The Best PhD Scholarships In The Netherlands

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March 16, 2021

Studying in the Netherlands is very convenient, comfortable and pleasing to students due to its very warm and welcoming nature. International students from all over the world come to study in the Netherlands. Most Dutch universities also have international student associations in order to help students figure out their way in the new country. The fact that almost 95% of the Netherland locals speak in English, makes it more effortless for international students. The Dutch universities offer remarkable research facilities for students pursuing their PhD. Moreover, there are a number of PhD scholarships in the Netherlands available for students to fund their expenses. Students can thus complete their PhD in Netherlands with scholarship.  The annual tuition fees for studying at Dutch universities starts at an approximate of 1900 euros for EU students and 6000 Euros for non EU students. Students can make use of the scholarships provided and can focus on their research studies rather than dividing their focus with added responsibilities of managing their expenses. In this article we have compiled a list of all the top  PhD Scholarships, Fellowships and grants for international students in Netherlands.

List Of The Top PhD Scholarships In The Netherlands

Here is a list of the best PhD scholarships in Netherlands :-

IvyPanda Annual Essay Writing Contest Scholarship | PhD Scholarships In The Netherlands

IvyPanda is a student hub that aims to improve educational outcomes and learning capabilities of students by providing highly efficient self-study tools. This scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate excellent essay writing skills.  It is one of the top PhD scholarships in Netherlands.

Amount: The scholarship is offered to two winners where the winner receives an amount of $1,000 and the runner-up receives an amount of $500. 

Host Organization:

Eligibility And Application Requirements | PhD Scholarships In The Netherlands

  • Applications are accepted from high school students, university and graduate students from any country. 
  • Three essay topics will be provided to students out of which any one topic is to be selected and written in not more than 500 – 700 words in US or UK English.
  • The essay must be 100% plagiarism free and should be formatted according to the MLA style.
  • A minimum of three source links must be cited in the essay.
  • Make sure to edit the file name to ‘IvyPanda Writing Contest_Last Name’
  • Follow the official social media handles of IvyPanda and share your content mentioning them.
  • Applicants must submit proof of their academic status or enrolment.

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International PhD Positions in IC Design Group | PhD Scholarships In The Netherlands

Following the motto of “fundamental solutions for practical problems”, the University of Twente has an Integrated Circuit Design course where students can focus on various aspects like Radio Frequency and Integrated Circuits. The IC Design Group is a world leader and an initiator of many new research directions. One of the only PhD scholarships in the Netherlands that encourages students to research electrical engineering and related topics.It is one of the top  fully funded PhD positions in the Netherlands. This funding helps engineering students to complete their PhD in Netherlands with scholarship.

Amount: Scholars will be provided with an amount of 2.395 euros per month at the start and will gradually increase to 3.061 euros per month in the fourth year.

Host Organisation: University Of Twente

Eligibility And Application Requirements | PhD Scholarships In The Netherlands

  • Applicants must be highly motivated and an enthusiastic researcher 
  • They should have a MSc degree with excellent grades in Electrical Engineering, with a specialization in Analog or RF design
  • They should be independent and original thinkers with a creative mindset
  • Applicants must be excellent in analytical and communication skills
  • They should have good team spirit and like to work in an internationally oriented environment
  • Applicants should portray English proficiency

Berrows International Scholarship Program Test | PhD Scholarships In The Netherlands

This merit-based scholarship is awarded to meritorious students who have demonstrated exceptional academic performance. It is provided at three levels – undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD. Students are encouraged to exhibit their knowledge and take part in quizzes in order to win the scholarship. This is one of the top fully funded PhD positions in the Netherlands.

Amount: While a certificate and access to free online courses are available to all, the winners get an amount of INR 51,000. This is one of the PhD scholarships in the Netherlands with a different grading structure. The marking system is done rank wise and the table below explains to you how it works: 

RankAmount (INR)
Rank 151,000 + Laptop + Free courses
Rank 2 – 331,000 + Tablet + Free courses
Rank 4 – 1021,000 + Free courses
Rank 11 – 2011,000 + Free courses
Rank 21 – 305,000 + Free courses
Rank 31 – 220Online Free courses

Host Organisation: Berrows

Eligibility: All students who are pursuing schools, college, diploma, and masters are eligible for applying for this program. It is open to all nationalities.

International Research Master Award at Tilburg University | PhD Scholarships In The Netherlands

Tilburg University offers highly valuable research programs for both domestic and international students. This university focuses on stimulating students to pursue research masters’ programs which eventually lead to pursuing a PhD. With the vision of increasing the number of research scholars, the university offers a very attractive waiver.

Amount: Recipients of this award will be paying the statutory fees of 2,143 euros per year instead of the institution fees of 11,000 euros – 14,600 euros per year.

Host Organization: Tilburg University

Eligibility: Students hailing from the non EU/EEA countries must submit proof of their completion of the prior bachelors’ degree or its equivalent. They can apply for this award if they enrol into a research program in any of the following fields – 

  • Economics
  • Business
  • Social and Behavioural Sciences
  • Psychology Individual Differences and Assessment
  • Linguistics and Communication Sciences

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