A Comprehensive Guide On The Best Online Degrees In Ireland

online degrees in Ireland

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June 29, 2021

The pandemic has become a major concern for many students and there has been a gradual shift to distance-learning education or online learning of late. Ireland is among the top countries that offer easy access to online education including bachelors’ degrees and masters’ degrees. You must have already read about pursuing an online MBA in Ireland. In today’s article, we have compiled everything you need to know regarding online degrees in Ireland. 

Before we proceed, let us look into the details of the recent shift to online education and its cause. In a survey conducted by Educations.com, several students were asked to reason out why they’re pursuing an online degree. The chart below will give you a better glimpse of their response.

online degrees in Ireland

Source: Educations.com

As per the responses, 85.1% of the international students gave COVID-19 as their reason for pursuing an online course. Online learning is growing popularly with several benefits in hand, a few of which include:

  • Affordability or cost-effective learning
  • Ease of access
  • Flexibility
  • Wide selection of programmes
  • Customized learning experience

Due to these benefits, many students today are opting for distance learning education. With every new variant of this pandemic that is developing, students are finding it risky to travel abroad and live in a country they are less familiar with. Online education is considered as the ‘new cool’. On that note, let us now proceed with the most popular online degrees in Ireland that you can check out. We have compiled a comprehensive list of online courses in Ireland starting from diploma courses, degree courses, to online masters’ in Ireland. 

Best Online Diploma Courses In Ireland

online degrees in Ireland

Clinical Exercise

Trinity College Dublin offers online degrees in Ireland for those international students who are interested in pursuing a PG diploma in clinical exercise. The goal of this online course is to make health care practitioners able to prescribe exercise as a cure and prevention both for illnesses safety, scientifically and effectively. The programme is practical and clinically based to enable students to get maximum exposure. It is offered as a total one-year online course with students taking four core modules for study. Students will be assessed through the timely submission of essays, case scenarios, reflections and through the completion of multiple-choice quizzes. 

Engineering In Road And Transport Engineering

This course is offered by the Institute of Technology Sligo located in Sligo, Ireland. This is an online part-time training course with the goal to prepare engineering students, consultants, contractors, and other concerned professionals with thorough and adequate knowledge of road transport and engineering. It is an online and on-campus blended course for a duration of 2 years in the English language.

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Special & Inclusive Education

DCU Institute of Child Education and Psychology in Kildare, Ireland offers online degrees in Ireland to those students who wish to pursue a professional diploma in the courses offered. The programme combines theoretical knowledge with practical research knowledge to give the best available support and resources to teachers in order to meet the diverse needs of students with special needs and requirements. It is a part-time course available fully online as well as blended learning for a duration of 2 years in English.

Best Online Degree Courses In Ireland

online degrees in Ireland

Mechatronics Online Hons

Offered by the Institute of Technology Sligo, this course is a combination of mechanics, electronics, robotics, and computing that is used in modern engineering industries. The programme is structured as a part-time course which you will complete within a span of 24 months. You will be required to submit your standardized language test scores (IELTS, TOEFL) before you get accepted for the programme. 

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International Foundation Year – Health Science

Dublin International Foundation College offers a 7-month programme called the International Foundation Year in Health Science. These online degrees in Ireland are designed to support students to progress their studies in Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, or Pharmacy. You can either opt for the on-campus or online training for the following modules:

  • Public Health
  • Human Medicine 
  • Health Sciences

Information Systems And Information Technology

This is a 3-year degree programme offered by Technological University Dublin. This course is at the core of practical computing applications across all types of businesses and organizations. It gives you both practical and valuable knowledge and skills for working in the IS and IT sectors.

Best Online Master’s Degrees In Ireland

MA In Applied Linguistics

Offered by the Mary Immaculate College located in Limerick, Ireland, this is one of the most valuable online degrees in Ireland. The course aims to increase participants’ knowledge and expertise of the English language to help them excel professionally. It can be taken as a full-time or part-time course depending on your schedule. 

MA In Development Studies

Located in Dublin, the Kimmage Development Studies Center offers an online integrated MA in development studies course to international students. The course is quite flexible in the aspect that it provides students with freedom of choice on how they want to study-combine e-learning and classroom experience or study the fully online course. Moreover, there are many scholarships in Ireland especially for students who wish to pursue a programme in this area of interest. 

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