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A Complete Guide To Scholarships To Study In Latin America

In this article we list the best scholarships to study in Latin America for international students.

Latin America, which is a region part of the South American continent, is a large region stretching from North Mexico to South Argentina. It is geographically and culturally rich with diverse cultures and populations inhabiting it. It is home to some of the world’s most renowned educational institutes which offer courses in a wide variety of subjects for international students. Though tuition fees, living costs, travel costs, etc. are lower in Latin American than in other parts of the world, it might still prove expensive to a lot of international students which is why in this article we are going to list down the best scholarships to study in Latin America. Without further, here is a list of the best international scholarships to study in Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, or anywhere else in the Latin American region. Keep in mind that some of these are government scholarships and others are offered by specific universities and private organizations, for students to study at all levels.

Scholarships to study in Latin America :- 

Mente Argentina Scholarships 

Under this program available in the country of Argentina, a number of scholarships are offered to international students. These international scholarships are partially funded, meaning they cover a fixed portion of your tuition fees. The scholarships are available to students of all countries to study at the graduate level in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.

Roberto Rocca Education Program Argentina 

Under this scheme, various international scholarships for students of all countries are available to fund the study of international students in Argentina. These scholarships are available for various undergraduate programs including engineering, geosciences, and materials sciences at some chosen leading universities. This is one of the top scholarships to study in Latin America.

Scholarships Argentina Spanish Scholarships  

Under this scheme, various scholarships are available for international students, including 12 scholarships for the Spanish and Culture immersion course and 10 for the Latin American studies course in select universities.

Peace Revolution Fellowship

Under this program, various fellowship programs are provided to a lot of young peace activists who believe in the philosophies of inner peace, outer peace, and sustainable world peace. The scholarship is provided in various venues in the following areas- Latin America, Asia Pacific, Central America, and the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa. In the fellowship, a 2-week intensive training program in world peace is offered to selected students. It includes full or partial funding of air travel, accommodation costs, living, and local transportation costs, and medical costs. The age of the candidates should be between 20-32 years to be eligible for the fellowship at the time of application submission.

Boren Scholarships

Under this scheme, scholarships are provided to U.S. UG students to study abroad in areas of the world under-represented and critically important for American Interests. Apart from Latin America, these areas include Africa, Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Eurasia, and the Middle East. Boren scholarship winners pursue a wide variety of subjects, mainly courses in lesser known languages The monetary worth of the scholarships are $8,000 for a summer program (under a  special initiative for STEM students), $10,000 for a single semester, and $20,000 for a full-time academic year. The award winners are required to serve one year in government service after graduation. 

Medical Missionaries Global Health Fellowship

The Medical Missionaries Global Health Fellowship offers scholarship opportunities to 2 recent college graduates, postgraduates, or professionals interested in global health. The scholarship offers them an opportunity to gain experience in health care services in developing countries. The fellowship is awarded to students from all over the world including Latin America. It is not intended to be a clinical learning experience, but as a way to learn about global health in limited resources setups. All living costs and travel costs are covered by the fellowship.

The other major scholarships to study in Latin America are:- 

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