The Most Interesting Things To Do In Calgary For Students

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April 7, 2021

Do you like preparing to-do lists and ticking them off as you complete them? It is indeed a moment of complete satisfaction when your planned agenda actually works out in your favour. During your leisure hours in Calgary, do not let the pangs of laziness dominate the adventure buff in you. Pick out your vacation journals and list down the different things to do in Calgary and get started. Moreover, with the increasing number of universities in Canada offering a wide range of scholarships for students, you can save up on your expenses and spend it on some really fun things to do in Calgary.

Some fun facts about calgary before we proceed:

  • The New York Times ranked Calgary as #20 out of the 52 destinations worldwide.
  • Calgary has been ranked as the cleanest city to live in the world.
  • It has also been ranked as one among the top 10 cities to live worldwide. 

What Are The Places To Visit In Calgary?

Now that you’ve recently shifted to Calgary, Alberta; you would want to familiarize yourself with the places there. Before making your list of things to do in Calgary, we recommend that you read about the famous places there that are definitely going to be worth visiting. Here are a few of them:

Heritage Park Historical Village

Heritage Park is Canada’s largest living history museum, with hundreds of exhibits, rides, shops, restaurants and daily activities to keep students like you captivated in the past. Studying history could have been boring but reliving history through sites like this is a thrill of its own wherein every time you visit the park, you will experience something new. Also make sure to click some nice and exciting double-tap worthy pictures when you go there. Have you added this to your journal of things to do in Calgary yet?

Bow River

Rocky mountains, steep foothills, forests, prairies and wetlands! The Bow River flows through all of them. Your activities in Calgary could include bicycling or walking amidst the adjacent walkways of this majestic river that is going to promise you of a calm, soothing, and a serene experience away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Calgary Tower

Getting a 360 degree panoramic view from a height of 191 meters is something that only the Calgary Tower can offer you. You can sit at the revolving restaurant at the glass-floored observation deck there and get to view the stampede grounds of Calgary. It will cost you about CAD 18 and so save up this amount for a fun weekend’s time , add it to your list of  things to do in Calgary, and book your tickets to go there.

List Of Some Of The Best Things To Do In Calgary

Go Fly-Fishing

Now that you are aware of the Bow River, trout fishing is something you will find yourself doing every once in a while. Due to the harsh winters in Canada, there is a high possibility of finding a frozen river in the colder months. The ideal time to go fly fishing there is between May and October where the weather doesn’t pose a threat to you.

Try Activities At The Canada Olympic Park – WinSport

Home to the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics, WinSport should top your list of things to do in Calgary. It is considered as Canada’s number one place for outdoor activities during both the summer and winter. Here are few of the outdoor sports you can do there:

In Summer: You’ll find the fastest zip-line in North America, downhill mountain biking, and more.
In Winter: You’ll find skiing, snowboarding, tubing, and even an Olympic bobsleigh track!

Visit The Calgary Central Public Library

Are you a bookworm or someone who fancies architectural muses or both? Regardless, the Calgary Central Public Library should be the top place to visit. You’ll be astounded by the building’s design and architecture which will make you start appreciating every detail of this masterpiece. It has been featured in publications around the world, including recognition from TIME magazine as one of the 100 Greatest Places in 2019.

Go Horseback Riding

I’m sure that in your list of things to do in Calgary, you must have added horseback riding; cause if not, what are you waiting for? A part of Calgary gives you the vibes of cowboys and rodeos and going on a horse ride there will literally mean that you are living the song –
“I’m gonna take my horse
To the old town road
I’m gonna ride ’til I can’t no more”
Your weekend full of sleep just got saved by horses racing towards mountains and Kananaskis.

Groove At The Calgary Folk Music Festival

Is headbanging, grooving and jiving to live bands your thing? If so, then add Calgary Folk Music Festival to your journal of things to do in Calgary. This festival takes place for a period of four days, has multiple stages, a huge lineup of new and famous musicians. You will not only get to enjoy your favourite songs, but you will also get to experience the taste of Calgary music. All that aside, the popularity of this festival doesn’t limit it to just music; you can also find workshops, incredible food, and an array of handicrafts to buy there.

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