The Most Promising Scholarships For Europe’s Nordic Countries

In this article we list out the best scholarships in Europe's Nordic countries to fund the education of international students.

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June 18, 2021

The Nordic region located in Northern Europe and North Atlantic consists of five European countries known as the Nordic countries. They are- Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland. This part of Europe has a top-notch higher education system, high standard of living and sophisticated lifestyles. These countries are among the most preferred destinations for international students to study abroad. While education is more affordable here than in other countries, gradually these countries are starting to introduce tuition fees and as of now only Norway and Iceland remain tuition fee-free for all students. To help students with their academic expenses in these countries is here is the list of the most promising scholarships for Europe’s Nordic countries

The Swedish Institute Scholarships

The Swedish Institute, which is a government agency, is one of the main sources for scholarship funds in Sweden and offers some of the best scholarships for Europe’s Nordic countries.  It offers scholarships to international students and researchers who work or study in Sweden. The institute offers several scholarships to students of different nationalities and gives out hundreds of scholarships each year. It also offers the Visby Program scholarships for masters level and Ph.D level students. The scholarship is awarded to students from countries near the Baltic Sea and Russia. 

Danish Government Scholarships For Foreign students

These scholarships offered by the Danish government are available for international exchange students who are interested in studying the Danish language and culture. It is available for students who are on an exchange program from educational institutes in the countries of China, Japan, Israel, Egypt, and Russia. 

Denmark Government Scholarships for non-EU Students

The Denmark government offers scholarships to international students from outside the European Union who show exceptional academic brilliance. The scholarships give the students a chance to study in Denmark totally backed by government funding. It is awarded based on academic merit as well as financial need and is a competitive scholarship. This is one of the top  scholarships for Europe’s Nordic countries

EEA Grants and Norway grants

Under this scheme, international scholarships for students from selected countries are offered. These countries include Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal and Spain. Students with an interest in the study of Norwegian literature or language can apply for the scholarships and receive Mobility Grant for Norwegian language and literature which covers all expenses for a research stay in Norway. It will also provide travel expenses for those who wish to undertake field research in remote areas of the country. Students from Canada, Russia, Japan, South Korea and the USA can apply for the High North fellowship program if they are attending an academic institution in Northern Norway to receive financial assistance for living costs and travel costs. These are among the top  scholarships for Europe’s Nordic countries

Icelandic Government Scholarships

The Government of Iceland offers various international scholarships for students who pursue studies at the University of Iceland. To be eligible for the scholarships, the students must be pursuing higher education in the Icelandic language and display proof of academic brilliance and financial need.  These include the following scholarships- 

Reykjavik University’s Scholarships Iceland 

This university-based scholarship in Ireland offers merit-based scholarships to first-year international students as well as domestic students. These scholarships are offered to those students who are undertaking a bachelor’s level degree in the university. 

Roskilde University’s Tuition fee waivers and scholarships

The Roskilde University is based in Denmark and offers a variety of tuition waivers and scholarships for students. The scholarships are available for graduate students who are from countries outside the European Union and want to study in Denmark at this university. 

Finland Government scholarship pool

These scholarships, among the category of  scholarships for Europe’s Nordic countries, are funded by the government of Finland. Finland has one of the best education systems across the world and this scholarship pool is proof of it. The scholarships are available for graduate students who wish to pursue a doctoral-level study and research in Finland. It is open to international students and researchers from a few selected countries. 

University of Helsinki International Student Grant

The University of Helsinki in Finland offers a total of 50 scholarships for graduate students. The scholarship program is available for students who wish to undertake a master’s degree at the University. Because Finland has introduced tuition fees at the University of Helsinki, these fees are charged to non-EU students. That is why the University of Helsinki offers these scholarships to international students to fund their education. 

Erasmus Funding

The Erasmus funding is a major source of scholarships funding in Europe. It is available in all Nordic countries and promotes cooperation and exchange of researchers and students between different countries. The European Commission funds this program and it is open to all students of Europe and the Nordic countries who are interested in studying abroad. The Erasmus+ scholarship programs are available especially for masters and doctoral students. 

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

The KTH Royal Institute of Technology is based in Sweden and offers a number of scholarships for deserving students. It offers tuition fee waivers as well as academic scholarships to masters students. It also offers external scholarship programs for students on its website which are open to all international students wishing to study in Sweden. These scholarships are awarded on academic merit and financial need.

Lund University Global Scholarship

Under this scheme, approximately 2 million US dollars are offered for merit-based scholarships. These scholarships are awarded to deserving international students from outside the European Union who wish to Undertaker a bachelor’s level or master’s level course in Lund University based in Sweden. 

Danish Innovation Scholarship

These major new scholarship programs in Denmark are open for deserving international students. This program is offered by the Innovation Fund Organisation of Denmark. It is offered specially to students who are considering post graduation study in the fields of natural sciences, environmental sciences, health sciences, engineering, technology and innovation. It is open to students from the following countries who have completed their undergraduation -Brazil, India, China, South Korea, USA and Japan. 

We hope you enjoyed this article on international scholarships for Europe’s Nordic countries. To know more about related fields do check out our other blogs. 

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