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The Ideal Military Scholarships In The US

In this article we list down the ideal military scholarships in the US for aspiring students.

The US military encourages the pursuit of higher education and provides a wide range of military scholarships for the same for their personnel. Thus, opting to serve in the US military does not mean sacrificing your dreams to pursue higher education. These military scholarships in the US are awarded to present and potential future personnel as well as veterans by the FAFSA, the federal government, individual military branches, and a number of supportive NGOs. Some of these organizations may also fund a US military scholarship for foreigners.

These scholarships, except some FAFSA scholarships, may only be for the benefit of military employees or their families, and all the students who accept these scholarships will be required to complete the service contract after graduating. 

Here is a list of the ideal military scholarship in the US for you to choose from, keep in mind that a US military scholarship for foreigners can be made available if they are willing to relocate and serve in the army for a fixed period after graduation.

1) Army Staff SGT Special Agent Richard S Eaton Jr Scholarship

This scholarship is offered in the memory of special agent Richard S Eaton Jr. who was a member of the counterintelligence staff, a special agent of the US Army, and died in the Iraq war in 2003. The scholarship is provided by the Link Center For National Security and is worth 1000 US dollars. It is offered to military servicemen who are on active duty or veterans who are interested in pursuing higher studies in the fields related to alliance building, cultural understanding of national security, or counterintelligence. To be eligible for the scholarships, candidates must submit an online application form, a 600 words essay, their photographs, personal statements, current resume, and an academic transcript. 

2) Army Women’s Foundation Legacy Scholarship

The aim of this US military scholarship is to honour the service of women in the army. The Army Women’s Foundation Legacy Scholarship program offers up to 2500 USD dollars to female undergraduate or graduate students at authenticated US institutes who are serving or have served the US Army, US Army Reserves are the Army National Guard. To be eligible for the scholarships, the candidates must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and submit an application form, scholarship essay, academic transcript, recommendations, and also proof of active duty or veteran status from a commanding officer. These types of US army scholarships promote more inclusivity and cohesiveness.

3) Scholarships from the US Navy

The US Navy offers an educational assistance program that offers an opportunity to select students to undertake undergraduate and postgraduate studies on campus at any university in the US. The cost of the educational program is heavily subsidized or paid in full by the Navy itself.  One of the scholarships is the NROTC i.e Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps scholarship program. Under this scheme, you can join the Navy while attending college. The scholarship pays for your school fees and provides leadership training and money for up to five years of college. It can be applied for while students are still in high school or college. 

4) Chief Petty Officer Scholarship Fund

The Chief Petty Officer US military scholarship fund offers up to 60 scholarships worth 2000 dollars each to deserving students annually. The scholarship is offered to give access to educational opportunities to dependent children, adopted children, and non-uniformed spouses of an active duty chief, a veteran chief, senior chief, or master chief petty officer in the US Navy. To be eligible for the scholarship, the applicants must be graduating high school students and have been accepted or currently enrolled in an accredited academic institution and also submit 3 letters of recommendation. It is one of the top military scholarships in the US.

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5) Scholarships from the US Air force

The US Air force offers numerous scholarships, tuition assistance programs and also has its own community college. It aims to provide higher education to its commissioned officers and other personnel. The scholarship will cover a monthly allowance for living expenses and also other expenses. Under the Health Professions Scholarship offered by the Air Force, you will be required to serve 45 days on active duty in the air force and after graduation, you have to serve one year of active duty for each year of scholarship thus serving a minimum of 3 years. The US air force offers some of the best military scholarships in the US.

6) Scholarships from the US Marine corps

The US Marine Corps offers a few selected opportunities for scholarship funding which include the Women Marines Association Scholarship and the Frederick C Branch Scholarship. The Marine Corps tuition assistance programs will cover hundred percent of your tuition fees at accredited institutions while you are on active duty. It also offers an advanced degree program under which marines who have already graduated can receive partial funding for pursuing a master’s degree. 

7) Scholarships from the US Coast Guard

The US Coast Guard has its own academic institution which is free for all the admitted students. The institute is named the United States Coast Guard Academy. Apart from this the US coast guard also offers financial support to students who want to enroll for a higher education degree after completing their traditional graduation. This is done in programs like the College Student Pre-Commissioning Initiative-it offers up to 3 years of tuition fees for eligible students at the sophomore and junior levels in exchange for a minimum of 3 years of service as an officer in the US coast guard after graduating.

8) Scholarships for Military Spouses and Children

This is one of the most important categories of US army scholarships. The US military does a good job of providing and funding for the education of the families of its service members. These scholarships are offered to all- be it the spouses or children of active, retired, disabled or deceased military personnel. Some of the general scholarships for the military spouses and children include the Fisher House Foundation Scholarships- which as an organization is committed to offering scholarships to the families of war heroes- and the FAFSA scholarships which offer Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grants to those families whose members have made the supreme sacrifice in the Iraq and Afghanistan war service.

The Spouse Education Assistance Program is also offered to the military spouses and children of US army service members and the General Henry H Arnold education grant program scholarship for the Air Force is offered to interested members and dependent children.

The US Navy Marine corps and the Coast Guard also offer military scholarships in the US to the families of their members through other organisations like the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society which provides interest-free loans and grants and other organizations like the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation and the Coast Guard foundation.

We hope you enjoyed this article on military scholarships in the US. If you wish to know more about related fields do check out our other blogs. 

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