6 Things To Do In Frankfurt For Every Visitor!

Written by Shefali Onawale

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April 6, 2021

Fun Fact: Frankfurt is derived from the word Franconfurd, where the river was so shallow enough to be crossed on foot. The full name of the city is Frankfurt on Main and also called ‘Mainhattan’ because it has some of the tallest buildings in Europe. One of the oldest and biggest cities of Germany, the city invites many visitors every year. Ever since the industrial revolution, there have been many unusual things to do in Frankfurt. Right from being in awe of the amazing skyline and high rise buildings to visiting the city’s Book Fair. 

The dominant power in Europe in the 1900s has had a rich history and as of 2021, this history is what sets Germany apart from the rest of the world. The multitude of museums in the country and in especially Frankfurt will forever remind the world of Germany’s rich history and culture. This culture is not just reflected in the country’s buildings, books and beers but the people of the country have also contributed to Germany’s dramatic entry into the top places to visit in 2020. 

Here’s a list of fun things to do in Frankfurt to guide your stay, be it through German scholarships for international students or if you’re just visiting the city with family and friends. 

1/6 Things To Do In Frankfurt: Visit Museums 

There is a list of museums in Frankfurt that you must visit. My personal favorite is the Städel Museum. Only because the paintings displayed by Städel not just belong to the 14th century but also are evidence of the transient movements. The museum’s art by Botticelli,  Caspar David Friedrich, Hieronymus Bosch and  Kirchner show a perfect transition from romanticism to expressionism to impressionism. 

Apart from living the 14th century culture through paintings, Frankfurt also has an impressive Museum bank on its embankment. As novel as that sounds, Museumsufer is a cluster of 12 museums on either side of River Main. The idea of a Museum Embankment advanced in the 1980s and 90s. The place has become a popular destination because it has a lot to offer apart from pieces of evidence from history such as paintings and ethnography. This includes films, architecture, live music, dance performances. 

In addition to that, Frankfurt also has a cluster of 16 museums, commonly known as Frankfurt’s Museum District. Situated on the north and south banks of River Main. The museum is home to more than 60,000 artifacts, sculptures and paintings. 

2/6 Things To Do In Frankfurt: Visit The Dead Writer’s Home

Named after the German writer, novelist, scientist and statesman Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the Goethe House is a famous tourist attraction. There is something about visiting a place of medieval dwelling, someone’s traditional home from 17th century Germany. 

The German polymath, Goethe lived in the house till the age of 16 and the house was restored after the war. 

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What makes this house even more appealing is that Goethe’s youth can be sensed all around the place including this ‘Sturm und Drang’ phase. This is one of the most fascinating and fun things to do in Frankfurt 

3/6 Things To Eat in Frankfurt: Frankfurt Specialities

Eating frankfurter sausages, hard boiled eggs with green sauce and drinking beer tops my list of unique things to do in Frankfurt. Just like the residents of Frankfurt in 2021, this was also Goethe’s favorite dish. They say.. Some things never change and it holds true for the traditional recipe of green sauce and hard boiled eggs. 

Frankfurter sausages were first produced for local use but are an international product at the moment. While it is readily available in countries such as the USA, India, UK, Australia and more, there is something different about eating Frankfurters from the place of its origin. Frankfurters are a staple of Frankfurt and there are numerous dishes prepared from long sausages such as Frankfurt Wurst that are served like a hot dog. 

4/6 Things To Do In Frankfurt: Eat Hand Cheese Music

Enjoy the sour milk cheese served in vinegar and oil, a delicacy invented in 1813. What is the music in it you ask? You first need to eat a Handkäs mit Musik because the “music” is said to creep in a bit later, an eventual effect of the onions. The traditional morsel of this dish includes, using a knife to cut a piece of hand cheese, putting the cheese on a loaf of bread (marinated in butter) and using the same knife for the onions. 

5/6 Where To Stay In Germany? 

The outskirts of Frankfurt are beautiful to say the least. It is as hard to find a student accommodation in Frankfurt as it is to find a nice hotel to stay in. However the best hotel to stay in Frankfurt is inarguably Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof. 

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6/6 The Best Beer in Frankfurt: Apply Wine!

We all know Germany’s passion for a good pint of beer. However, the Frankfurt Apple Wine festival made it to the German calendar some 250 years ago. Frankfurt’s apple wine culture has set it apart from the rest of Germany. Every year, from the 7th of August to 16th of August, Frankfurt celebrates the Apple Wine Festival. Apple in Frankfurt is grown locally, making it a substantial and regional product. This is also why the locals prefer drinking Apple Wine instead of the regular beer.

This does not mean that Frankfurt locals do not enjoy drinking beer. It was only a couple of years ago that Henninger was the local hero when it came to beer. Schmucker or otherwise known as Pfungstädter has to be the go-to beer for the generation. The delicious malty beer has made a space for itself in the hearts of the locals of Frankfurt.  The Frankfurt Apple Wine festival  is one of the unique things to do in Frankfurt. 

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