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March 15, 2021

Some of the major medical discoveries such as the discovery of Penicillin, Parkinson’s disease, MRI diagnostics were born out of London. The United Kingdom is filled with medical schools and colleges offering a broad range of courses in the clinical, medical, pharmaceutical, research and health-related fields. Every year, London witnesses students from more than 213 countries admitted to its reputed medical universities. The training period for medical students allows them to engage with their clinical services in major London hospitals during their early training stages thereby, giving the students groundbreaking opportunities to interact with qualified doctors and surgeons. There has been international recognition not only for the course system and structure, but also for the lecturers, tutors, professionals, and trainers involved. You can find some of the world’s best medical universities in London giving scope to diverse students to make use of the opportunity of studying medicine there. 

Why London? | Medical Universities In London

  1. London based medical universities promise students of a world class medical training with access to great technology, research and development. The qualification gained at these top-rated universities are well recognized and gives a higher scope to graduates of being recruited.
  2. With a number of clinical skills labs and clinical human simulators provided to students in most London universities, students have access to a variety of facilities and equipment.
  3. Gaining professional experience is very seriously practiced and followed here in terms of training the students from Year 1 itself on how to deal with different kinds of patients. 
  4. The universities have a worldwide reputation for the knowledge and skills imparted and therefore, attracts a diverse international population. Students are free to meet and interact with each other and exchange ideas and opinions. 
  5. Major hospitals as well as universities train the students with strengthening their medical English skills. Medicine English is very different from colloquial English and requires a separate training for getting a hold at it. It involves several jargons and technical terms that should be mastered by every medical student before proceeding with their professional careers.

Medical Universities In London | Types Of Medical Degrees

You can get a medical degree in London in different ways – 

  • A two year pre-clinical degree training
  • Three years training at a specialised school or a training hospital
  • A six year degree course if another study discipline apart from the above mentioned disciplines is chosen. Students opting for this structure gain a dual qualification of BSc + MBBS.

List Of Medical Universities In London

London has globally rated medical universities, some of which have been ranked amongst the world’s top 10 best medical schools. These universities prioritize student’s goals and needs to an extent where there are opportunities of elective overseas placements for the students.

Imperial College London | Medical Universities In London

Imperial College London has one of the biggest departments of medicine attracting over 3600 students every year. As per the Times Higher Education’s world Rankings 2020, it has been rated as 8th in the world. It offers a 6 year full-time undergraduate degree program to its students with a dual qualification of BSc plus MBBS at the end. During the third year of this program, students get a 10 week clinical experience wherein they are trained on-field via practical teaching methods. The tuition fees on an average round up to 44,000 pounds per year. Students can however make use of different scholarships in order to fund their expenses. You can opt from a wide range of scholarships for studying in London from UniScholarz.

University College London | Medical Universities In London

The UCL’s Faculty for Medicine is accredited by the General Medical Council (GMC). They offer a range of BSc opportunities to their students in their 6 year programme. Around 350 distinctive UCL Doctors  graduate every year from this university. For students who are already UK UCL graduates, they are exempt from the integrated six year course and can jump to year 4 directly after year 2. Students also have an opportunity to opt for an elective subject in the fields of arts, humanities, research and languages. For students with high performance levels, they can opt for pursuing a PhD course post their BSc/MBBS degree completion. On an average, the tuition fees for pursuing a medical course from the UCL is around 36,900 euros per annum. The University College London is one of the only medical universities in London that has a strongly supportive environment with student support clinics to address the concerns of medical students.

King’s College London | Medical Universities In London

King’s College London is one of the leading research universities in London that has an excellent faculty for medicine. Their MBBS degree is a constructed course with integrated and innovative modules that fit well into the curriculum. The duration usually lasts for a period of 5 – 6 years. Their course is systematically structured into three stages wherein stage 1 provides you with foundation in biomedical sciences and population sciences along with clinical skills. Stage 2 brings together science and clinical practices focusing on the care of patients. Stage 3 is where future practices are taught and offers students the opportunity to undertake an elective course abroad. 

Queen Mary University Of London | Medical Universities In London

This university offers a five year integrated medicine course to students, both domestic as well as international. About 35% of international students from over 162 countries come every year to pursue their studies. A typical MBBS course here costs about 33,000 pounds per year. Their campus tops the rankings when it comes to providing high-tech facilities for the students to learn and make use of. Student satisfaction is their utmost priority and they benefit from the multiple research aids provided here. By the end of their degree, students would have mastered skills in the following fields – clinical, communication, observation, teamwork and management.

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