Medical Schools That Offer Full Scholarships As Of 2021

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April 28, 2021

Pursuing medicine abroad could be challenging for students especially when living expenses come into the picture. Keeping this concern of students in mind, there are many medical schools that offer full scholarships today and these can help you to fund your studies abroad. We have created a list of the top medical school scholarships to make it easier for you.

Your expenses begin right from the moment you start applying to a medical school. There are so many costs that pop up and sometimes you may not even include them in your study abroad expenditure. Take a look at the chart below to see the different fees that you’ll come across while applying to a medical school.

Source: USNewsRank

The total cost of just applying to a medical school is affected the most by the MCAT entrance examination fees, followed by travelling for interviews, and then the application fees as shown in the chart. Approximately, you will be spending an average of $ 8,500 only to apply. Imagine the expenses you will have to pay to begin your course, pursue it as well as live abroad. The importance of producing qualified doctors is recognized worldwide which is why there are many medical schools that offer full scholarships and we have them listed below for you.

Top Medical Schools With Tuition-Free Programmes

Columbia University

Did you know that Columbia university students were the first to receive free education in the US? This happened back in 2017 when the Vagelos Scholarship Programme was introduced. The Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons was the first of the medical schools that offer full scholarships to students in the US through this programme. It was established with the intention to meet 100 percent of the demonstrated financial need for all students who qualify as part of their need-based financial aid package.

Benefits Included: The Vagelos scholarship programme promises to meet 100% of financial need for lower-income students — that includes tuition, fees, study materials and room and board.

Eligibility: These scholarships are offered to 20% of the students who demonstrate financial needs. To qualify for this scholarship programme, your family must earn a household income of less than $125,000. 

Fact: While the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons is one of the top medical schools that offer full rides to 20% of its students, the other students will have to pay an amount of $62,980 for their tuition fees alone.

Hull York Medicine School

If you have plans on going to the UK for pursuing masters’ in medicine with the intention of getting a full ride, the Hull York Medicine School, in my opinion, would be the best option. Not many medical schools offer full scholarships to students wishing to study in the UK so while your opportunities are limited, you still have a few in hand, so don’t let go of them! With these masters scholarships in the UK, you can study from the following fields:

  • Clinical Anatomy
  • Human Anatomy and Evolution, and
  • Pharmacology and Drug Development

Eligibility: The scholarship is open to students from all nationalities and you are eligible to apply only if you have received either a conditional or an unconditional offer for the MSc in Clinical Anatomy or MSc in Clinical Anatomy and Education. 

University Of Auckland

The University of Auckland, Liggins Institute was established specifically for those medical students who have a keen interest in conducting research into fetal and child health, nutrition, development, epigenetics and implementation science. In order to support students like you, the University of Auckland Senior Health Research Scholarship has been established in 2020 by the Liggins Institute. It is one of the very few medical schools that offer full scholarships for domestic and international students paying domestic fees, to support health professionals returning to University study for a doctorate in health related areas.

Value: This scholarship is open to all nationals.The value of this scholarship is full funding, up to NZD 40,000 per annum + compulsory fees.

Are you interested in pursuing your studies from New Zealand? Read about The Top 5 Scholarships For Study Abroad In New Zealand.

University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide offers fully funded PhD scholarships in Australia for international students. Amongst the few medical schools that offer full scholarships in Australia, Adelaide School of Medicine provides financial aid in full to outstanding graduate international students who will be commencing their Masters or their doctoral research studies. They provide a 100% tuition fee waiver for all the three years of the PhD course. Additionally, they also provide a monthly stipend towards living, health insurance and are exempt from tax payments. This programme is available for international students from all countries except Australia and New Zealand.


Which are the cheapest medical schools in the world?

Studying medicine could be an expensive affair but the trick lies in finding affordable universities for a smooth going journey. Here are the top 5 medical schools that rank extremely well in terms of affordability.

  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
  • Heidelberg University, Germany
  • Taipei Medical University, Taiwan
  • Texas A & M Health Science Center, USA
  • Latin American School of Medicine, Cuba

What is a good MCAT score?

The MCAT is a 7.5-hour exam that consists of four sections in multiple science sections such as biology, physics and chemistry.

A good MCAT score is 127 out of 132 in any one section, or 508 out of 528 for all 4 sections. The latter represents the average score of students admitted to medical schools nationwide in the 2019 admissions cycle.

Which countries offer full scholarships for MBBS?

Studying medicine abroad can be challenging for students, especially when living expenses are considered. Keeping students’ concerns in mind, many medical schools now offer full scholarships, which can assist you in funding your studies abroad. The UK government provides fully funded MBBS Scholarships. The United Kingdom has more than 45 universities on the list of the top 600 medical institutions in the world. Since such scholarships are usually merit-based, applicants must have exceptional academic achievements. 

Which university is best for MBBS for Indian students with scholarships?

Scholarships and financial grants are provided by universities and colleges abroad to international students in order to encourage them to study MBBS abroad. Students with good grades who are eligible can apply for such scholarships, which can help them relieve financial stress. The top universities for MBBS for Indian students with the best scholarships are Harvard University, The University of Oxford, Stanford University, the University of Cambridge, Heidelberg University, King College London and more. 

Which university is offering a free MBBS degree?

At the moment, top-tier medical school tuition fees are rising at an alarming rate. However, you will be pleased to hear that many prestigious universities around the world have waived their tuition. The best MBBS universities with tuition-free programmes are New York University, Cornell University, Washington University, Free the University of Berlin Faculty of Medicine, the University of Bergen and more.  In order to be eligible for the tuition-free programmes at these universities, the students should meet the guidelines and certain terms and conditions mentioned by the specific university.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog on medical schools that offer full scholarships. If you wish to read more about studying medicine , here are some blogs that we think you will enjoy reading – 

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