Nursing Scholarships Around the World- A Comprehensive Guide

In this article we list the best nursing scholarships for international students.

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June 11, 2021

The profession of nursing within the medical community is one of the noblest career choices a person can undertake. Nurses help people and also their families cope with disease and also get rid of it. Their job is more than to care for individuals. They are and always have been the most vital part of health care which has recently also been underlined by the Covid 19 pandemic. If you are looking to study nursing but need some funding for your academic program there is a wide range of nursing scholarships around the world available for aspiring nurses. Here is a list of the best nursing scholarships around the world:-

1) University of Salford Year of the Nurse and Midwife International Scholarship in the UK

 The University of Salford academically and financially supports deserving nursing students who have the right talents and attitude to serve people in the profession through this scholarship. The award is worth 10,000 GBP. It is open to all international students around the world looking to study in this UK University and undertake its nursing and midwifery program. 

2) The University of Southern Queensland International Student Support Nursing Scholarship in Australia

This university located in Australia aims to help students gain top-notch quality education in the field of nursing with the help of its course and also the funding available for international students under its student support nursing scholarships. The scholarship is open to all international students looking to pursue a bachelor of nursing course on campus at the University of Southern Queensland. It is one of the top scholarships for nursing students.

3. KUMS funding for International Students in Iran

The Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences in Iran has a great nursing scholarships program for international students in the nursing field. This has been done to ensure that top-quality education in medical science remains affordable to all. It is a competitive and profitable scholarship scheme that is open for the benefit of all the students applying for a UG course at the University.  It is a top scholarship for nursing students studying in Iran.

4. The Friends of Mary Seacole Funding for International Students. 

The University of West London has opened up a scholarship in nursing under the Friends of Mary Seacole program in the UK. This scholarship funding award is open to all candidates from the UK, the European Union, and overseas to participate. Undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses in nursing are offered at this university. 

5. SGS Tuition Grant for International Candidates in Canada

The University of Lethbridge located in Canada, established in 1967, offers the SGS tuition grant program that is a scholarship that pays the full tuition fees of nursing courses within the university. The goal of this scholarship for nursing students is to ensure adequate support for Canadian and international students at the University as they pursue their masters and Ph.D. in various subjects. 

6. ECU Nursing and Midwifery Ph.D. Programs Scholarships for International Students in Australia 

This scholarship is open to all deserving aspirants from within Australia and all around the world for nursing and midwifery Ph.D. positions at the University of Edith Cowan, Australia. It applies to all the Ph.D. programs offered within the nursing department and the health community and care departments.

7. International Medical University of Malaysia Scholarships

These scholarships offer to fund fully or partially the tuition fees for a nursing degree at the international medical university in Kuala Lumpur. The scholarships are awarded to both international and local students based on the criteria of academic brilliance, extracurricular activities, and leadership qualities. 

8. Mpower Nursing Program for International Students

This nursing scholarship is available for a full-time nursing degree in any US or Canadian school supported by the Mpower organization.  To be eligible for these scholarships for nursing students you should be accepted at or enrolled in a full-time degree program in nursing at any US or Canadian medical school and be an international student who has legally been allowed to study in the US or Canada. 

9. VinUniversity scholarship for international students in Vietnam

This scholarship offers to fund the full tuition fees and also provides partial funding for the whole academic program in nursing undertaken in the  VinUniversity in Vietnam. It is available for the bachelor’s program in nursing at the university. It is open to all international students. It is one of the best Asian nursing scholarships. 

10. Dundee Global Excellence Scholarship for PG Programs

Under this scholarship, international students can get partial funding for their nursing PG or masters course among others offered by the University of Dundee in the United Kingdom.

11. Fullbright Foreign Student Scholarship Program in the USA

This is a fully-funded scholarship offered for US universities in all subjects for international students to pursue their masters and Ph.D. This includes the field of nursing. The deadline for the scholarship application closes in the month of September each year.

12. National University of Singapore Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies

This is one of the best scholarships under the Asian list of scholarships for nursing students. In this university nursing scholarships and bursaries are available for deserving nursing students. It is not limited to just Singapore but is open to students of all nationalities. 

13. University Excellence Scholarships for International Students in Australia

The University of Wollongong in Australia offers great scholarship programs for hardworking students to achieve excellence in their chosen fields. This scholarship is open to all international applicants and covers their full tuition fees in any chosen program of theirs including nursing.

We hope you enjoyed this article on nursing scholarships around the world, and that the list of scholarships for nursing students was helpful for you.  If you wish to know more about related fields do check out our other blogs- 

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