The Best Online Postgraduate Courses In Ireland

In this article we list out the best online postgraduate courses in Ireland.

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June 3, 2021

Ireland in the UK is home to some of the best academic universities for international students. Its courses and universities add immense value to your work profile and life in general, which is why it has a good legacy and fame in academic circles. If you desire to experience the same value and add it to your profile but cannot make a commitment to a full-time on-campus course after your graduation, then the online postgraduate courses in Ireland will be an ideal solution for you to participate in distance education via the comfort of your home.

Here is a list of the best online postgraduate courses Ireland offers :-

9 of The Best Online Postgraduate Courses In Ireland

1. MA in Applied Linguistics

Offered by the Mary Immaculate College located in Limerick, Ireland.,this is one of the most valuable online postgraduate courses Ireland offers. This course can be taken as a blended or fully online course.The course aims to increase participants’ knowledge and expertise of the English language to help them excel professionally. It can be taken as a full-time or part-time course depending on your schedule. The deadline for applications usually closes around September each year.

2.Masters in Special and Additional Learning Needs

A masters in special and additional learning needs of children is offered by the Institute of Child Education and Psychology located in Kildare, Ireland. This institute has a good track record of providing excellent online courses in this field. This course aims to provide increased knowledge and expertise to educators and other working professionals working with children with special needs on an international level to increase their efficiency and sensitivity. The course is online, part time ranging from 2-6 years depending on your schedule.

3.MA in Development Studies 

A PG diploma/ MA in development studies is offered by the Kimmage Development Studies Centre located in Dublin, Ireland. It is a part-time, fully online or blended course and quite flexible in the aspect that it provides students with a freedom of choice on how they want to study-combine e-learning and classroom experience or study the fully online course.

4. MSc in Environmental Sustainability

An MSC in Environmental Sustainability is offered by the UCD University College, located in Dublin, Ireland. It is one of the novel and fascinating online post graduation courses Ireland has to offer. It can be taken on a full time or part time basis for up to 2 years and offers flexibility in learning. It helps to develop an understanding of the environment, need for sustainability and its huge relevance in today’s times. The course is offered in the English language/

5.Master of Engineering and Science in Biopharmaceutical Engineering

The National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training located in Dublin, Ireland offers a MEngSC program in Biopharmaceutical Engineering.  The curriculum covers technical and scientific aspects of the course and how to manage and regulate your workings within the industry. The program aims to provide top-notch and quality study material on the latest developments in the field.

6.MSc in Management of Operations

An MSC in Management Operations is available in the Dublin City University lcoated in Ireland. This course aims to train students and give them expertise in managing operations in several technology based fields like finance, service, and supply sectors. The course duration is of 2 years in the English language.

7.PG Diploma / MSc in Management of Internet Enterprise Systems

An online PGD/MSC course in Management of Internet Enterprise Systems is offered by the Dublin City University in Ireland to students to develop their cloud computing and social networking skills to aid their professional development. The course is part time and can range up to 2 years.  

8.Post Graduate Diploma / MSc in Management of Clean Technologies

A PGDM and MSC in the course of  Management of Clean Technology offered by the Dublin City University for the category of online post graduate courses in Ireland aims to help students to apply their engineering or technical knowledge to expand their career in the clean technology sector. It is a part time 2 year course available in English.

9) Postgraduate Level Single Module-PGSM

A PGSM module online course is offered by the Dublin City University for students around the world. As (PGSM) student, you will undertake Masters-level lessons for academic and personal development. The course can be studied at your own schedule and you can take one subject for one semester on a personal topic of interest, including IT, Management Operations, Environment Management, etc.

These are some of the online PG and master’s courses you can take from Ireland universities. Many of them are free while some may charge a fixed amount of money as fee. If that is the case you can also apply for scholarships to fund your online PG course from Ireland. The process of enrolling involves submitting your application, details, and SOP for scrutiny in certain cases. Make sure you select the best available and suitable course for yourself. 

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