SMART Goal Examples For Students

SMART Goal Examples For Students

Written by Kimberly Linhares

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December 1, 2021

Goal-setting prepares you for future success, especially if you begin establishing professional and personal benchmarks for yourself at an early age. However, how you think about your objectives might influence whether or not you attain them. As a student, you want to set objectives that you can achieve so that you can stay motivated to keep going. An attainable aim can assist you in avoiding burnout and feeling dejected as a consequence. Setting objectives you can’t realistically fulfill is the simplest way to set yourself up for failure, whether you’re attempting to make more money or lose weight. This is where SMART goal examples for students come into play. You’ll be able to design objectives that genuinely work for where you’re at by using the SMART goal system, giving yourself a defined, quantifiable, and, most importantly, achievable framework.

SMART Goal Examples For Students

What Is A SMART Goal?

SMART is an acronym that stands for: 

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant 
  • Time-Bound

SMART goals for students are designed to offer you a solid road map of where you want to go, as well as techniques to track your progress and keep you on track.

Goal Setting: The Significance Of Creating SMART Goal Examples For Students

Setting goals is one of the best top skills to learn in order to be successful. While college students aren’t yet fully immersed in the so-called “real world,” learning how to create objectives and benchmarks for yourself is a vital ability to develop today. When you make effective objectives for yourself, you set yourself up for success and allow for constant self-improvement. Not to mention the incredible sense of accomplishment you’ll experience every time you complete a goal you’ve set for yourself. Below you will get to know more about professional SMART goal examples for students.

Students SMART Goal Examples

As a student, you have a lot of goals that make up your whole existence. You have courses, studies, tests, and grades, among other things. You have your social life, as well as the new friends and experiences you’ll have, especially if you’re going to college. You have a professional life that is just getting started, such as when you begin your first job hunt.

The SMART goal examples for students below are divided into sections to help you get started on developing your own goals in various aspects of your life. Use these examples as a starting point to think about what you want to achieve for yourself. (Remember, the SMART acronym may be used for both short-term and long-term goals.)

Academic Goals 

For Example, attending office hours with your teachers throughout the first month of school

Specific: You aren’t just stating that you will meet with your lecturers and converse with them in a general, open-ended manner. You’ve established a precise aim of meeting with each of them within their assigned office hours.

Measurable: Because you can mark off which professors you’ve spoken with when you meet with them, this objective is measurable.

Achievable: This objective is attainable if you give yourself enough time to complete it.

Relevant: Meeting your instructors early in the semester might help you create a relationship with them. This can be useful when you need extra assistance, are seeking a mentor, or require a referral, among other things.

Time-Bound: This goal is time-bound since you have set a one-month deadline for yourself.

More SMART Goal Examples For Students:

  • Putting aside a set amount of time each week for study
  • Applying to a limited number of universities or graduate programmes
  • Checking in with your academic adviser on a regular basis for assistance

Career Goals 

For example, by the end of spring break, you’ve secured a summer internship with a legal company.

Specific: This aim is precise since you don’t simply want any job; you want an internship in a certain industry.

Measurable: This aim is measurable since you will either get recruited or not—there is no grey area in between.

Achievable: This objective is attainable as long as you give yourself enough time to complete all of the steps involved, from researching organisations to submitting applications to interviewing. Of course, you must ensure that you are qualified for the positions you are looking for.

Relevant: If you want to be a lawyer or are studying law, this aim is for you.

Time-Bound: This objective is time-bound since you have set a specific deadline for getting recruited at a legal firm.

More SMART Goal Examples For Students

  • Visiting your campus’s job centre at least once every semester.
  • Spending a specified amount of time each week investigating new employment options.
  • Contacting contacts to inquire about mentorship and networking possibilities monthly.

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Financial Goals

For example, in the first semester of your senior year, apply for college scholarships.

Specific: This objective is specific since you have established a threshold for yourself in terms of how many scholarships you will apply for.

Measurable: This objective is measurable since you can check off each scholarship as you submit it.

Achievable: You may likely use the same statement of purpose and cover letter for many of the applications, with minor adjustments here and there as needed.

Relevant: If you need financial aid for education, this objective is for you.

Time-Bound: This objective is time-bound since you’ve set a deadline of one semester to finish and submit your applications.

More SMART Goal Examples For Students: 

  • Committing to studying mutual fund investing for 20 minutes every day in order to understand how to build your money over time.
  • Maintaining your budget by tracking your spending once a week.
  • Extra money is diverted to meet a specified savings target that you select each month.

Self Care Goals

Making time to read for pleasure, for example, by selecting one new book to read each month

Specific: This goal is specific since you are detailing one type of self-care that is important to you and how you plan to attain it.

Measurable: This objective is measurable since you can determine whether or not you finished your book.

Achievable: This goal is attainable if you commit to reading as a form of leisure every day.

Relevant: This objective is relevant if you like reading for pleasure and wish to do so to relax and unwind in order to balance your scholastic and social responsibilities.

Time-Bound: When you commit to reading one book every month, you are obligated to finish your current book by the end of the month.

More SMART Goal Examples For Students

  • Going to bed at a time that feels fair to you each night.
  • Setting aside a set amount of time each week for fun and leisure activities.
  • Once a month, see a guidance counsellor or therapist.

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