Motivational Speeches For Students

Motivational Speeches For Students

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October 26, 2021

As students with projects to manage and bills to pay, whether it’s the beginning of the week or the exhausting end of a long, hard one. This is precisely when times get tough. A good motivational talk for students is most beneficial, inspiring to clear any psychological and physical hurdles that keep students from their goals. What’s amazing about people is, despite the external forces at play students can always be influenced by attitude. With these motivational speeches for students you’re ready to get up and go again with renewed energy and focus.

Leaders can motivate and inspire you through communications. Great leaders are charismatic and articulate, and they use these attributes to rally the troops. You’ve probably heard or read some of those motivational speeches for students that have helped people at their lowest reach for the highest aspirations. The following is a collection of inspirational speeches for students, with a chock-full of inspirational words, sure to motivate you when you need it most.

Motivational Speeches For Students

Barack Obama, DNC Speech, 2004

Before Barack Obama became the first African-American President of the United States, when he was little known outside the grassroots activist community in Chicago, he was given a national platform as the keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. He acknowledged what everyone was likely thinking about how surprising it was for him to be addressing the audience at the convention. But he started by stating his roots, which were not dissimilar from other Americans, who constitute, after all, a nation of immigrants. He infused the audience, nation and even the world with a sense of hope for the future. After this speech to stay motivated for students to study, he continued to connect with people and motivate them to elect him four years later to the highest office in the land.

Jim Carrey, Commencement Address, Maharishi University, 2014

From the sublime to the ridiculous, even comic actors like Jim Carrey can find inspirational words to motivate. At this point in his successful career, Carrey moved to a philosophic guru. That change was first on display at this speech for the graduates of Maharishi University in 2014. He told these future managers that they should never settle for less than what they want. He illustrated this by talking about his father, who could have been a comedian but chose the safe route of accounting, a job he eventually lost. One of the life lessons to be learned.

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Steve Jobs, Commencement Speech, Stanford, 2005

Commencements tend to bring out motivational speeches for students, and who would expect any less than the best from Apple CEO Steve Jobs. The man who inspired a company to become one of the most successful in world history, and who motivated people to want his products with a zeal almost unheard of, was the go-to guy for rich insights. At this speech at Stanford he tells three stories: the first is about dropping out of Reed College, which he said was the best decision of his life. That led to the creation of a company he loved and built up, only to later get fired from. But that dismissal led to Apple. Finally, he spoke of being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. These challenges, any of which could have sent another spiraling to the depths of despair, taught him to become more resilient and fight harder for what he wanted.

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Al Pacino, Any Given Sunday

Speeches are fictions of a sort, so it’s not surprising that some of the most motivational speeches for students can be found in the arts. The football film, Any Given Sunday, is a perfect example. But not every coach is as motivating as Al Pacino. When he delivers what has become the “The Little Things You Do Daily Matter” speech on the importance of working together, the actor and script combine to create something bigger than both.

Bill Gates, Commencement Speech, Harvard, 2007

Surprisingly funny and insightful, Microsoft founder Bill Gates’ Harvard commencement address shows a side of the successful entrepreneur that might not have been visible though the glare of fame and fortune. He is probably Harvard’s most famous dropout, but he acknowledged that the university’s environment of energy and intelligence was inspiring. He noted that education is important but so is knowing the wider world.

J.K. Rowling, Commencement Speech, Harvard, 2008

The Harry Potter author uses inspiring words to offer lessons she learned late and wished others had told her earlier. Rowling was a poor, single mother before her writing shot her into the financial stratosphere, but she doesn’t romanticize poverty.  Beyond the humiliation and depression of being poor, she feared failure, and yet it was failure that gave her the lessons she needed to succeed. It might be unexpected, but it’s also motivational for students

David Foster Wallace, Commencement Speech, Kenyon College, 2005

Regardless of whether you ever finished his famous novel Infinite Jest, the writer David Foster Wallace was smart, troubled and often densely convoluted. But he could be plainspoken and was at his best in this commencement speech, published as This Is Water. He opens young minds in this speech to the fact that as educated as they might be, they can still hold a closed mind. Such narrow thinking puts us out of perspective and falsely tells us we’re the center of the universe. We’re not, and worse, by thinking this way we lose sight to the interconnectedness of the world. We’re all in it together.

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