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Written by Pareeshti Rao

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April 29, 2021

Everyone is a photographer today, thanks to smartphones! You can see the smartphone trend even in photography scholarships for international students where students participate in competitions using smartphones. Yes. It’s allowed. You don’t have to invest separately for a DSLR camera or lens unless you really have specific interests and you have a strong inclination towards cameras. Notice how smartphones have boomed the photography industry in the chart below.

Source: Business Insider

As of 2017, smartphones had almost replaced digital cameras with a score of 85%. A vast majority of the digital photos taken are with the help of smartphones causing a drop in the sales of digital cameras. So now, wake the photographer in you, pick up your smartphones, participate in the international scholarships for photography and win a chance to study a fun visual arts course abroad!

List Of Photography Scholarships For International Students

Anchell International Documentary Photography Scholarship

The Anchell international documentary photography competition is conducted every year for international students regardless of their degree, major, ethnic background, or country of residence. The main intention of this study abroad photography scholarship programme is to encourage students to engage in social activities through the documentary photography that is to be submitted. It is up to you to choose the medium of capture. It could be a cell phone, a DSLR camera, a view camera or any other capturing device.

What should your documentary include?

Your project could be on the grounds of environmental issues, land use/misuse, urban/rural issues, global or local events. Your images should be documented clearly in a story format. It should communicate the feelings of the subject and/or the event. The winners of this scholarship will receive an award of $1,000.

Required Materials

Most of the photography scholarships for international students are blindly judged, in the sense that you should not include any identifying information like name, contact details, country of origin, etc. However, make sure that you submit the following:

  1. Completed on-line application
  2. Photocopy proof of college/university enrollment for the academic year of application
  3. 350-words or more about your documentary photo project, including who, what, where, when, and why. Include the project title on the essay.
  4. Upload your images in the jpeg format in the order you want it to be viewed

UNESCO Andrei Stenin International Photo Contest 2021

The Andrei Stenin International Photo Contest is Russia’s only platform for discovering photojournalists, allowing them to make a name for themselves in the industry. It is an annual contest conducted globally for young photographers aged between 18 – 33. The contest is free of charge and is open to Russia and foreign nationals. The contest will be held in Russia so if you want to win this travel photography scholarship, you will have to go to Russia. 

There are 4 categories for these photography scholarships for international students and participants are to choose from amongst them. They include:

  • Top News 
  • Sports
  • My Planet 
  • Portrait 

Benefits: Here’s how the awarding system works:

  • The grand prize winner: RUB 700,000 
  • First place winner in each category: RUB 100,000
  • Second place winner in each category: RUB 75,000
  • Third place winner in each category: RUB 50,000 
  • Contest Sponsors and /or Partners may also offer additional prizes.

Siena International Photo Award for Worldwide Photographers in Italy, 2018

The Siena Photo Contest Awards have the highest international participation. Based in Italy, these photography scholarships for international students are open to beginner as well as professional photographers from all over the world. 

Theme Categories

Participants are required to send in entries based on the following themes:

  • General Color
  • General Monochrome
  • Journeys & Adventures
  • Fascinating Faces and Characters
  • The Beauty of Nature
  • Animals in their Environment
  • Architecture & Urban Spaces
  • Sports in Actions
  • Portfolio Story-Telling

Benefits: The participant with the highest final score image will be proclaimed with the title of Photographer of the Year SIPA Contest 2021 and will receive a prize equivalent to the amount of € 1,500.

Planning to travel to Italy this year? Make use of our perfect travel checklist for international students for a hassle-free travel experience.

The VII Academy international awards at University Arts London 2021

If you have a passion for pursuing your photography course from the University of Arts London, then you should know of the VII Academy international awards. With these photography scholarships for international students, you can study at UAL. The funds are available for high achieving international students who have enthusiasm about undertaking their master’s degree programme


  • Students from countries other than Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, The United Kingdom, and the United States are eligible to apply.
  • Students who wish to pursue a master’s degree in the field of Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the London College of Communication.
  • Participants must hold an undergraduate degree.
  • Applicants need to have good ability in the English language for study at the UAL.


The benefits for these photography scholarships for international students include: two grants that will be awarded and each will have a value of £9,995 for each year of the course. It will be directly paid from the award into the University’s tuition fees account.

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1. How can I get a scholarship to study abroad photography?

The simplest way to apply for a scholarship to study photography abroad is to scour the internet for all possible scholarships, apply to relevant ones and keep your eyes peeled for any exciting updates. There are tons of top study abroad photography scholarships and you just have to do thorough research to find out which ones you are eligible for and apply to them.

2. Why consider applying for a photography scholarship?

Photography has been booming as of late. With jobs in a variety of sectors, well-educated and highly-trained photographers are in high demand. What sets a photographer apart is the institute where they have pursued their photography course and their previous work experience. A popular photography course from a renowned institute is a must to help get you in the right circles. This is where a photography scholarship comes into the picture. Even if you are not equipped with adequate funds, you can get a shot at studying a fantastic programme at a top-level institute purely through a photography scholarship.

3. What photography scholarships can college students apply for?

There are a variety of photography scholarships international students can apply for. Some of the most popular photography scholarships are the Anchell International Documentary Photography Scholarship, the UNESCO Andrei Stenin International Photo Contest and The College Photographer of the Year Award.

4. Which universities provide photography scholarships?

There are a variety of universities and organisations that provide photography scholarships for international students. Some of the universities that provide photography scholarships are the University Arts London, The VII Academy, and the Ryerson Image Centre Research Fellowships.

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