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March 31, 2021

You are lucky if you are an Indian student who wants to study abroad. Thanks to India’s diplomatic relations, the country encourages the exchange of culture and knowledge with other countries of the world. This is also the reason why the best international scholarships for Indian students are available abundantly.

POP Quiz: Which are the countries that offer the best international scholarships for Indian students? 

Your Options are – Germany, France, the USA, Singapore. 

Read ahead the top countries that offer study abroad scholarships for Indian students and how to apply for these scholarships! 

Scholarships For Indian Students To Study In France:

Eiffel Scholarship Program Of Excellence 

This study abroad scholarship for Indian students in France is established and funded by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The aim of this is to attract the brightest minds from all over the world, including India, to study at the French Higher Education Institutions. The scholarship was built for the purpose of producing leaders and decision-makers, especially from developing countries. 

The Program of Excellence offers awards for four broad fields of studies i.e., Political Science, Law, Management and Economics, Masters level Engineering, and Sciences at Doctoral levels of study. 

The scholarship covers the following levels of studies: 

  • Master’s Program, 
  • Engineering Training or Taught Program 
  • A Joint Doctoral Program in association with a partner association board. 

It is one of the top foreign scholarships offered to Indian students

Duration Of The Scholarship Program

For all components of the program, the study period of the course you are enrolled in must commence between 1st September and 31st December. This study abroad scholarship for Indian students can last for a maximum of 24 months if you are entering the 1st year of your Master’s program. For Engineering candidates, the scholarship will last for a period of 36 months. If you are applying for this scholarship in the 2nd year of your Master’s program, the duration of the scholarship will only be 24 months.  

Value Of Eiffel Scholarship Program Of Excellence
  • A monthly allowance of €1,181 that includes a monthly allowance of €1,031 and a stipend of €150. This is for the Master’s programs. 
  • For Doctoral programs, students are eligible for a monthly allowance of €1,400. 
  • Apart from a monetary reward, the grant includes international air travel, travel expenses in France, health insurance and costs for cultural activities. 

Raman – Charpak Fellowship 

In honour of Indian Nobel Laureate,  Prof. C.V Raman and French Nobel Laureate  Prof. Georges Charpak, the scholarship was launched in the year 2013. To strengthen Indo-French scientific cooperation between India and French laboratories. The aim of Raman – Charpak study abroad scholarships for Indian students is to ease the exchange of doctoral students between the two countries. 

The scholarship covers the following fields of sciences:

Earth, Engineering, Biological Sciences, Materials, Physics, Mathematical, Atmospheric, Computational, Chemical, Life and Medical. This is one of the top foreign scholarships offered to Indian students.

Eligibility for Raman – Charpak Fellowship:
  • You should be an Indian Citizen or a resident of India.
  • If you are applying in France, you should be a resident of France of a French citizen. 
  • You should be enrolled into your institute before applying for this scholarship. 
  • You can only apply for this scholarship if you are below 30 years of age

Benefits of this Scholarship: 
  • For an Indian applicant, fellowship support of €1500 per month for accommodation, local travel, living expenses etc.
  • For a French student in India, a fellowship support of Rs. 40,000 per month to include daily expenses, accommodation costs, travel expenses etc. 
  • Admissions costs and visa registrations
  • One return ticket between India and France. 
  • Carte de Sejour: Residence Permit costs 

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Scholarships For Indian Students To Study In Singapore:

scholarships for indian students

Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) 

This award is for international students who want to pursue their Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Engineering. This award is merit-based and given to students with exceptional academic performance in their undergraduate program or masters. 

This award provides financial support to students upto 4 years of Ph.D. studies and includes monthly stipends, full tuition fees, initial settlement allowances, and airfare grants. Every year, SIGNA awards 240 candidates. 

This scholarship is also a gateway for students into the Asia Pacific regions for their careers and fosters a culturally diverse research community. This is one of the best Singapore international scholarships for Indian students.

Eligibility for SINGA:
  • Awarded to all international students with an interest in research, who have good academic records. 
  • Good skills in written and spoken English 
  • Candidates with good letters of reference are encouraged to apply.

Value And Benefits of SINGA:

SINGA Scholars are eligible for the following:

  • A monthly stipend of $2,000 that will be increased to $2,500 once you pass the qualifying exam.
  • Airfare grant upto $1,500
  • An initial settlement allowance of  $1,000

GIIS Singapore Global Citizen Scholarship 

The Global Indian International School (GIIS) invites students from India who have passed their 10th grade to continue their studies in Singapore. This is one of the most accessible scholarships for Indian students. 

Eligibility For GIIS Singapore Scholarship:
  1. Candidates must have studied in an English medium school with English as their first language. 
  2. Have obtained an A grade in their 9th standard and pre-boards of 10th class. 
  3. Must have obtained an aggregate of 80% in all subjects of class 9 and pre-boards of 10th. 
  4. Students must also have an excellent extracurricular record. 

If you are eligible for this scholarship, you may apply for it before the end of the deadline. 

Value Of GIIS Scholarships:

The selected scholars will be funded up to 90,000 SGD covering costs of tuition fees, boarding flights, travel expenses for up to 2 years. 

Singapore is one of the growing destinations for studies. This is because the country has adopted a global reputation for academic excellence. In order to encourage students to study in Singapore, the country also provides scholarships for MBA and scholarships for postgraduate degrees

Scholarships For Indian Students To Study In The USA

Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Scholarships For Indian Students

The Reliance Industries along with the Stanford Graduate School of Business provide scholarships for Indian students to study in the US. Every year, up to 5 fellowships are provided under this programme for students wishing to pursue a two-year MBA programme. This is one of the best international scholarships for Indian students.

Eligibility For Stanford Dhirubhai Scholarship:
  • Offered to meritorious students who have a good academic record. 
  • You must demonstrate leadership qualities and aim to lead a positive change in the society. 
  • Agree to return to India for a period of 2 years after the completion of your course. 

Provided to students who aim to lead a positive change by pursuing their MBA course from Stanford GSB. Scholars must return to India and work for an organization within 2 years of their course completion.

Value and Benefit Of This Scholarship For Indian Students

An approximate amount of USD $1,50,000 for the 2-year programme. Covers tuition fees and associated fees for the MBA programme.

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