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April 6, 2021

The beauty of Sydney’s Opera House at night, the artistic graffiti of walkable neighbourhoods in Melbourne and the chilly wind in almost all parts of the country. When it comes to visiting or studying abroad in Australia, the choice of city will most definitely override the choice of university. International students are dispersed all over Australia however the following are the key numbers. 

Most Internationally Populated States In Australia

StateNo. Of International Students
New South Wales264,778
Weterns Australia40,703
South Australia31,821
Australian Capital Territory16,851
Northern Territory2,364

New South Wales is the economic power hub of Australia. With a population of 7.92 million NSW is the most cosmopolitan state in Australia. Approximately a million students in all parts of Australia come from foreign countries. New South Wales is a popular destination for international students because of its world class undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Additionally there are many universities in New South Wales that offer scholarships to undergraduate students.

Studying abroad in Australia has become even more achievable because the Australian government gives ample work opportunities to international students. This also means that students can easily find work while studying in Australia

What Are The Top Courses For Studying Abroad In Australia? 

Australia is a dynamic island nation. Someone once called it heaven’s end, and they’re not wrong. Studying in Australia for international students has always been a pleasant experience. However, in the year 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak, the satisfaction levels of international students studying in Australia were at trough. 

The all time top courses for studying abroad in Australia are:

  • Management & Commerce, Business
  • Information Technology
  • Health 
  • Engineering
  • Natural and Physical Sciences
  • Society and Culture (Law, Humanities, Teaching) 

The pandemic of 2019 which was followed by a complete lockdown in all parts of the world also hit Australia as badly. Schools, colleges and universities all operated remotely and resulted in hampering the much spoken about “student life experience”. As a result, for the year 2020 the satisfaction levels for international students dropped significantly. 

The following are the statistics of students studying abroad in Australia according to Quality Indicators of Learning and Teaching.

Subject 20202019
Science and Mathematics6780
Computing & IT6272
Teaching and Education7478

Source: Quality Indicators of Learning and Teaching

To make things easier and help students receive the new student life experience post the pandemic of 2020, The Australian government has offered scholarships to students across the globe to help them pursue their research training, postgraduate studies and Phd studies. The Government of Australia recognises the importance of training, educating and producing world class leaders, innovative thinkers and contributors to the society. As a result, by the end of your postgraduate course at a top university in Australia, you will also be absorbed by the Australian workforce. 

The education and work system adopted by Australian universities has been helpful in increasing the number of international students. 

Where To Find Funds For Studying Abroad In Australia? 

Studying Abroad In Australia

While planning your study abroad, you need to keep a number of options in mind. But before you do that, have you asked yourself the ways in which you can reduce the cost of studying abroad? If you haven’t considered it yet, let me share with you a secret.
Many Universities in Australia offer fully funded PhD Programs, Undergraduate and postgraduate schemes.  

Make a note of all the scholarships you are eligible for and apply in time. Almost all scholarships require you to hold a letter of admission or acceptance. So make sure that you are a full time student at the university you are applying to before applying for a scholarship (unless stated otherwise). 

Studying abroad without a scholarship can result in creating financial hardship and burden. But it doesn’t have to be. If you have applied for a scholarship but were unable to obtain one, you might be looking out for education loans or other sources of funding. If you are Indian student who has dreams of studying abroad in Australia it is still possible if you look at the right people to deal with. UniCreds has professional and well reputed  partners such as HDFC Credila, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank and more. 

How To Find A Job While Studying Abroad In Australia? 

Here is how to find a job while studying in Australia. Before you find out the procedure to apply for jobs, make sure you are eligible to work in the country. 

You must hold a subclass 500 student visa with work permission. You should also show providence of having completed your course of full time study at an Australian University. 

Being a student in Australia, you are eligible to work 40 hours every two weeks and an unlimited amount during holiday seasonal breaks. 

The following areas are popular areas of work for students in Australia: 

  • Retail roles: in grocery stores, supermarkets, cafes
  • Farming and Fruit picking: seasonal role 
  • Services: Childcare, cleaning and aged care
  • Administrative and clerical duties 
  • Mentoring and Tutoring 

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