A Complete Guide to Online MBA in Ireland

In this article we list out the online MBA courses in Ireland.

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June 3, 2021

People opt to study online for various reasons. Their hometowns and adjacent areas may not have decent colleges or they may be unwilling to move out of their hometown or country and leave their kin behind. They might find it difficult and expensive to opt for a full-time MBA course abroad vs staying at home and earning a regular income.. Distance learning, with its flexibility and affordability, solves all these problems.  Online MBA courses are fast becoming very popular among students for these reasons. Employers have also begun to regard these degrees as valid, and online MBA graduates earn nearly as much as full time MBA graduates these days. Having an MBA degree, even if it’s online after graduation, boosts your work profile and earning capacity by as much as 40 percent, some reports suggest. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best online MBA Ireland programs. 

Blended and online learning might just be the future of education, it is believed by many academic experts. Online education materials like e-books, video lectures, presentations, demonstrative videos and other course materials make learning easier to understand and much more accessible, making the student well equipped with support material as one studying in a full-time on-campus course. 

If you opt for a normal or an online MBA Ireland it may be offered with special majors such as financial studies, supply, accounts, or business analysis, marketing, etc. Some MBA schools in Ireland might also offer general MBA programs with a well-rounded curriculum to enable the student to become a business expert and add value to his work profile, something which corporate organizations value highly. 

Presently, there are 2 major online MBA Ireland programs available for students worldwide. Here, we provide you with background information about the same – 

Online MBA programs at Griffith College Limerick, Ireland

The Griffith College Limerick in Ireland, which is one of the top colleges of the UK offers an online Master of Business Administration course for students all over the world. It enrolls students for the course during the months of February and September each year. Three courses are taught part time  in English for a duration of twenty four months. It is fully available online. The fees charged for tuition are 11,250 Euros. The college uses distance learning methods like online classes, video lectures, assignments, projects, etc. to teach the course. 

This distance education course is offered by the university in partnership with Edinburgh Business School and the Heriot-Watt University to validate its degree. The course aims to increase intellectual stimulation and applied business sense in students. 

 The curriculum is divided into 8different lessons which explain the key concepts of organizational behaviour (OB) before explaining how human behaviour at work is affected by personal, team and organisational factors. The course has a case study towards the end which helps students apply and test their knowledge practically. 

The 8 different modules available are :- 

Understanding Behaviour in Organisations, Individual Differences, Motivation and Engagement, Work Group Dynamics, Power, Politics and Conflicts, Designing Effective Organisations, Organisational Culture and  Organisational Change

Warnborough College 

This is one of Ireland’s prestigious colleges located in the city of Dublin. It is famous for its emphasis on the importance of networking and maintaining a strong alumni base. The college looks to aid the progress of all its students from across the world. This is only the second college in Ireland which offers an MBA course online open to all students. 

The online MBA Ireland from Warnborough College costs approximately EUR 11,400 currently, though it may vary with time.  For students unable to afford the course, the institute offers fee reductions and online scholarships

What is the course structure at this college? The course is divided into the following main modules. 

Core Modules:

Managing Learning

The aim of this module is to instill a love for learning and business sense in students.

Managing Organisations

This module examines the concepts of motivation, leadership, problem-solving and organizational design in detail.

Management Accounting and Finance

This module teaches students all the practical and knowledge aspects of accounting and finance. 

Business Statistics and Analysis

This module focuses on studying the gathering, processing and presentation of business data for analysis,

Economics for Managers

This module introduces the importance of economics in managerial positions.

Managing Marketing

This module concentrates on the principles of marketing and their application.

Managing People

This module teaches students the art of developing people skills.

Managing Operations

This module helps students understand the inner working of the management and control of operational systems.

Managing Strategy

This module focuses on teaching management strategic principles.

Final Project

Final assessment of students to test their learning.


Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Under this elective students will learn to construct a business plan.

Business Law and Ethics

A detailed understanding of the laws, ethics and regulations governing the business world.

Culture and International Business

Understanding the diverse nature of business and culture and its relevance in today’s times.

The university also offers an online International Executive MBA in partnership with Asian Metropolitan University for a shorter duration of 12 months and lesser fees, a convenient option for students looking for a cheaper and shorter MBA online course. This degree also gives students a chance to attend a special leadership summit hosted by Warnborough college at premier-nominated European locations to give them more exposure in the industry.

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