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March 6, 2021

Computer science is the study of computers and a deep understanding of computation and information technology. This subject is one among the top courses that students prefer to master after the completion of their basic education. This is because, learning computer science has been a top skill-set that recruiters look for while offering career opportunities to students. Among countries like Australia and the USA, Canada has been the top choice of students wanting to learn computers and technology. Universities in Canada for MS in computer science gained popularity after Canadian computer scientists like Brian Kernighan – co-designer of C programming language and Ken Iverson – Designer of APL Language joined the forces and contributed to the industry of computer sciences across the globe. This resulted in Canada being a natural choice for learning computer technology for international students. 

To ease the frantic search of the top universities in Canada for MS in computer science, we have listed out the most famous universities in Canada for MS in computer science – 

University Of British Columbia

UBC offers its prospective students a plethora of courses to choose from in order to learn computer science such as Artificial Intelligence, Computational Linguistics, Machine Learning, Data Mining and Management etc. 

The Faculty of Computer Science of UBC is known for its rigorous courses that offer students deep understanding and learning of the subject. Additionally, UBC also encourages leaders in the fields of computer science to research and innovate. For this purpose, the university organizes projects and research based activities to facilitate leadership. Research and leadership from current students has encouraged the university in return to motivate students with support and awards. These awards are in the form of internships, apprenticeships, or scholarships for further studies. 

Universities in Canada for MS in Computer Science

University of Waterloo 

University of Waterloo is home to the Cheriton School of Computer Science, the largest concentration of computer science researchers in Canada. This achievement has made University of Waterloo one among the top universities in Canada for MS in computer science. 

University of Waterloo and the Cheriton School of Computer Science offers 4 courses for specialisation in computer science – 

  • Computer Science – MMath

This course offers a choice of 16 subjects of specialization for research and students can either opt for coursework, thesis or contribute a research paper. 

  • Computer Science – MMath (Quantum Information)

This course offers specialisation in quantum information and does not offer the flexibility to enrol for coursework or contribute a research paper. Students enrolled are expected to deliver through their thesis by the end of the semester.

  • Computer Science – PhD

This course offers a choice of 17 subjects of specialization for research and students can only contribute to the course through thesis projects. 

  • Computer Science – PhD (Quantum Information)

Just like MMath Quantum information, this course offers specialization in Quantum information and students must contribute only through a thesis project. 

The tuition fees for all 4 courses in Computer Science do not exceed CAD 7,500. It is because of the variety of specializations offered through Cheriton School of Computer Science that the University of Waterloo ranks among the top universities in Canada for MS in computer science. 

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University of Toronto 

Universities in Canada for MS in Computer Science

The novelty of this university when it comes to computer science is what has made it among the top universities in Canada for MS in computer science. University of Toronto is one of the most inclusive universities when it comes to the wide variety of topics it offers to the students wanting to learn computer sciences. Their subjects of research range from Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Social Networks and Sustainability Informatics. Each subject of masters has an extensive coursework that ensures a wide and deep understanding of the subject for its students. 

Additionally, the university also encourages students based on their merit to apply for bursaries and scholarships. Each MS course lasts for a period of 17 months while Ph.D courses can last upto 48 months. The tuition fees for the courses in computer science does not exceed CAD 7,800 for domestic students and CAD 28,000 for international students. Furthermore, students are also awarded for their performance through internal and external awards such as C. David Naylor University Fellowship, Master’s Student Recruitment Award and Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS-VISA) for international students. 

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Hope you liked reading our blog, if you want to know more about studying in Canada you must read MBBS In Canada For International Students.

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