The Impact Of Brexit On UK Tuition Fees For EU Students

UK tuition fees for EU students

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April 21, 2021

On 31 January, 2020 the UK officially left the European Union and this came to be known as Brexit. As a result of Brexit, both the UK as well as the EU witnessed several changes in many sectors including the education sector. In today’s article we will talk about the changes EU students will be witnessing as regards the tuition fees for their studies in the UK. Below, you can find the new and revised UK tuition fees for EU students, that is to be implemented from the autumn of 2021 i.e. 1 August 2021. 

What Were The UK Tuition Fees For EU Students Before Brexit?

Previously, the EU students who wished to study in the UK were eligible for the ‘home fee status’ wherein they paid the same tuition fees as that of the local students in the UK. For example, the UK tuition fees for EU students for pursuing a bachelor’s programme at public universities was 9,250 GBP per academic year (same as that of local students). Countries like Scotland, infact, provided free education to the UK as well as EU students. The chart below shows the average cost of studying in Britain for the UK home/EU students versus Overseas students before Brexit.

UK tuition fees for EU students

Source: Sapere Aude

From the above chart, you can see that EU students had to pay just as much as the UK students at the top universities. EU students, before could pay as little as 1,820 euros at the University of Edinburgh to a maximum of 9,000euros at reputed universities like the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford.

What Are The Revised Fees For EU Students In The UK?

The new and revised fee regulations effective from 1 August 2021, are applicable to students coming from EU, EEA as well as Swiss students. According to the rules, EU students pay university fees in the UK at the same value as international students. The cost of studying in the UK is higher in private universities than at public universities. It also depends upon what degree, programme, or course you’re doing and the duration of the course. Moreover, every university has a fee structure of its own involving certain criteria that impact the tuition fee. Approximately, the tuition fee lies within the range of 10,000 euros for social sciences and humanities courses to 35,000 euros for elaborated courses like medicine.

In other words, the average UK tuition fees for EU students would be the same as the international student fees at around 22,000 Euros and this is applicable from 1st August 2021. Big cities in the UK like London, Birmingham, and Edinburgh could be more expensive.

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UK tuition fees for EU students

Will EU students get finance in the UK?

Due to the new Brexit rules, student finance regulations for EU students have changed. Previously, the UK tuition fees for EU students could have been covered with financial assistance like student loans. However, post 2021, EU students are denied access to student finance in the UK. This means they will not be able to take out student loans to cover tuition fees and living expenses the same way UK students can. They will no longer be eligible for undergraduate as well as postgraduate financial support and advanced learner loans in the academic year 2021/22 or after.

Affordable Universities In The UK

Due to an increase in the UK tuition fees for EU students with no access to student loans (given the Brexit regulations from 2021), we understand that studying in the United Kingdom can be an expensive affair. In the table below, we have a list of affordable universities in the UK for you:

UniversityAmount (Tuition Fees)
Staffordshire University£10,500
Teesside University£10,250
Harper Adams University College£11,000
Leeds Trinity University£11,000
University Of Cumbria£10,500
University Of Bolton£11,000
Buckinghamshire University£9,500

Source: ukuni

Students Who Are Not Affected:

UK tuition fees for EU students will increase from August 2021. But this does not mean that all students are affected by it. The students who will not be affected by it are 

  • EU students who are already studying in the UK
  • EU students who started studying in the autumn of 2020
  • EU students who will start studying in the UK before 31 July, 2020
  • Irish students who live in the UK or Ireland
  • EU nationals who benefit from the Citizens’ Right

To further clarify things:

The new and revised fees are applicable to you if a) you enrol at a UK university anytime after 1 August 2021, b) you move to the UK after 1 January and start studying before 31 July 2021. It will not impact you if you enrol in 2020 or if you’ve started studies in 2019 or 2018 but will finish in 2021 or later. 

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