The UK’s medical institutes provide top-notch medical programs which are internationally recognised in an environment suitable for learning. A medical degree in the UK is thus very highly valued. These institutions are available in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The universities offer both preclinical and medical studies. Right from undergraduate to master’s to a PhD all sorts of medical degrees are available in the UK universities. You can opt for 2-year degrees in preclinical training, 3-year degrees at a specialised school or a teaching hospital, or a 6-year degree if you have chosen to study another discipline in between the two. 

Getting admissions to UK medical institutes is a bit tough as there is a lot of competition. To qualify for medicine courses in the UK you will need to meet the minimum entry requirements, pass the interview and take the entrance tests needed. The tests which are recognised are University clinical aptitude test in which you need a 4.5 GPA and the biomedical admissions test in which you need 650 marks to qualify. You must also be at least 18 years old and have secured a minimum of 80% marks in your grade 12 qualification

Some of the popular areas in which you can specialise in the UK for medicine are- 

Anaesthetics, general practice, pathology, psychiatry, radiology surgery. Practical work experience is also necessary for the field as it gives you a lot of exposure and knowledge. 

Now that you have a brief background of how an academic program in medical studies in the UK will look like here is a list of the best colleges to study medicine (UG masters and PhD included) to obtain a medicine degree in the UK.

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Best Medical Colleges in the UK –

1. University of Oxford

This is one of the best universities to obtain a medical degree in the UK. The medical science division of  Oxford University constitutes the Oxford University medical school which has various departments for study. The medical course at this university provides wholesome training with a special emphasis on basic science research. It offers a distinct three-year pre-clinical stage training which includes a BA honours in medical science followed by 3-year clinical-stage training. The student community of the school is a relatively small and close-knit group which allows students to have a relaxed and beneficial networking environment. 

2. University of Cambridge

This university offers 2 medicine courses in the UK that are- the standard course and the graduate course. The aim of this university is to educate students to become compassionate and efficient leaders as they enter the field of medicine. The course is intellectually challenging and professionally helpful. It provides a thorough evidence-based research education that enriches the learning environment for students. It aims to train students efficiently in the core medical sciences and community-based hospital care. 

3. Imperial College London

The Imperial College in London has a Faculty of Medicine as their academic centre for medical studies and clinical research for undergraduate students. It is one of the top institutes to get a medical degree in the UK. The Imperial College has a research-focused academic program and is based in the central location of London making it a prime hub for opportunities. It offers students lots of opportunities to conduct research and summer projects with the help of its academic research programs. 

4. University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh, which is one of the best institutes to get a medical degree in the UK has a special medical school that is part of the main University located in Scotland. This medical school comes under the college of medicine and veterinary medicine of the University of Edinburgh. The medical degree offered by the University has a span of 6 years including one year of full-time research-based study in the 3rd year. Edinburgh is the only medical school in Scotland to offer a 6 year medical degree.

5. King’s College London 

This university appears on the list of best universities and cheapest MBBS in the UK. The GKT school of medical education is the medical institute that comes under the King’s College of London. The medical school has three main campuses that are- King’s College Hospital, Guy’s hospital and Saint Thomas hospital in London. The Initials of each hospital make up the acronym of the name of the school. The college aims to equip students to become great doctors and the next generation of leaders in the field of medicine. It offers four different MBBS courses which are medicine MBBS, extended medical degree program MBBS, medicine graduate professional entry program MBBS, medicine max fax entry program MBBS. This college offers one of the cheapest MBBS in the UK to make medical science degrees affordable to all students.

6. University of Glasgow

This university is also a good choice to get a medical science degree in the UK.  It has an undergraduate medical school that strives for excellence in education and research with a friendly and student-supportive academic environment. The University provides experience in clinical environment training throughout the West of Scotland in hospitals including the Queen Elizabeth university hospital. This university was ranked as the second-best medical university in the UK in 2018 by the Times.

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