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April 12, 2021

Scholarships for Indian Students in Ukraine are available abundantly! If you’ve been trying to find out the best scholarships in Ukraine to study in various fields but could not yet decide which subject to choose, I’ve tried to help you organise those thoughts through this article. 

You already know how to pursue MBBS in Ukraine with a scholarship. If you are still exploring your options and are yet to find your niche, I have listed out the scholarships you can apply for in the Ukraine. These scholarships cover all subjects that are in demand in Ukraine and are easily accessible. Additionally, all the scholarships are available to all international students including India. This makes it one of the best scholarships in Ukraine.

Khyentse Foundation Translation Studies Scholarships, 2021

The Khyentse Foundation was established in 2001 to support, protect and promote Buddhist practices and cultures. This Ukraine scholarship for international students is open for the subject of Buddhism. Open to all nationals around the world, through this scholarship you can take up advanced degree programs in translation and Buddhist philosophy. 

To be eligible for this scholarship, you need to be interested in the field of translation. You may apply for this scholarship if you are aiming to become a translator or already are currently working as a translator. Scholarships for Indian students in Ukraine such as this one has invited many Indians to the country with a dream to pursue translation as a career. Apart from working as a translator, you need to possess an advanced degree in any field of study before applying for this scholarship. 

To be considered for the USD 5,000 scholarship, you need to be able to produce an original piece of sample work that involves translation. In addition to submitting 2 LORs, you also need to submit your latest academic transcripts. You can learn about how to apply for and obtain a transcript from your university

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Berows International Scholarships For Indian Students In Ukraine

This scholarship provides financial support to exceptional students all around the world based on their academic performance. BISPT aims to make students financially independent and helps keep the stress of educational loans at bay. 

Every year BISPT provides scholarships to more than 5,000 students and grants cash awards upto RM 68,000. You can apply for a scholarship to study in Ukraine if you are an Indian or an international student. This means that citizens of Ukraine are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.

The scholarships are available for 3 levels education for international students – Graduate Champions, Junior Champions and Senior Champions. To be eligible for this scholarship, students must first need to submit an online application and then appear for the online BISPT examination. 

Berows encourages students to perform well in this exam in order to get the highest rank. 

Syllabus for BISPT

For Graduate Champions – 

General Knowledge10
Reasoning 50
General Science & Math20
General English20
Total Time : 120 Mins Total Marks : 100

There is no negative marking for the test and each question weighs 1 mark. 

Toptal STEM Scholarships For Women 

This scholarship is offered to secondary school/high school, Bachelor’s and Master’s levels of study. This is one of the Women’s scholarships for Indian students in Ukraine that not only offers tuition  waivers upto USD 5,0000, but also one on one mentoring sessions. These mentoring sessions can be used by you for career development, preparing for interviews and paving your career path. Toptal STEM scholarships are available to all who want to study the fields of engineering, business management to become Chief Executive Officers and more. 

You can apply for this scholarship if you are female above the age of 13. Toptal scholarships for international women including India are available to candidates from the following countries; Ukraine, Cuba, North Korea, Sudan, Iran, Syria. Additionally, you cannot apply for this scholarship if you are closely related to a staff of Toptal as friends or family. 

Toptal offers medicine and engineering scholarships to international students including India. In order to diversify representation in the Engineering industry, Toptal attracts profoundly talented and innovative women from all over the world. 

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Scholarships For Indian Students In Ukraine: Elizabeth Greenshields Grant

Offered by the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation, this grant is one of the most prestigious awards for artists around the world. Founded in 1955, the award is dedicated to artist students who have demonstrated hard work, dedication and discipline. These chosen artists subsequently start a journey towards learning traditional techniques of their chosen art form. In addition to that, Elizabeth Greensheild Scholars also acquire the necessary skills and training in the areas of representational painting, sculpting, drawing, printmaking. 

The financial assistance offered through this grant encourages and motivates students to pursue their chosen art for their lives. Since 1955, some 1900 students have benefitted from this award across 40 countries including India. 

All deserving students are offered a grant. However, this award is competitive. This means only 3 students are awarded this grant every year. The recipient of the 1st grant receives a stipend of $15,000-$18,000 each. 

The eligibility for this scholarship is simple, you only need to be at the start of your arts career and be willing to dedicate your life to a single art form. The scholarship will not be awarded to you if your niche is abstract art. 

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