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May 5, 2021

The music business industry has been booming and witnessing massive turnovers in its revenues since the 1900s. This has led to an increase in the number of students who are wishing to pursue music as a career. There are several music-specific schools today offering a variety of courses and programmes for students. You can study at some of these top universities and fine-tune your skills with the help of music business scholarships. We have listed a few of the top scholarships for music business below for you.

University Specific Musicians Institute Scholarships

scholarships for music business

Music Business Scholarships Of Programme Entrepreneur

Musicians Institute (MI) is a for-profit college of contemporary music in Los Angeles, California. This institute provides music scholarships for international students in the UK in order to help students fund their studies through the Music Business Programme Entrepreneur Scholarship programme. This was created to recognize and support the creative entrepreneurial ideas and professional aspirations of a newly enrolling student. 

Under this programme, students will receive an amount of $1,000 as their reward. However, you can apply for the scholarship only if you’re eligible to receive it. For that, you should meet the following requirements:

  • You should be a US citizen or an international student
  • It is only applicable for the music business programme
  • It is available to only the newly enrolled students and not returning students
  • You will continue receiving the scholarship even after the first quarter of the programme as long as you maintain satisfactory academic progress
  • It is applicable to only person and is not transferable

Aerosmith Scholarship

If you’re in the music industry, Berklee Music College must be on the top of your mind after having heard of its reputation. You may think that affording a degree from this famous institute could be a challenge and while it may be true, you can always avail the Aerosmith Scholarship provided by this music college in order to finance your music studies. The Aerosmith Scholarship is open to music business/management majors at Berklee College of Music, who have a GPA of at least 3.7. As an applicant to the college’s full-time degree or diploma programmes, you do not have to be worried about applying to these scholarships for music business. You will automatically be considered for these musicians institute scholarships through the audition and interview process. Landing a music scholarship in Berklee Music College will require you to demonstrate outstanding skills (merit-based) as well as financial needs.

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ICMP Music Scholarships And Bursaries 2021 – 22

The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) is a part of the London Music School and provides scholarships for music business to national and international students. The ICMP music scholarships for international students in the UK have been launched to award the Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) students. ICMP is committed to enhancing BAME presence in its postgraduate cohorts and supporting students to consider progressing into academia as a career. These postgraduate music industry scholarships are available for qualified music school students which will award you with a 30% fee waiver on your tuition fees. In addition to this, you will also receive support for paid mentoring projects for UG and PG students. 

Who is eligible?
You can receive the ICMP Music scholarships only if you meet the following:

  • You must hold an offer to study masters’ at the ICMP institute for a full-time or a part-time degree
  • You must be a graduate from ICMP belonging to the BAME category of students
  • Candidates must hold a ‘Home UK’ permanent resident
  • You should submit your academic transcripts of records because your selection will depend on your previous grades as well as other details in the scholarship application

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Independent Scholarships For Music Business

Apart from the university-specific scholarships, there are several other independent scholarships for music majors which you can apply for. We will be listing a few of them for you. 

scholarships for music business

Music Forward Foundation Scholarships

Music Forward is an organization that inspires ambition and provides pathways for young people in the music industry. In a partnership with Live Nation, this organization has decided to award music industry scholarships to outstanding college students who wish to pursue careers in the music industry. There are 5 scholarships under this programme namely:

  1. Live Nation Scholarship – Awards $10,000
  2. Steven J. Finkel Service Excellence Scholarship – $10,000
  3. Tiffany Green Operator Scholarship – $10,000
  4. David E.Ballard Scholarship – $10,000
  5. Affinity Plus Scholarship – $5,000

This is one of the few music scholarships for international students that are specifically designed to support students interested in the core aspects of the music business including: concert promotion, venue operation, ticketing, sponsorship, e-commerce and artist management. If you receive the Live Nation Scholarship award, you can even receive an opportunity to intern at Live Nation Entertainment.

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