The Best Study And Work Abroad Programmes In The Philippines

Study And Work Abroad Programmes In The Philippines

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April 28, 2021

If you have a keen interest towards understanding South Asian culture to the fullest, the Philippines would be a great choice. Universities in the Philippines are world-renowned and offer  some of the best study and work opportunities to students. Apart from that, there are multiple volunteering based opportunities for students which are crucial for their career developments. Here are some of the best study and work abroad programmes in the Philippines for you to pave the way for a great future ahead!

University Of The Philippines Los Banos (UPLB)

Study And Work Abroad Programmes In The Philippines

There are 7 constituent universities in the University of the Philippines system out of which UPLB is one of them. It is a public funded research based institution which gives you an opportunity to study abroad in the Philippines. Their aim is to develop professional graduates in traditional fields such as:

  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Natural resources management and conservation
  • Environmental Science, and other areas such as
  • Engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Informatics
  • Computer Science

If you’re an international student, you may be admitted into the University either as a new freshman or as a transferee subject to rules of the transfer. As a part of this University of the Philippines study abroad programme, you will not only be educating yourselves via research but you will also get to engage in public services to get hands-on on field experience.

Student Exchange Programme (SEP) – De La Salle University (DLSU)

The De La Salle University of Manila, Philippines offers opportunities for international exchanges to both local (outbound) and international (inbound) students.

Local/Outbound Students: As a domestic Filipino student, you will be able to participate in numerous study abroad programmes in DLSU partner universities abroad. You can even opt for volunteering work programmes that you think could add value to your resume.

International/Inbound Students: There are many study and work abroad programmes in the Philippines offered by the DLSU University for international students where students get to educate themselves through prolific and relevant research in the fields of arts, business, international business, and international relations. It is also mandatory for them to participate in community services during their course of study.

If you require financial assistance, you can look for study abroad scholarships in the Philippines.

Volunteering Programmes: The Best Study And Work Programmes In The Philippines

Study And Work Abroad Programmes In The Philippines

Children Family Health International (CFHI) Global Health Education Programmes

CFHI is recognized by the United Nations and allows undergraduates to experience Global Health first-hand, while living with local families, and learning from local faculty and leaders. Undergraduate students interested in internships, study abroad, leadership development or service-learning should explore CFHI’s Global Health Education Programmes. These are one of the  study abroad programmes in the Philippines perfect for summertime or winter breaks. 

CFHI programmes ensure that you are experiencing Global Health while maintaining ethical and professional boundaries, building your leadership and professional skills and understanding what determines whether someone is sick or well. CFHI study and work abroad programmes in the Philippines are a stepping stone to careers in medicine, nursing, policy, human rights, economics, business and many more.  

Human Trafficking And Community Engagement In The Philippines

These summer study and work abroad programmes in the Philippines will give you direct contact with world issues like human trafficking, poverty, resiliency, grassroots initiatives towards environmental change pertaining to the Filipino life and culture. Under this programme, you will be exposed to the connection between the human population and socio-economic, political, and environmental issues affecting the country.

What will you learn?

In your course duration, you will be learning the following points about human trafficking:

  • Causes
  • Effects (push and pull factors)
  • Forms/models of human trafficking

What activities are involved?

As a part of these study and work abroad programmes in the Philippines, you will engage in the following activities:

  • You will be visiting four of the world’s largest landfills such as the Smoky Mountain, Hapilan, BASECO, and Payatas.
  • They will interact with the local population and grassroots community development workers. 
  • In Mindanao, students will have the opportunity to visit local communities that are being affected by aerial spraying in plantations.

Students also ask:

Which are the top universities to study in the Philippines?

If you’re looking for study and work abroad programmes in the Philippines, below is a chart that shows employer’s most preferred institutions in the Philippines to make it easier for you.

study and work abroad programmes in the Philippines

Source: Jobstreet 2018 Report

What is the cost of studying in the Philippines?

If you’re looking for a convenient and affordable means to education, then the Philippines would be the ideal choice for you. The cost of studying in the Philippines depends on the universities and the programmes that you have opted for. However, approximately, to study in public universities in the Philippines, it will cost you an average of USD $1,000 per year and for private institutions, you will be paying an average amount of USD $ 1,200 – USD $2,500 per year. 

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