All About Psychometric Tests: How To Prepare And Pass

Psychometric Tests - How To Prepare

Written by Pareeshti Rao

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April 13, 2021

Imagine the absence of concepts such as a ‘right answer’ or a ‘wrong answer’ in tests. Who wouldn’t be interested in giving such tests? Psychometric tests give you the liberty of responding to questions from your perspective and a perspective cannot be defined as right or wrong, so there you go! Your response to a psychometric test is evaluated in order to measure your suitability for a job role. Now that we’ve freed you from the tension of actually looking for the right answers; we’ll also relieve you from the stress of hunting for  Psychometric tests – How to prepare. In this article below; you’ll find some really good and easy tips to prepare for a psychometric test. 

What Is A Psychometric Test?

Many organizations use psychometric tests during the recruitment and selection process in order to understand a candidate’s traits and their ability to thrive in the industry. An important aspect of psychometric testing is that test scores and job performance are strongly correlated. If somebody gets high scores in a psychometric test, the chances are high that they’ll perform well in the job. Such instruments appeal to employers because of their predictive qualities. Moreover, these tests are administered easily and scaled quickly, which makes them ideal for recruitment purposes.  

Psychometric Tests – How To Prepare: Types Of Psychometric Tests

There are different types of psychometric tests conducted. Some to test your ability, some your aptitude, and the rest to test your personality. Here below, are a few of them.

  • Verbal reasoning – your ability to understand written information
  • Numerical reasoning – how you think using numbers
  • Abstract or spatial reasoning – your ability to understand patterns, logical rules or work with shapes
  • Personality – questions about how you behave that have no right or wrong answers and are used to predict how you might act in a work situation
  • Situational judgement tests – set a scene and ask what you would do in that situation

Psychometric Tests - How To Prepare

Psychometric Tests – How To Prepare And Pass

Now comes the main part where we are going to elaborate on how to prepare for psychometric tests so that you can appear confidently for your test. Unlike numerical reasoning tests, you do not have to revise or study as such for a psychometric test. Practice papers do come handy however. Here’s how to get started with preparing for a psychometric test:

Preparation Tips For Before The Exam:

  • Study the different types of questions that could be asked
  • Do not feel nervous because remember, there’s no wrong or right answer
  • Plan your time well while practicing so that you can accordingly 
  • Check if your universities offer you career services and test practice papers as well
  • Check the website of the company you’re applying to for some test papers in order to get a closer look at how your company will conduct the test
  • When in practice, you may notice some small silly mistakes that you might have made. Try not repeating them and learn from them so you can deliver the test perfectly.
  • One of our top recommendations in ‘Psychometric tests – How To Prepare’, is to go  to sites that conduct these tests and provide you with feedback on the basis of your performance. That’ll play a key role in pointing at your shortcomings and you can then work upon them in order to prove your efficiency

Psychometric Tests - How To Prepare

Psychometric tests – How To Prepare: During The Exam

  • Choose a quiet place to sit with no distractions around you
  • Carry a pen, paper and calculator in hand
  • Make sure that your laptop/PC is charged
  • Make sure you have a reliable internet connection
  • Check the login timings beforehand and login with plenty of time ahead
  • Check the timings – some tests will actually tell you how long you have for each question, for others you may have to work it out
  • Read the instructions carefully and do the practice questions before you start
  • Make sure that you save the answers before clicking on the back button
  • Do not get stuck on one particular question. That will delay you from not being able to answer not only that question but also the ones you know
  • Keep taking a couple of breaths in between to calm yourself down and steady your pace

You can find the best psychometric test practices which are free on sites like:

Where Are These Psychometric Tests Used? 

In this article ‘psychometric tests – how to prepare’, you have read all about psychometric tests, the types, and tips for preparation. Psychometric tests are used by organizations not only for recruitment purposes, but for several others too. The below chart will help you understand the application of psychometric tests in an organization:

Psychometric Tests - How To Prepare

Source: The IILS

Psychometric tests enhance the chances of an organization’s success. So the next time you appear for such tests, make sure you read through our article on preparing for psychometric tests and show the organization your worth!

I hope this blog on Psychometric Tests – How To Prepare was useful to you. If you find tips, tricks, and guides helpful, make sure to read these blogs:

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