7 Scholarships For Community Volunteers You Must Know Of!

scholarships for volunteers of a community

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June 15, 2021

There are a large number of local and national organisations giving scholarships for community service that provide students to dedicate to serving people in need if they are a student who often engages in the voluntary work in your school or neighbourhood. While reimbursement may not be received early if you invest your time, all hours of volunteering can assist create some free money for school training. The following are 7 of the most popular and significant bursaries solely awarded to young community leaders.

1. Alliant Energy Community Service Scholarship

Deadline: 15 February

Each year, Alliant Energy Foundation presents scholarships for community service to Midwest students who are full-time enrolled in an Iowa, Wisconsin or Minnesota graduate institution with a strong Community leadership commitment of up to 25 community service grants per annum for $1,000 each. Candidates eligible must have a cumulative GPA of 2,5 or more, and must submit a 250-word essay on recent voluntary work to the current client of one of Alliant Energy’s utility subsidiaries, whether under or aged 24 years.

2. Angie Houtz Memorial Scholarship Fund

Deadline: 30 April

The Angie Houtz Memorial Scholarship Fund provides an annual $3,000 scholarships for volunteers of a community who have a strong background of community service and have participated in at least 200 hours of voluntary work in the past five years to students who have joined or currently enrolled in any two to four-year public institution within Maryland. In addition, a formal transcript, a two-page essay type on the subject, three sealed recommended letters, and a complete list of communities’ services should be included in the applicant request. 

3.AXA Achievement Scholarships For Volunteering

Deadline: 1st January

The Foundation provides up to 12 AXA Community Bursaries for $2,000 each to high school elderly people, each with strong ambition, drive, respect, academic performance and dedication to volunteer activities in order to provide higher education for all communities around the country. In addition, the programe gives a unique $10,000 Community Service Bursary to one student in each state of the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

 scholarships for volunteers of a community

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4. Bonner Scholars Program

Deadline: Different.

The four-year Bonner Scholars programme provides $4,000 in community service scholarships for college students with up to 1,500 university students registered annually at one of 22 Universities participating across the United States, as a national philanthropic institution established by investor Bertram F. Bonner and his wife Corella in Princeton, New Jersey. In return for funding, participants must dedicate at least 10 hours a week to volunteer work and engage in the Summer Service internship programme of the Foundation.

5. Comcast Foundation Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship

Deadline: 15 April

In an attempt to promote community service and build future leaders, Comcast’s Tomorrow Scholarship Leaders Foundation is awarding $1,000 in one-time awards in recognition of their community service scholarships for college students, academic performance and leadership potential to secondary schools that are nominated by high school directors and/or guides. Applicants eligible must reside in a community serviced by Comcast, maintain a 2.8 or higher cumulative GPA, and participate in a recognised U.S. college with no profit.

6. Disabled American Veterans Youth Volunteer Scholarships

Deadline: February 7th 

The Injured American Veterans scholarships for volunteers of a community, sponsored by the Department of Veterans Affairs, provides award amounts of up to $20,000 to encourage young volunteers, who serve disabled military veterans returning from work, to pursue higher education. Qualified applicants must have voluntarily worked at a medical center of VA for at least 100 hours, at least age 21 and under and have an essay on the effects of volunteer work on their academic/personal lives with veterans.

7. Disneyland Resort Celebrating Community Service Scholarships

Deadline: January 31st

The Disneyland Resort Celebrating Community Service volunteer scholarships awards 10 annual $7,500 scholarships to Orange County, California high school seniors who demonstrate excellent leadership skills through the accumulation of 150 or more hours of volunteer work. Eligible applicants must be graduating high school seniors pursuing post-secondary education at a U.S. institution, have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, and provide a letter of verification from the predominant charitable non-profit organization with which they volunteered.

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