Top Universities In Canada For International Students

universities in canada for international students

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March 7, 2021

More often than not, deciding which University to go to for pursuing your higher studies can be a cumbersome process. It could be quite confusing for students to understand what could be the best option. Moreover, a country like Canada hosts a number of excellent universities for international students, best colleges in Canada for international students. Canada is known to have lots of space with a relatively lesser population. It calls for students to choose between a wide range of courses from top-notch Universities. Canada has been the preferred destination not only for its education facilities but also because of its happening nature. The scenic views with the lakes and water bodies makes it more exciting. Here is a list of colleges in Canada for international students

University Of Alberta | Universities In Canada For International Students

The University of Alberta is ranked amongst the top five universities in Canada for international students. It has a plethora of courses that it offers to the students ranging from agriculture, arts, business to nursing, native studies, and public health. The university has approximately 7,200 students from 150 countries around the world. Full-time international students with a Social Insurance Number and a valid study permit are even allowed to work while studying. The University has 5 campuses with 18 faculties. The on-campus housing facilities are of 2 types – furnished, dormitory style or unfurnished apartment or town-house style. Those who wish to apply to this University must ensure that they check the application requirements of the university. 

University Of Toronto | Universities In Canada For International Students

The University of Toronto proudly calls itself Canada’s leading University. They welcome international students and believe in diversity as their strength.  Students from over 159 countries enroll into this University every year. Students also prefer University of Toronto because Toronto is a very happening city in Canada with sports events, cultural happenings, and street fairs. Students can opt from a number of courses and programs. Student loans come handy and work as a financial aid, supporting the study abroad dreams. UniCreds is one such platform that facilitates funding for students.

Centennial College | Universities In Canada For International Students

Centennial College is known for providing high-quality education and innovative programs for the international students. It is Ontario’s first community college and boasts of giving a great academic experience to its students. The international students have the option of selecting fast-track programs that enables them to get done with their diploma course earlier than usual. Centennial college has five campuses and three learning sites. The students can opt for living on campus or off campus. For those who live on-campus, it is a must for them to meet the housing-contract requirements.

Universities In Canada For International Students

The University Of British Columbia | Universities In Canada For International Students

The University of British Columbia is located in Vancouver, Canada. International students can fulfil their dreams of studying a masters degree of their choice by getting to choose from over 330 graduate specializations. UBC has two campuses that attract students from over 140 countries. They provide on campus accommodations as well as off campus. While their staff are well-equipped and give out excellent knowledge, they also encourage students to participate in recreational activities and other extracurricular activities. Their focus is to build young professionals with an added touch of versatility, thereby marking themselves as a reliable university in Canada for international students.

Humber College | Universities In Canada For International Students

Humber College is recognized for its unique polytechnic way of learning wherein students are trained to be industry ready by providing a work-integrated learning environment. This distinct feature of Humber College has helped it grow into a popular university in Canada for international students. This college has more than 6,000 international students from over 138 countries every year. They provide students with scholarships as well. Yet another striking aspect of Humber College would be its focus on maintaining a healthy campus. Make sure to check out the application deadlines as per the college guidelines

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